Popular Mexico Outfits and Fashion Designers to Watch Out For

It’s fascinating that fashion is so different around the globe.

What’s deemed normal in one country can be extremely inappropriate somewhere else. Before visiting a new country, it’s important to research their culture first – and that includes fashion. In this article, we’re looking at Mexico outfits and top fashion designers born form this country. We’ll also be talking about the history of fashion and what influenced clothing today.

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The History of Fashion in Mexico

Before we look into Mexico outfits, let’s uncover the truth and facts about the fashion industry in Mexico. There are many aspects which have influenced Mexico outfits over the years.

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Firstly, the different groups and cultures which conquered Mexico have had an impact in its history of fashion. Women commonly worn a skirt more than any other type of clothing, although these tended to be longer than the knee. So that they were comfortable and functional, these were made of thin materials so they were suitable to wear in warm climates. Typically, women would wear a flared blouse to match, which was also made of a light-weight material. Decorated with a vintage pattern, these were stunning and anything but bland.

For special occasions, women would often wear vertical patterns and thicker materials. In the United States, women tend to wear trousers for a daily outfit, and the Mexican equivalent of this was a skirt. A dress was always functional and free-flowing so the wearer would never feel restricted or revealed in it. But no matter the occasion, colours had a huge impact on Mexico outfits. Pigments were dyed and carefully chosen to provide vibrancy and life to any outfit. If you look at other accessories in Mexican history, you’ll notice that jewelry and handbags were also bright to reveal energy and positivity.

Finally, fashion was very important in Mexican history. It became a form of expression and a way to add vibrancy and life to culture. People enjoyed making an effort to present themselves. As such, they’d also add an array of accessories to finalize their outfit. Traditional Mexican clothing may have changed dramatically from its history, but its ethics and functioning are still the same as hundreds of years ago.

Mexico Outfits to Wear When Visiting

If you’re visiting Mexico, you’ll need to consider what clothing and accessories you take with you on your travels. Firstly, you’re free to dress how you want and self-expression is highly encouraged. However, you might want to consider that you’ll stand out from their fashion norms and how most residents will dress. Secondly, depending on the time of year you visit, look into the climates for the time you’re going. Mexico can get particularly warm during the summer, so you’ll need lightweight clothing made from thin fabrics to keep you cool.

When heading to a restaurant, attire is still taken seriously. Making an effort is a huge part of Mexican culture, and you should attempt to dress formally. Women will often wear a dress, whilst men will commonly wear long trousers and shoes which cover their feet.

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If you’re visiting local towns, it’s considered appropriate to wear shorts and a top around the street. However, it’s inappropriate to wear a swimsuit anywhere else than on the beach, so take something to cover yourself up when getting there and back.

Finally, if you intend on visiting historical and architectural sites, bear in mind that you’ll need comfortable footwear. The land is uneven and often has rocks which can tear through unsuitable shoes. Also, with steep hills to climb, the last thing you want is to wear long dress and flip-flops. Think practical, and always cover up and wear sun lotion to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

Why Mexico Outfits Are So Popular Right Now

It’s become easier than ever to purchase Mexico outfits, and you don’t necessarily have to be in the country to do so. Let’s talk about why Mexico wasn’t a thriving fashion industry. Well, as designers weren’t as highly sought in the country, audiences didn’t have an open mind to new markets, and creativity wasn’t a huge factor in fashion.

Instead, you wore what you were given and didn’t expect anything more. However, nowadays, modern Mexico boasts some of the most talented and exceptional fashion designers in the industry. These individuals are courageous, daring and hard working. But, many work tirelessly to ensure they stick to traditional fashion roots and don’t disrespect the culture.

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These energetic designers are getting more opportunities to showcase their work to audiences and push boundaries. By having new and more platforms to display their work, the world gets to see what incredible ideas and creations they have.

As a result, this means that upcoming designers are getting the attention they deserve and knowledge they require to change the fashion industry forever. Many fashion designers like to create unexpected cuts and focus on textiles and silhouettes to universally change the perception of the female body.

