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OAMC Launches New Luxury Streetwear

Luxury streetwear has never been more streetwise than with OAMC. Over All Master Cloth is one of those rare clothing brands that has made some bold strides from the minds of two young and talented designers to the wardrobe of the rich and daring.

Described by the New York Times as ‘streetwear when it grows up’, the OAMC brand is menswear that links the dots between luxury and a firmer connection to contemporary culture.

Simple. Young. Affordably expensive. Quality fabric. Unpretentious. Comfortable. Misleadingly matter-of-fact. These are all words that could serve to define luxury streetwear under the OAMC logo.

OAMC – Luxury Streetwear for the Streets of the Future

The Story Behind the Clothes

Luke Meier luxury streetwear

Luke Meier and Arnaud Faeh founded OAMC in 2013. However, it wasn’t exactly out of thin air that the brand materialized. Both of them had previously developed and polished their styles while working under the biggest names in fancy streetwear.

Luke Meier was head designer of Supreme for eight years. A foretaste of Luke Meier’s simple and stylish graphics lies in the soul of the New York skateboarding line.

A shining example of luxury streetwear transitioning to the masses, the label oversaw the designer of future OAMC achieve creative maturity. This year, Meier won the prestigious ANDAM Grand Prix award.

Nowadays, he lives in Paris, tending to the fabrics used in the collection, while his partner, Arnaud Faeh, 27 years of age, is supervising the production line from the fashionable heights of Milan. There he had trained as a tailor in his uncle’s company, Carhartt WIP, where he became the brand’s first creative director.

The Look of OAMC

Peacemaker jacket from OAMC luxury streetwear


Thus, OAMC is born of two of the world’s major fashion hotspots. Boasting an annual growth rate of 65 percent since inception, the brand is making its products in the same Italian and Portuguese factories as Valentino, Tom Ford, and Fendi.

Working shoulder to shoulder with the greats only seems to illuminate the designers of OAMC to the faults of the bigger brands. While the runway fashion labels might have lost touch with the consumer, Meier explains, OAMC wants to streamline communication.

Their current success revolves around tailoring to ‘Jenny from the Bronx’ consumers, the same individuals who still want skate and street cultural references, but at another level of money and aesthetics.

OAMC’s high-level products cater to that niche nicely. The look is definitely street-based, with a few futuristic touches in between. The workwear is Italian-crafted. The patchwork sweatshirts and bomber jackets don’t sacrifice one thread on quality.

OAMC look luxury streetwear

The duo is closing in fast on entities like Thom Browne and Dries Van Noten. The new luxury streetwear line in 2016 ranges from graphic t-shirts to detailed tailoring. A classic wool jumper will set you back around $490, while a leather inset bomber jacket hits the $800 threshold.

The label is picky about its points of sale. OAMC stocks its merchandise like Selfridges and Colette opened around 100 stores around Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, and a few selected spots in Australia.

The next steps, the designers hope, involve launching e-commerce and opening their own OAMC stores. The brand might not be a powerhouse churning luxury streetwear on the runways of Milan yet. Their speed is good, though, and OAMC has every chance to become its creators’ dream – a benchmark for the new man’s taste in luxury.

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