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Toyota May Bring a Luxury MPV to India

The Alphard, the new Toyota multi-purpose vehicle, could be the next luxury MPV to run on the Indian highways. It took one of its predecessors, the Toyota Innova, less than a decade to become a household brand in the country.

It certainly smoothed things over for the Japanese automaker to introduce new blood into the sale line. Or, to be more accurate, a Godzilla MPV loaded to the gills with high-tech.

The Luxury MPV – Demand Creates Its Own Supply

Or Is It the Other Way Around?

Toyota Alphard Hybrid Executive Lounge luxury MPV

India remains a big spender in Toyota’s sales figures. Only recently, the Japanese brand’s Innova Crysta flooded the family-dominated suburban areas around India’s megacities.

An increasing buying capacity lead to a demand for change. A fresh, new luxury MPV is to take on the busy streets of Mumbai.

Never mind that the likely price-tag of the Alphard – around INR 50 Lakhs, or $80,000 – would soar above that of other European luxury SUVs and sedans and at double the price of its predecessor, the Innova Crysta. India’s spending force is running on a high-powered engine.

However, the hulk-sized, square-boned luxury MPV faces a legal obstacle. India still holds a ban on registration of new large diesel-powered cars in New Delhi.

The ruling of India’s supreme court came in the heat of the pollution debate, with New Delhi’s toxic air rivaling even Beijing’s.

Last month, the Japanese automakers have announced the ban did hurt their business figures. N. Raja, the Sales & Marketing Director at the company’s Indian operations, Toyota Kirloskar Motors, declared:

‘We have lost sale of around 8,500 units of the Innova and the Fortuner SUV.’

Still, Toyota is not lowering their hopes or forecasts for the future sale of the Alphard. They stand by the vehicle’s good looks and power to woo and attract potential buyers. After all, the luxury MPV did fare well in other international markets, including Singapore and Russia.

The Looks of a Luxury MPV

Toyota Alphard luxury cars

What’s a luxury MPV to do to get some attention? We’ve already mentioned the bold, samurai-tough features of the Alphard. What about the interior?

This time, the Japanese designers aimed the upgrades at transforming a ride with an Alphard into an experience of total comfort. Both physical and emotional.

To this purpose, the interior of the luxury MPV has been significantly redesigned. The Alphard can accommodate up to eight passengers on seats lined in premium semi-aniline leather.

Toyota Alphard Interior luxury MPV

The second-row seats come with elaborate Ottoman functions, such as power lift ups, telescopic length changes, and seat air-conditioning.

Other gadgets include Bluetooth connectivity, a rearview camera to assist in parking maneuvers, a 17-speaker JBL sound system, and an 8-inch display screen for entertainment.

The Alphard is powered by a five-speed V6 automatic engine that provides 271 PS at 6,200 RPM. A new huge mesh grille decorates the front, while 18-inch alloy wheels, a rear spoiler with integrated LEDs, and auto levelling headlamps combine elegance with power.

The Japanese luxury MPV Alphard, following the adaptability and positive reception previous Toyota MPVs have encountered, is more a certainty than a probability on the Indian market.

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