Finally, Mexico is currently changing its traditions and polishing their country’s politics. It’s a country which is proud to stand its ground and speak its mind. As a result, fashion is also following suit. By changing their ability to create and design, they’re opening their eyes to new areas.

Mexico Outfits and World-Class Fashion Designers

When researching Mexican fashion designers, it’s apparent that each of these designers aren’t afraid to push boundaries with eclectic designs and edgy fabrics and patterns. Many of these designers have influenced Mexico outfits and the norms of Mexican fashion. However, if it wasn’t for these talented and courageous individuals, everybody would look and act the same. It’s also amazing to find out how these fashion designers found their inspiration and what influences their creations. Developing signature looks is a huge part of designing Mexico outfits because nobody wants to look the same.

No matter if you’re looking for luxury designs, everyday wear or seductive brands, there’s something for everyone to wear in Mexico. From small boutiques featuring hand-made pieces, to luxury fashion brands showcasing high-quality materials, you’ll find everything you want within this amazing culture. Fabrics is also a huge part of Mexico outfits because it can make or break a look. Overall, each of these collections are designed to enhance femininity and make a woman feel empowered.

Let’s take a look at the top Mexican fashion designers and our favourite outfits of theirs.

1. Marika Vera

Marika Vera develops some of the most amazing Mexico outfits we’ve ever seen, and is an exceptionally talented fashion designer. Her fashion business began in 2010 where she focused on developing high-end lingerie. Vera’s selections were sold in stores around the world – including London, NYC, Sidney and London.

All hand-made and made from the finest silk, these lingerie items were popular amongst an array of women. With a passion for fashion and a huge interest in behind-the-scenes business, Vera went on to develop new creations for her line. This included more accessible clothing accessories such as bodysuits. As a result, these became increasingly popular and one of the most favourite Mexico outfits – even to this day.

Also, her designs focus on enhancing the female body, whilst adding elements of female empowerment. Their production is interesting, as they create 40 percent of their materials in-house, and the remainder of the creation is produced amongst numerous family businesses in Mexico. Vera produces some of the best Mexico outfits because she heavily focuses on textiles and materials used in each and every one of her creations. Not only does this enhance the overall appearance, but the feeling of the garment on your skin too.

Made from high-quality fabrics and designed with customers in mind as well as a personal touch and expertise from Vera and her team. As a result, many international superstars have been spotted wearing Marika Vera’s clothes. This includes Rihanna, Jessie Ware and even more celebrities. After studying as a fashion designer in London, Vera landed her dream job in 2008, where she then went on to purchase her life-long dream of creating her own fashion company.

Examples of Marika Vera’s Mexico Outfits

We’ve searched through Marika Vera’s websites to find our favourite selections. These stand out against fashion norms and encourage women to feel free in what they wear and how they present themselves.

1. Alicia Trousers

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Credit: Marika Vera

Finished in black, these trousers open on both sides with a zipper you can’t see. As a result, this creates a luxurious and seductive effect which is great for a special occasion, or anyone looking to update their wardrobe to items which are racy.

Flared and professional, these trousers have a professional tone to them, whilst still remaining daring and exciting. Team them with a body suit, or keep things professional with a blouse. Finally, we love that these trousers are made from a light fabric to prevent you from sweating in warmer climates. Also, as they are made from three percent spandex, they offer a stretch and flexibility factor.

2. White T-shirt

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Credit: Marika Vera

Mexico outfits are daring and fun. They take a fashion trend and add a touch of playfulness so that they stand out against competitor brands. This white t-shirt is a perfect example of that. If you love wearing clothes which celebrate and empower women, then we’re excited to present this item of clothing to you. The phrase, ‘Let Girls Be Masculine’ encourages people to forget about what it means to be female or male, but being comfortable in your own skin and staying true to yourself.

