Mercedes-Benz to Join the Car Subscription Services Game

If you’re anything like me, you always want something new and different.

If we could package the the feeling of getting an item that has just come out or you haven't owned before, we would be rich. That’s for another time though. What I’m really talking about is car subscription services and there’s a new player in town -- Mercedes-Benz. Yeah, you read that right! This luxury car company just announced that it is rolling out their own car subscription service, and boy are we excited!


Subscription services are changing the game in the auto industry. Having the ability to switch out cars within a few days notice is a complete dream. If you’ve ever owned or leased a vehicle, I KNOW you’ve fantasized about getting the newest model available or even trying a different model out. However, randomly springing for the next best thing isn’t always the easiest, quickest, or most doable option for most. Not to worry though, car subscription services change that for us!

Among many others offering car subscription services, Mercedes-Benz has decided to join the race.

Last week the German auto maker announced the launch of its own subscription services, called the Mercedes-Benz Collection. The pilot program is said to begin in June 2018, when they begin sending a fleet of unspecified vehicles to Nashville and Philadelphia to start. So far we don’t know all the details about the service because the company just reported it. But what we do know is enough to get me excited and you should be too!

The Mercedes-Benz subscription will offer multiple pricing tiers, each offering a variety of vehicles. Some of these include SUVs, cabriolets, wagons, sedans, coupes, and roadster models. Additionally, some of their high performance AMG models will be up for grabs (YAY!). What’s even better is that there will be NO mileage limitations to hold you back. This means you can getaway as you want without having to worry about breaking any "rules" or paying any extra fees.

Those who subscribe will have access to these luxury cars through an app in which they secure their reservations. Once ordered, Mercedes-Benz staff will deliver the vehicle at a location and time of the customer’s choosing. All of this is included in a monthly fee which also bundles insurance, maintenance, and 24/7 roadside assistance. Prices haven’t been mentioned yet, but we can only imagine that they will be close to Mercedes-Benz competitors. Our best bet is a range from $1,000 to more than $3,000 per month.

Speaking of competitors. . .

BMW also just revealed its plans to launch its own car subscription service in Nashville. (Do I sense a match to the death between the longtime rivals?). Besides BMW offering car subscriptions, Cadillac, Porsche, and Audi also offer their own subscriptions too. This proves that these services are a climbing trend for luxury car makers today that aren't stopping ANYTIME soon.

Subscription services are alluring luxury car makers from all around the world.

That’s really no surprise though, it makes total sense. Being someone who leases a vehicle themselves, I know how amazing this alternative is -- especially with a luxury car manufacturer like Mercedes-Benz! Having access to a fleet of different vehicles means there’s no worrying about having to deal with the hassles of ownership. It also eliminates wondering when you'll get the chance to buy or lease another vehicle because you’re itching to try something new/different.

If you’re taking a trip down the PCH over the weekend, snatch up a convertible to take in the amazing views. If you work far from home, reserve a hybrid to save on gas while commuting during the week. Need to tow a trailer full of boxes for a friend who’s moving to the other side of town? Grab yourself an SUV! 

With the expansion of luxury car subscription services around the globe, it's safe to say that you can drive the best of the best no matter where you go. While traveling abroad, these subscription services help you get around like the luxurious locals.

There’s a vehicle for any day - any time - any occasion.

If you need it (well, more or less WANT it), it’s only a few phone taps away. Brought straight to you whenever and wherever you choose, a Mercedes-Benz subscription will pamper you and make you feel like the royalty you secretly are. Now you can make everyone jealous over your complete access to a fleet of new, luxurious rides at the simple flip of a coin. All because you want it -- all because you CAN! (Sounds like a pretty solid plan to me.)

Widespread luxury car subscription services are a sign that the auto industry is changing -- and only in the best of ways! It is the dawn of a new day and with car subscription services, the possibilities are truly endless! Car manufacturers finally provide the ease of accessibility and service of which we've always dreamt.

Do these awesome car subscription services from Mercedes-Benz entice you? Have you ever thought about switching over from owning or leasing? The bigger question is, WOULD YOU?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below! And while you’re at it, share with family and friends so they can also get in on how to start living the luxurious life -- one high end ride at a time.

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