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The Most High-Tech Luxury Piano in the World

It looks like it’s about to blast off into space while the only sound it plays is the music of the spheres. The most high-tech luxury piano in the world is certainly fine-tuning the high culture market. Out-of-this-world design aside, the striking sound of the Whaletone is enough to steal the show.

Technology Redefining the Luxury Piano

The Whaletone Duet – The Royal Digital and The Grand Hybrid Luxury Piano

‘Monumental – like a whale emerging from the water, slow – like the movement of a giant. Charming, majestic, delicate and melodious, like the romantic calls of coquetting whales.’

When a piece of music pulls at the heartstrings, words fade away. Not for Polish designer, Robert Majkut, who came up with the peculiar design of the grand piano.

His company, the British Whaletone, specializes in creating high-quality musical instruments adaptable to chamber and stadium performances alike. Onboard speakers, digital connections, and a subwoofer can always take the sound to the next level.

The new Grand Hybrid is the second and latest model. Robert Majkut advertised it as an improvement on its previous pioneer project, the Royal Digital piano.

Worries have been voiced before that the grandeur of the Royal Digital can be too grand even for luxuriantly stretched living rooms. So the 13/8 feet Grand Hybrid comes in smaller sizes, and each model is built bespoke on individual request.

The ultimate goal is for the sound to lend itself to any acoustics and saturate any space. From the cold Arctics to your child’s practice room, with a symphony of both the visual and the musical.

The Grand Hybrid Luxury Piano – Fine-tuning Musical Technology

Whaletone Royal Digital luxury piano

The Grand Hybrid comes equipped with technology of every possible tune. In terms of its internal mechanics, it ushers a new age in the family of percussion instruments. This piece of equipment foregoes the classical hammers and strings and instead makes its noise through a sound processor.

The Roland brand calls it the ‘musical heart of Whaletone’. It’s a fair term for a piece of technology that beats in 500 different ways, stirring strings of emotions in the listener’s heart.

The Grand Hybrid also appears to be genre agnostic. It may be an instrument originally designed for Bach, but apart from the three types of sounds – Concert, Studio, and Brilliant, it acts as a jukebox of vintage piano acoustic profiles from the 1960s to 1980s.

State of the Art Features of the Grand Hybrid Luxury Piano

Playing the piano luxury piano

Perhaps the feature to best reflect the futuristic pianos of the next generation is the Moving Keys function. While using it, the Grand Hybrid will play imitated performances from your favorite artists completely independent of your fingers.

A piano playing by itself does sound eerily similar to an iconic spooky scene in a funny horror movie, but the Grand Hybrid holds on to its dignity. The Moving Keys function connects to a growing musical library. You can download new pieces and control the instrument’s musical choice via an iPod.

The USB connection sockets incorporated into the piano allows you to record, save and play back your own compositions. For those late night sessions, your neighbors won’t even bang the broom into your floor anymore. If you choose to cut the sound by plugging in the headphones.

If you intend to perform on a state of the art instrument, it’s probably worth the $110,000 you’re going to pay to get this luxury piano. For some musical lovers, at least, it scores higher than an equivalently priced real piano.

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