2. Alejandra Quesada

If you’re looking for the best Mexico outfits available, then we recommend opting for clothes designed by their most influential designers. For example, Alejandra Quesada has taken fashion to another realm in Mexico. Her clothes are aimed at women who love having fun with their wardrobe, and aren’t afraid to try new materials, styles, colours and patterns.

However, what you wear should be comfortable and enjoyable to wear too, and not just be about vanity. As a result, Alejandra Quesada wants you to look in the mirror and genuinely love person you see in the reflection. Also, Quesada wants you to add your own personality and style into fashion. Therefore, she develops pieces which c0-incide personality with one another.

When you look through Mexico outfits designed by Alejandra Quesada, it’s evident that she wants to create a feeling of confidence and empowerment, as well as an authentic and casual style. These are just clothes for special occasions, but a way to brighten your day and reveal the real you. With a delightful outlook on life and enthusiasm to create exceptional outfits, Alejandra Quesada creates collections admired by fashion enthusiasts around the world.

Many of her pieces of childlike, sexual, fresh and certainly something out of the ordinary. This includes casual bodysuits which are appropriate for every day wear. To further develop her collections and challenge her clients, she loves to team up with illustrators and other fashion designers. Never one who’s afraid of doing things outside of the box, Quesada considers the modern woman and what challenges she faces. Many of her designs are bold, courageous, and certainly not created to sit in the background.

Examples of Alejandra Quesada Mexico Outfits

Alejandra Quesada worked hard and tirelessly to develop a name for herself. Having taken on internships amongst some of the world’s most famous fashion designers, she pushed herself to develop innovative designs which became influenced by her culture and country.

1. Rainbow Slight White

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Credit: Alejandra Quesada

What we love about this white top by Alejandra Quesada is that it’s practical whilst still remaining daring and sensual. Play around with what you team it with. Alternatively, enhance its texture further by limiting what you wear underneath. Quesada develop this top to wear for every day, and the rough colour provides a professional feel teamed with an edgy vibe.

2. Rainbow Slight Yellow

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Credit: Alejandra Quesada

Alternatively, Alejandra Quesada has designed this top in a yellow shade to provide a bright and fun tone to fashion. Designed to provide a snug fit, this will enhance your figure, whilst remaining comfortable enough to wear around the office or for running daily errands. By choosing a bright shade, you can add a touch of summer to a cold season. It’s also a great way to enhance your wardrobe, whilst still keeping it fairly neutral with other garments. Also, limit your accessories and let this top be the focus. Made from a soft material this is comfortable to wear and won’t rise up if you add a jacket on top.

3. Kris Goyri

Kris Goyri develops amazed Mexico outfits, which people around the world desire and love. Goyri has a huge emphasis on developing fashion elements which go well with one another. As a result, you don’t have to seek advice or approval from other brands.

This also means that Kris Goyri isn’t afraid to push boundaries and enter areas which people in the fashion world have been absent from for years. Goyri is committed to using the best, high-quality materials on land, which is why the result is daring and unique. By combining an array of colours together, he’s gone on to create some of the most timeless fashion collections in Mexico. Also, many people have said that his work is exquisite, modern and fresh.

Kris Goyri also puts a huge emphasis on silhouettes to embrace the female body and enhance women’s confidence. However, that doesn’t mean he creates confusing lines which are overwhelming to look at. Instead, his fashion creations are simple, yet creative. Without being over-the-top, his impresses fashion followers in Mexico and other areas of the world.

There’s also a romantic ambience to many of his collections which makes his fashion perfect for special occasions. Inspired by art, colour and travelling, Kris Goyri continually develops and improves his fashion creations with experience. With many third-party websites, you can rent his clothes for several nights and return them to limit how much you spend. Finally, the most courageous factor about Goyri is that you never know what he’d going to create next. By keeping you on your toes, you never know what’s around the corner.

