5 Luxury Leather Goods Ideas for Fall 2017

This fall is raining leather. Rocker vibes, silver Rockstud embellishments, and thigh-high boots with attitude shake the catwalk this season. Louis Vuitton still takes center stage, but other high-class players are showing their luxury leather goods. From Balenciaga to Chanel and Dolce and Gabbana, your future wardrobe will be dripping leather.

Luxury Leather Goods for Rainy Days

Luxury Leather Goods No. 1 – Balenciaga Genuine Biker Leather Jacket

Balenciaga Leather Jacket luxury leather goods

Racing heartbeat, leather jacket’. Isn’t this how you feel when you put on a buttery-soft black leather jacket, zip it up to the neck and check yourself in the mirror?

Balenciaga knows that a great leather jacket can be a luxurious staple for every wardrobe. This fall, the Basque luxury fashion house comes with the perfect soft touch. Satin lines the classic biker jacket.

It goes perfectly with pretty much… anything. From a knee-length polka dot dress to a comfy T-Shirt and jeans combo, from high-heels or your Sunday sneakers, the leather jacket empowers any look you choose.

You could dress up a pair of cashmere running pants. Or add a whole lot of glam to a simple white shirt. The Balenciaga jacket is designed for a slim fit and doesn’t go further than your waist.

Price tag: $3.450,00

Luxury Leather Goods No. 2 – Louis Vuitton Pochette Felicie

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Louis Vuitton reigns in the world of luxury brands. The French fashion house, founded by Louis Vuitton Malletier in 1984 and ranked at a value of $28.4 billion, upped the leather bag game this season.

Women would fit the whole world in a bag if they could. Did you ever dare to make sense of the content of your favorite handbag, for example?

Louis Vuitton will have none of this. Its new Pochette Felicie collection promotes petite, chic and fairly glamorous leather models with limited storage room.

So you’re not tempted to stretch the Vuitton bag to grocery bag dimensions, the brand kept its product envelope size.

To that extent, the collection is appropriately named. The pochette comes in three vibrant colors of Epi Leather, a unique type of material obtained from plant juice.

Louis Vuitton specializes in processing the water resistant material and it’s the best-known supplier for bags made of this leather.

One other model in this fall’s collection is the glossy Monogram Vernis pochette – a monogram embossed coated leather made of calfskin and similar to patent leather.

The pochette can be adapted into a shoulder bag thanks to its removable golden chain. Other detachable parts include two pockets with leather zippers and 8 credit card slots.


Price tag: $1,110.00

Luxury Leather Goods No. 3 – Dolce & Gabbana Banana Leaf-Print Zip-Around Wallet

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You’ve already made the investment into a luxurious designer handbag. Now, you need a wallet to go with it.

Dolce & Gabbana Banana Leaf-Print Zip-Around Wallet is made from tonal-green and white Dauphine textured leather. Its leaf print defies the coming of winter. On the gray rainy background, you will be a spot of color and exotic vibrancy wearing this leather luxury good.

In terms of utility, the slim-shaped wallet sure beats the Louis Vuitton detachable handbag pockets. It opens to reveal 12 card slots and three main compartments.

Price tag: $577

Luxury Leather Goods No. 4 – Gancini Buckle Belt Salvatore Ferragamo

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Leather designs do leave women head over heels, but men can’t escape their appeal either. No matter the weather or time of year, an assortment of belts to complete your arsenal is indispensable.

A belt is more than a detail to be overshadowed by your outfit. The proper belt can pull a look together. And it’s hard to find a tasteful, classic leather belt that doesn’t overdo it.

This model from Italian luxury brand Salvatore Ferragamo dazzles discreetly – kind of like James Bond. The black calf leather belt is slim and lean, while the Gancini buckle finds inspiration in the retro 50s Hollywood back scene.

Price tag: $400

Luxury Leather Goods No. 5 – Chanel Stretch High Boots in Suede Lambskin

Chanel Boots luxury leather goods

So long are the days of wondering what shoes to wear – this fall, the answer is always leather. Chanel-thigh-high boots of the upcoming fall-winter pre-collection sport a chunky heel studded with precious stones.

Ever the creator of subtle statement pieces, Chanel stretches its leather leg high and beyond your expectations.

Price tag: $1,680

Our luxury leather goods roundup includes options for any style, size, outfit, budget or occasion. What is your pick for this fall?



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