MEGACRA Desktop Cedar Humidor Review: Fit for Your Finest Cigars

Every great cigar stash deserves a proper humidor.

Maybe you already have a walk-in unit dedicated to your extensive collection. Or possibly you're just getting started. Either way, we think the MEGACRA desktop cedar humidor might be a great addition.

We'll get into the style and function of this humidor in the guide below. And we think once you've seen all it has to offer, you'll recognize why it's getting such rave reviews.

megacra desktop cedar humidor, megacra desktop cedar humidor review

A Little About the MEGACRA Desktop Cedar Humidor

If you already have a collection of cigars, you know the importance of keeping them stored properly. These finely crafted pieces deserve a finely crafted humidor. And the MEGACRA desktop cedar humidor is among the finest that we've reviewed. 

With room for up to 50 cigars, you can keep your favorites stogies handy and in a perfect environment. Plus, it is easy to maintain. So whether you're just getting started or want an easy place to store a cigar, we think it's a worthy option. Keep reading for all the details and features this humidor brings with it.

megacra desktop cedar humidor, megacra desktop cedar humidor review

Background About the Company

The brand behind the MEGACRA desktop cedar humidor dates back to 2002. It was in that year that Shenzhen Youpoo Technology Co. was founded and started producing audio speakers. In the years since, it has branched off into several other lines of consumer products.

A common theme running throughout the company involves providing high quality goods at a reasonable price. That philosophy can also be seen in this line of humidors. You can count on a product that has been properly built and inspected before delivery.

Why Should You Consider This Brand?

The MEGACRA desktop cedar humidor comes from a brand with a history of quality and performance. So if you're looking for a great place to reliably store your cigars, we think it's worth some consideration. 

Whether you're familiar with the brand or not, you can rely on some great feedback from satisfied users. And if you need something that won't break the bank, a reasonable price will also be an attractive feature.

Who Do These Products Work Best For?

There is a wide range of cigar smokers who would probably appreciate the MEGACRA desktop cedar humidor. For starters, you have those with a desk in need of a centerpiece. If cigars make up a part of your life, keep them at hand where you do your business. At the office or at home, this makes a classy statement on any desk.

Then there's the affordability. Coming in at substantially less than some of its competitors, we think it's a great value. And it's also quite simple, so those without an extensive knowledge of humidors won't be intimidated.

Features & Benefits of the MEGACRA Desktop Cedar Humidor

The MEGACRA desktop cedar humidor has many of the features cigar smokers want. If you're looking for a convenient, compact and functional space for your cigars, look no further. And a luxurious appearance only seals the deal for those who have already purchased this humidor. We'll break down all the important details below.

1. Finest Quality Materials

megacra desktop cedar humidor, megacra desktop cedar humidor review

The MEGACRA desktop cedar humidor has a lot going for it. But the first thing you're likely to notice is the workmanship. First of all, pay attention to the quality of the polyurethane leather. It looks and feels like the real thing for a fraction of the price. 

And it is wrapped around a well built box with a cedar wood lining. All of the bells and whistles are created to last and provide accurate regulation. Plus, everything is installed securely so there are no rattles giving it a cheaper appearance. This is a box that you could store your cigars in and forget about as the humidor does its job. But it's also beautiful enough to display on any desk to create an instant conversation piece.

2. Large Capacity in a Compact Size

megacra desktop cedar humidor, megacra desktop cedar humidor review

If you like to keep a wide selection of cigars on hand, you might scoff at a desk sized humidor. Well, the MEGACRA desktop cedar humidor might just change your mind. It makes precise use of its compact size. So you can be sure between 25 and 50 cigars will find a secure and comfortable home inside.

The interior measures 9.25 by 7.87 by 3.15 inches, maximizing the size of the small humidor. All the other features are designed with space in mind. That means the humidor won't take up a lot of space on your desk. But the footprint it does leave will be used almost entirely to storing your cigars in perfection.

3. Easy to Use and Maintain

megacra desktop cedar humidor, megacra desktop cedar humidor review

Don't know too much about proper cigar storage? The MEGACRA desktop cedar humidor might be the perfect way to get started. First of all, the quality construction will give you some peace of mind. Don't worry about losing freshness through a loose seal. The design and features give you ease of use and confidence to store your favorite cigars.