Examples of Kris Goyri Mexico Outfits 

Kris Goyri has supported fashion since a young child, and continued to learn and study the craft as a young adult. As a result, he developed a charming style which enables him to challenge the norms of what fashion should be like. There’s never a moment when he stopped learning, and has now branched into other areas of fashion, including footwear and accessories.

1. Elias Top and Emir Pants

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Credit: Kris Goyri

This entire look is one of our favourite Mexico outfits. It’s not so often you see a fashion designer create such a simple and minimalist outfit, whilst enhancing it with emphasised silhouettes. Everything about this look compliments a woman’s body. The simple panel of colour combined with the yellow straps adds a subtle element of colour to this overall look. Also, by playing with shapes, lines and silhouettes, this creates an hourglass figure and directs the eye to the parts of the body you want to show off.

2. Beverley Jumpsuit

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Credit: Kris Goyri

Jumpsuits have become a major element of Mexico outfits. They’re easy to accessorize and practical enough to jazz up your look, whilst remaining comfortable. Ideal for a special occasion, you don’t need to expose your legs to frame your figure. As soon as we saw this Beverly Jumpsuit, we fell in love. The array of glitter, sparkles and rainbow colours is spectacular. As soon as you walk into a room, everyone will look and admire your outfit. Wear it with simple, elegant shoes to keep the focus on the jumpsuit. Sparkle, shine and show the world what you’re made of.

4. Pineda Covalin 

If you’re looking for the most luxurious Mexico outfits, then fashion designer Pineda Covalin is a great go-to. This high-end fashion brand is dedicated to improving women’s confidence and helping them to feel at their best. In addition, it holds extreme value for people in Mexico as their culture is honestly reflected through fashion.

By awakening feelings and personalities in each and every one of their creations, Pineda Covalin has become a popular fashion brand around the world. This brand also challenges Mexico outfits by developing new and exciting ways of toying with fashion. As a result, Covalin emphasizes his creations with an array of fabrics and colours.

Designed for comfort and practicality, Covalin provides glamour and elegance to all of his outfits and regularly works with an array of talented fashion designers to expand his reach and talents. Thanks to success and a popular interest, Pineda Covalin is present beyond Mexico, but around the world. By working with traditions, he captures feelings and evokes passion in his works. Also, if you already own an array of Mexico outfits, you can expand your wardrobe with exciting accessories, such as scarfs, handbags, purses and more.

It’s also worth mentioning that Covalin’s outfits are reasonably priced to give everyone the opportunity to dress how they want. Thanks to this, he’s proved popular around Mexico and continues to be successful amongst other areas of the world. His clothes are unique and touch on an array of occasions. By visiting his boutiques, you’ll appreciate that you can find something to wear to the beach, shopping, work and even just meeting with friends.

Examples of Pineda Covalin Mexico Outfits 

The brand has been active since 1995 and continues to develop some of the most amazing Mexico outfits we’ve ever seen. If you feel that your style is more mature and you’re searching for exciting garments which aren’t provocative or revealing, these two selections might be everything you’re looking for.

1. Dancing Feathers Ribbon Dress

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Credit: Pineda Covalin

This Ribbon dress is spectacular is the perfect example of Pineda Covalin’s work. By combining new colours, shapes and textures with traditional outfits, Covalin creates a new look to Mexico outfits. The sheer brightness and energy this dress exposes captures Mexico’s culture. Also, the more you look at this dress, the more details you discover. For example, the exceptional detailing amongst the bottom-half of the dress is the main feature of this dress. However, by providing two panels of orange – one at the waist and the other lower down – this adds another element to the dress we can’t help but adore.

2. Blouse Kai Reef

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Credit: Pineda Covalin

Pineda Covalin likes to produce a limited range of each item, and focus on a piece at a time. As a result, this helps to make his creations more special because fans live in anticipation for their release. This particular blouse plays with what a blouse usually looks like. It’s daring, playful and keeps it fresh and exciting by mixing blocks of colours with patterns. By maintaining a professional feel, this blouse is suitable for business occasions, as well as daily errands.

