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3 Luxury RVs that Raise the Standard

Contrary to popular opinion, luxury mobile homes are capable of displaying both upscale refinement and that homely feeling you sometimes crave for while being on the road.

Carsickness or homesickness – it’s hard to think any kind of sickness can catch up with you while you blast away on the highway with an entire ensemble of bedroom, TV, bathroom, and a fully equipped fridge to keep you company.

Motorhomes in the Mountains luxury mobile homes

Alternatively, and if the constant motion gets too tiring, you can park your snail-like accommodation in a luxuriantly verdant national park or on the Adriatic coast.

Call the road home with the next luxury mobile homes that definitely double-deck the standard.

Luxury Mobile Homes – A Home Away from Home

Luxury Mobile Homes No. 1- Fleetwood’s Pace Arrow

Pace Arrow mobile home luxury mobile homes

Not only is the Pace Arrow a top-selling gasoline-powered RV belonging to the Fleetwood division, but also a red carpet favorite. In case that little hint didn’t spark your memory, we’ll give you another one, on the house.

You might remember the Pace Arrow if you imagine Robert de Niro at the helm – the patriarchal, endearing De Niro, not the psychotic taxi driver who throws a fit on his mirror. The upscale RV starred as the luxury mobile home of the Fockers in the 2004 comedy film.

You’ll never want to be anywhere else but on the road in Fleetwoods’ newest Pace Arrow model, the LXE 2016. The floorplans are designed to maximize space.

The Spiced Java interior décor tastefully decorated with Barcelona wood cabinetry. ‘The comfy beds let you sleep snugly’, as the website promises.

Price tag: $230,000

Luxury Mobile Homes No. 2 – The eleMMent palazzo Superior

eleMMent Palazzo Superior

Photo courtesy:

The crème de la crème of all luxury mobile homes, the eleMMent palazzo Superior has all the features befitting a seven-figure price tag work of art.

Combining elements of motoring, yachting and aircraft, this 40ft ridiculously luxurious double-decker boasts a fully automatic liftable Sky Lounge.

One press of the button and the mobile home transforms into a palace on wheels fully equipped with underfloor heating, king-worthy panoramic views, and an exterior stairwell leading up to the Top Deck. Reserved only for the Captain of the palazzo.

While that specially developed air convection system will run its several different temperature zones according to your mood of season, you can relax in a 4-meter long couch area. No need to stretch too far for a glass of wine. The bar, an icemaker, a fireplace, and a 40-inch TV screen are at your disposal.

Not surprisingly, almost 200 countries have crowned the eleMMent palazzo Superior as the most luxurious and outstanding motorhome to-date.

This masterpiece RV comes at a whopping price of $2,447,000.

Luxury Mobile Homes No. 3 – The Volkner Mobil Performance

Volkner Mobile Performance Home luxury mobile homes

While we’re still at the cutting edge of caravanning, the Volkner Mobil Performance cannot be overlooked. It might be due to the coolest trunk capacity ever. This mobile home boasts a hidden undercarriage where you can accommodate your Porsche. Just in case your sports car is your best friend and you couldn’t leave it in the garage.

The German luxury mobile home comes with all the usual necessities and indulgences – hot tubs, state-of-the-art kitchens, high-tech gadgets, mountain views, smooth driving.

Prices start from around $1.2 million.

One advantage of the luxury mobile homes? First of all, moving is easy. You only need to pack a few items for the road. Secondly, maybe you’ve missed on those quintessentially 1970s British caravan experiences. In that case, it’s time to get behind the wheel.

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