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Move over Marriott, the Airbnb luxury rentals app is here

Are you looking for a vacation rental that caters to your every need, including the potential to stay in a castle, or even on your private island? Well, now there’s an app for that. Airbnb released an extension to its app that will allow anyone looking to get away with luxury rentals called Airbnb Luxe – as long as you’re willing to spend at least $1,000 a night to do it.

The company started as a way to offer cheap hotel alternatives by renting sofas and rooms. Now, 11 years later and after buying up Luxury Retreats in 2017, Airbnb says it’s obtained “deep expertise” in offering luxury travel accommodations. With the ever-expanding world of luxury travel expected to reach $200 billion this year, it’s easy to see why Airbnb would do such a thing.

To date, luxury accommodations are available in places such as France, where you can rent medieval castles, magical homes in South Africa and New Zealand, and stay at a villa in Tuscany. There’s also Jamaica, where beach lovers can stay at a famous villa where Ian Fleming did his writing called the Fleming Villa.

You could even rent an island in French Polynesia called Nukutepipi, which is curated by the founder of Cirque du Soleil – here you’ll even get your very own time zone.

Some luxury rentals are even available in such cities as Los Angeles and London, according to the report.

So what’s in a luxury Airbnb rental that you’re paying a minimum of $1,000 a night? To start, Airbnb seems to have adopted Luxury Retreats’ rigorous standards and evaluation. In order to be listed on Airbnb Luxe, the homes (or castles or islands) must pass an evaluation that:

“…Considers more than 300 criteria, so you can expect to find elevated design standards, rare and unique features, chef-grade appliances, and at least one bathroom per bedroom.”

This means that Airbnb inspectors will need to interact with the owners and the luxury rentals to ensure that standards are met, which is different from the company’s usual peer-to-peer model.

All luxury rentals come with a trip designer who will ensure your experience is unique, and exactly what you need. The designer will also ensure that you get all the services you need, from childcare to personal trainers, and more. Also, depending on the particular rental, you may even receive extras such as chauffeurs, butlers, chefs, and more.

Although you could still rent luxury getaways on its traditional app, they’re much more difficult to find, and they still go through the peer-to-peer model. There’s no guarantee of what you’ll get because there’s no on-site inspection. With Airbnb Luxe, there is.

Airbnb Luxe wants to expand to at least 12 more cities within the year. With its booking increasing by 60 percent for luxury accommodations, it’s easy to see why.

Featured Image via Airbnb

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