5. Vanessa Guckel

Searching for Mexico outfits which suit your current style and body shape can be difficult. Not because fashion styles are limited in this country, but for the exact opposite: there’s so much choice that it can become overwhelming. Vanessa Guckel is the founder and creator of a popular fashion brand in Mexico which has also proved popular amongst other regions in the world.

After living in France, Guckel spend 10 years living in Mexico where she became inspired to develop her own fashion brand. After working for architectural firms in both of these countries, she turned her creative and artistic streak to fashion designing. Her architectural knowledge actually helped her to create striking images and unique designs which other influencers weren’t adopting.

Vanessa Guckel’s fashion brand was titled CIHUAH and exposed traditional craft designs through creativity and intellect. This brand created Mexico outfits which used geometric patterns to create a contemporary look and feel. If you appreciate a wide range of clothing options, then CIHUAH is a go-to brand for you.

By always considering the human body and proportion, all of the brand’s clothing are created to improve how you feel once you step into them. Also, CIHUAH takes basic, popular clothing styles and adds a unique twist on them. For example, the little black dress is completely reinvented and flatters the female figure even more now.

Since winning an array of awards, Guckel has continued to strive to be the best fashion artist she can be. Also, her French heritage has heavily influenced her designs and encouraged her to become one of the most popular fashion designers in Mexico. Strikingly unique whilst remaining traditional, Guckel also loves to collaborate with talented fashion advocates.

Examples of Vanessa Guckel Mexico Outfits 

If you visit one of Vanessa Guckel’s fashion boutiques, you’ll appreciate the level of work she puts into all of her pieces. Also, by decoration and designing the space in which she showcases her work, she presents a sheer passion for the industry. By combining geometric materials and resources, she aims to create an experience for all of her customers and clients.

1. Jumpsuit with Metallic Zipper

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Credit: Cihuah

For $125, this jumpsuit is exceptionally priced, and that’s another aspect we love about Vanessa Guckel’s designs. Always with the customer in mind, she creates Mexico outfits which are affordable and everyone gets the chance to wear them. CIHUAH is dedicated to creating fashion which pushes the boundaries and creates the perfect balance between comfort and style.

This particular jumpsuit is made from resourceful materials which are comfortable and practical to wear every day. Designed with an emphasis on perfect lines, this jumpsuit is unlike anything else you’ve seen before. It’s a stand-out garment which can be worn on its own. Alternatively, you can accessorise it with a necklace, belt or high heels. What we also love about this jumpsuit is that it effortlessly stands out and doesn’t try too hard to be anything it isn’t.

2. Trench

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Credit: Cihuah

Every woman should have a trench coat in their life. With so many benefits to it, the trench coat is ideal for a special occasion or to provide a dressier approach to wear with a skirt, dress or jeans. It feels there’s little you can’t team this coat with. This particular design by Vanessa Guckel is admirable for so many reasons. Just by looking at the coat, you can appreciate the amount of time, effort and research which has gone into. It’s a classic design with iconic pieces and new lines added to it.

6. Lorena Saravia

If you want to learn more about Mexico outfits or expand your fashion knowledge, then leading fashion designer, Lorena Saravia, is a great go-to. With experience, a passion and creativity for the industry, Lorena Saravia holds a degree in fashion design from a school in Barcelona. She then went on to work for renowned brands and aside Mexican fashion designers before then creating and running her own fashion label.

Saravia’s main objective is that her clothes are ready-to-wear, practical for the modern woman and make people feel good about themselves. She also likes to accentuate her Mexico outfits with numerous accessories and leather goods.

Saravia’s talent helps to create a wardrobe which people never even realised they wanted/needed. By finishing all of her collections with impeccable finishes and lines, she focuses on offering something to her clients which you can’t easily buy from other designers and brands. By providing different attitudes and moods in each of your collections, Saravia aims to produce elegant, classy and trendy items which you can wear anywhere and at any time.  

