Luxury Private Jets: Things to Know If You’re Thinking of Buying One

Everyone dreams of owning a private jet, and it’s not just to satisfy your ego. 

Jets help you reach your destination quicker and with less stress than travelling via commercial planes. They also offer more routes than most planes can visit, so you could visit three cities in one day and be back home that night. But what makes these luxury private jets so special? Let’s take a sneak peek to what life could be like.

Luxury Private Jets

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It can cost around $700,00 to $2 million a year to own luxury private jets, but price really doesn’t compare to the benefits of owning one. Visit new destinations and live on your own accord. You can invest in a license, or a pilot can handle the duties whilst you sit and relax high in the sky. Here’s a brief list of our favourite luxury private jets.

1. The Cessna Citation Longitude

The Cessna Citation is at the top of the luxury private jets list. It’s no ordinary super-midsize jet, as it gives you more range, greater payload and a higher cruise speed. The comfortable cabin has a superior fit for up to 12 passengers and reaches a maximum speed of 476 ktas.

2. Airbus

Airbus private jets offer three times more interior space than traditional high-end jets. If you wish to carry many passengers, it offers ample space, without compensating on luxury. The advanced technology enables passengers to stay connected with the ground, whilst working or relaxing in the air.

3. Embraer Legacy 500

Last but not least of our favourite luxury private jets is the Embraer Legacy 500. It seats between 8 and 12 passengers, which is the only jet of its size which can hold that many. It has excellent connectivity and in-flight entertainment and the finest attention to comfort details, whilst still being relaxing.

Luxury Private Jets Are a Way of The Future

Are you thinking of owning a jet? Ensure you familiarise yourself with all the different brands before taking the leap. In addition, consider how many passengers you’ll take, as this will massively affect the price and size of the jet. Regular maintenance is vital to ensuring the jet is in tip-top condition and safe, so think about if you have the time and spare money to invest in it.

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