Look for a reliable hygrometer and humidifier. And if you're not sure how to read them or maintain a humidor, don't worry. This product also comes with an instruction sheet. The whole package makes it easy to get integrated into proper cigar storage. And that high quality cedar interior gives you the perfect environment for freshness.

4. Exquisite Design and Craftsmanship

megacra desktop cedar humidor, megacra desktop cedar humidor review

When it comes to showing off the MEGACRA desktop cedar humidor, it all comes down to style. But it also goes much deeper than just a stunning appearance. As we mentioned, all of the materials used to craft this humidor are of the highest quality. But you'll notice much more when you start looking inside.

Not only is the interior tray made of quality hand crafted cedar, it is also configurable. An adjustable divider gives you just the right amount of space for your selection of cigars. Arrange them for appearance and convenience, or take it out to fit in the maximum amount. Quality design and craftsmanship are the hallmarks of any great cigar. And as an aficionado knows, it's also a necessity in the best humidors.

What Cigar Aficionados Have to Say About the MEGACRA Desktop Cedar Humidor

Actual users have gushed over the effectiveness of this product. Some online reviews describe a humidor able to stand up to some serious tests. All the while, the cigars inside remained perfectly dry and ready to smoke.

Of course, no humidor will meet every cigar lover's needs. There are certainly bigger options, if that's something that you really need. But as you'll see from our list of pros and cons, there's not much to dislike about this product.


  • plus
    Beautiful design
  • plus
    Reasonable price
  • plus
    Great design


  • close
    Narrow interior tray
  • Doesn't hold largest cigars

Still not sold on the MEGACRA desktop cedar humidor? We certainly understand being selective in choosing your next humidor. So we've also chosen three other quality products to recommend as alternatives. We think you'll find the right match for your collection somewhere in our list.

Alternative Luxury Humidors to Consider

We think there's a lot to recommend about the MEGACRA desktop cedar humidor. But we also know it won't fit every cigar lover's needs. So keep reading for three options that address different segments of the market. 

1. Volenx Travel Humidor Crocodile Leather Case

megacra desktop cedar humidor, megacra desktop cedar humidor review

Maybe you think even the MEGACRA desktop cedar humidor is too big. This travel sized humidor is available in an even more discreet size perfect for four cigars. And you get a luxurious leather exterior with beautiful cedar lining. 

The removable tray gives you even more versatility and functionality. Plus, it comes with a cigar cutter. So whether this is your only humidor or just one you take along, it'll have all the necessities. It makes a great addition to the cigar smoker who takes frequent trips. And if you know someone interested in getting started, it makes a useful and thoughtful gift.

2. Whynter Elite Touch Control Stainless Cigar Cooler Humidor

megacra desktop cedar humidor, megacra desktop cedar humidor review

Craving something a bit less traditional? Here's a great cooler style humidor. It requires power, so it's certainly not portable like the humidors above. But if you want something up to the task of regulating the condition of hundreds of cigars, it's a contender. The shelves are large and drawers have maximized storage for your stogies.

And the Spanish cedar is on par with the best humidors on this or any list. Plus, there are high tech features like LED lighting and a fan to regulate humidity and temperature.

3. F.e.s.s. Armour S Case Extreme Rugged Air Tight Waterproof Travel Cigars Humidor

megacra desktop cedar humidor, megacra desktop cedar humidor review

You want your humidor to protect your cigars at all costs. But maybe you also want it to look like it's up to the task. Eschewing the classic styling of many other humidors, this one lets anyone know it's tough. But it goes way beyond the mere looks. It's really up to the task of keeping your cigars safe and dry until you light them up. 

Wherever you travel, this thing will hold up to the pressure. It will fit about 25 to 30 typical cigars. And it's made of some of the toughest plastics out there. Inside, find an array of materials meant to eliminate any damage to your cigars. The humidor is crush proof and won't allow any air to enter. It's also dust and water proof, so don't worry about taking your cigars along no matter the journey.

Not all cigars are created equal. And the same can be said about the humidors in which they're kept.

That's why it's noteworthy when a product like the MEGACRA desktop cedar humidor does what it claims. All of the products in our article stand up to the test of those who truly appreciate a great cigar. And we hope our reviews have helped narrow down your search.

If you found our report helpful, share it with the aficionados in your life. And leave us a comment below if you have any final thoughts or questions. 

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