5 Luxury House Plans to Kickstart Your Inspiration

There’s something about luxury house plans that simply inspires us to enjoy life more. Even if we cannot always afford the ideas designers come up with these days, it’s worth casting a glance at some of the best modern house plans ever created. We chose some of the most popular homes we found on the Internet.

Location & Modern House Plans

What differentiates modern house designs from others? As the subheading states, the location of the house is one important criteria. It also plays an important role in the way the house is designed. For instance, the houses designed by SAOTA are almost always built somewhere on a superb cliff, high above the ocean, or on a rocky beach, offering its residents breathtaking views or the relaxing sounds of the ocean waves. As designers have demonstrated over and over again, nature will always have an immense impact on the design of a luxurious house.

House Size

The size of a house is just as important – if not more – as its location. People usually believe that houses have to be huge or expensive to be beautiful or to amaze. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth, because even smaller house plans on our list (in comparison to others) can be equally if not more mesmerizing. Take the current minimalist tendency, which creates surprisingly luxurious living spaces with few square meters. Good architects can create the most gorgeous modern house designs in all kinds of space.

Architectural Style

In addition to the right location and the perfect size, a luxurious house also stands out through it architectural style. This kind of criteria closely mirrors the homeowner’s personality, but when someone has style, everyone can see it. While modern, minimalist homes are all the rage right now, many other styles appeal to the eye. Whatever the choice, the architectural style must be respected from the outside to the interior of the house. For more examples, scroll down and check out the homes on our list.

The “Wow” Factor of Luxury House Plans

When we put together all of the aspects we described above, we get closer to experiencing the “wow” factor that leaves us breathless in front of a superb house plan. You know the architect did a good job when you see the plans and the pictures and you just want to move in instantly. With luxury house designs, you’re either impressed, or not impressed. The “wow” factor is what makes the difference. It could be a well-lit exterior, an amazing, infinity pool, or a spacious living room – basically anything that attracts your attention and gets you excited about the plan.

If you’re looking for inspiration, today is your lucky day, because the following five luxury house plans will surprise you with their ingenuity, design, and creative spirit. And if you’re not looking to move into a high-end mansion any time soon, simply enjoy the fact that such houses exist.

1. Modern South African House Plan

This incredible modern mansion – called 6th 1448 Houghton – is located in Houghton Estate, one of the most high-end suburbs of Johannesburg, the capital city of South Africa. As we mentioned before, mansions designed by SAOTA usually have ocean as their “backyard” (since they are up high on the cliffs), but the 6th 1448 home breaks the pattern by offering a large green grassy backyard. According to the SAOTA architects, this house has a “smart shape,” which describes the U-shaped configuration organized around an internal courtyard. Not only does this setup allow easy access to all of the living spaces, but it also invites the residents in the swimming pool area.

Thanks to a perforated wall, the public forecourt is subtly separated from the private spaces. The configuration is perfect for anyone obsessed with their privacy. A look inside this modern mansion will leave you in awe. Perfectly matching the outdoor vibe, the décor and furniture are modern and have strong lines which complement the linear architecture. The architects used neutral palettes with accent colors throughout the entire house. The rooms impress with their strong graphic rugs, adding drama and texture against the solid architectural surfaces.

2. Sky Garden House Plan

Located on a new housing estate on the island of Sentosa, this house is the best example of architecture shaking hands with nature. Given the fact that the plots were small and neighboring buildings are close to one another, the architects thought of a way to provide privacy. A solid wall to each side keeps each house private, while also creating a central light. A superb stair well funnels the sea breeze through the building, connecting the outdoor with the indoor.

Meanwhile, the front and rear of the building terrace back, allowing each story visual or actual access to the greenery area. This house plan was meant to allow each roof garden provide a base for the story. The resulting layered effect makes each story feel like it stands on its own. The clever home designs makes the most of the natural light on the island, while also allowing residents maintain their privacy.

3. LA Luxury Home Plan

This cliff-hanging architectural sensation is the epitome of a trophy home. Located in the rarified atmosphere of the Bird Streets in Los Angeles, the bold design of this one-of-a-kind house praises the exclusivity of a contemporary modern space with unparalleled California indoor/outdoor living. The results is the pinnacle of high-end, Los Angeles luxury home elegance, a pleasure to look at. Every level offers jaw-dropping, uninterrupted views, making this super-luxury home the ideal LA entertaining space. The interior spaces open to the exterior thanks to the massive automated floor-to-ceiling glass doors. Custom water features and a splendid multi-level deck with a stunning infinity pool offer the ultimate backdrop.

An architectural tour-de-force, this house is more than just a luxury residence; it is a testimony of modern luxury in LA. At the forefront of modern design, this stunning living place offers the ideal combination of a prime location with innovative architecture. The house plan promotes the ideal blend of spectacular and functionality, delivering an extraordinary luxury atmosphere.

4. House Plan by Nico van der Meulen Architects

House Boz is situated on a hill within a secluded nature estate in Pretoria East. The concept of a bush lodge was inspired by the vastness of the site and the natural setting within the estate. Werner van der Meulen of Nico van der Meulen Architects designed a contemporary home that responds to nature and its surroundings in an almost effortless way. As you approach the house via the long driveway, you get the chance to appreciate the unicity of the design from a distance. The striking square and rectangular forms surprise at first, but the design is strategically capturing your attention. The rusted steel boxes and stone-cladded walls are meant to camouflage the house, creating a sense of communion with the site.

The entrance hall positioned between the double garages gently introduces you to several views through the house. The kitchen overlooks the garden, while the frameless folding doors create a subtle threshold between the inside and out. When completely open, these doors allow the kitchen to blend together dining room, making entertaining effortless. All four en suite bedrooms are situated on the first floor, and each has its own private balcony. The interior follows linear and monolithic forms, complementing the architect’s vision for the luxury house plan.

5. Fish House Plan in Singapore

A modern tropical bungalow, this perfect design encapsulates the essence of living in the hot and humid climate of Singapore. Not only that, but it also creates open spaces which encourage natural ventilation. Residents enjoy the ocean views and its breeze due to the main design concept. The architect wanted to create a house that has a close relationship with nature. Therefore, the swimming pool physically links the house with the landscape and creates visual connections with the sea. That relationship is reinforced by the U-shaped acrylic window on the basement level. It diffuses natural light in, and allows some perfect views out into the pool.

The curved roofs mirror the nearby sea, symbolizing the sea waves. These are almost completely covered with thin bendable photovoltaic panels, which means the house can supply itself with solar energy. The remaining roof area has been transformed into a green roof, providing residents with outdoor leisure spaces. Fish House is the perfect example of a modest yet luxurious residential design, which gives its residents the opportunity to live in harmony with nature.

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