This fashion designer also likes to emphasize that fashion should be made easy. As a result, you don’t need complicated strategies and knowledge of the industry to look and feel good. Pick up an array of Saravia’s pieces and you’ll find that they work effortlessly and exceptionally together. As a result, she encourages people to play around with fashion and push their boundaries of what they’re used to. By offering so much flexibility and creative input for her clients, she’s become one of the most prestigious fashion designers in Mexico and continues to make a new for herself.

Examples of Lorena Saravia Mexico Outfits 

This Mexican fashion brand only stepped onto the scene in 2010 during a fashion week. Since then, it’s exploded around the world and became a go-to for daily Mexico outfits. However, we appreciate that Saravia doesn’t like to create clothing just because it’s popular. Instead, by taking risks and following her heart, she encourages clients and Mexicans to think about how they express themselves through their clothes, and if it’s an honest interpretation of who they really are.

1. Lorena Dress

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Credit: Shoptiques

The Lorena dress is colourful, happy and peaceful. Designed to fit a slender figure, this dress sums up Saravia’s attitude throughout her collections. Never a dull moment, her prints are colourful, refreshing and unique. It’d be hard to find another fashion designer who creates work similar to Saravia’s. This dress is designed to flow and drape at the waist to enhance a woman’s body. Also, the crossover neckline provides a modern appeal to a traditional dress.

2. Blue Panam Leather

mexico outfits, vacation clothes for mexico, dresses for mexico vacation, dresses for mexico, mexican vacation outfits, clothes for vacation to mexico

Credit: Facebook

Covering three major Mexican cities, Saravia has received huge praise for her collections and thinking outside of the box. She enjoys playing with creativity and turning fashion on its head. As a result, she uses unconventional materials, such as leather to expose another side to fashion. This particular outfit is made from leather to add a luxurious feel and touch to an ‘ordinary-looking’ style.

7. Sandra Weil

Continuing to look at the best Mexico outfits available to you, Sandra Weil is another incredible fashion artist and creator to consider. This contemporary fashion designer never wanted to replicate other designer’s work. With a background in designing clothes with exclusive attention to detail, all of her creations are statement pieces with a versatile and vintage style.

Most important, Sandra Weil wants to help women feel transformed and powerful when they step into her Mexico outfits. As a result, she encourages women to step into their feminine side without feeling uncomfortably pushed. Instead, fashion should encourage you to show another side of your personality, without exposing elements you’re not happy with.

Rather than the appearance of her clothes looking exceptional, Weil considers the comfort of her clothes. Therefore, many of her best work can’t be seen to the outside world. With internal structures to fill out and shape the clothes, only the wearer is aware of the intricate detail on the interior of the clothing. Never one to compromise comfort, Weil intends to provide women with multiple collections which can take you from day to night.

Finally, Weil never wants people to feel uncomfortable or insecure whilst wearing her clothes. Instead, they’ll be gifted with comfort and a flattering fit. With an array of colourful sections, patterns and elements, Weil also likes to mix fabrics and patterns to play with the overall mood of their collections. Wear them alone, or team with accessories to add your own personal twist on her outfits.

Examples of Sandra Weil Mexico Outfits 

Sandra Weil likes to play around with new inventions and isn't afraid to be the first person to try a new style. As a result, she's become an influential go-to for Mexico outfits and is making a global name for herself.

1. Muse Blouse

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Credit: Sandra Weil

This Muse blouse is an excellent example of contemporary Mexico outfits. Modern, free and practical, it presents different lines, colours and patterns to make women feel special. The bright red makes it suitable to showcase a woman with power. However, it still remains sophisticated and elegant. Thanks to the combination of the sheer fabric and smooth lines juxtaposed with the edgy sides, this blouse plays with angles and textures for a modern feel.  

2. Hamsa Bustier

 mexico outfits, vacation clothes for mexico, dresses for mexico vacation, dresses for mexico, mexican vacation outfits, clothes for vacation to mexico

Credit: Sandra Weil

This Hamsa bustia is stunning to look at. By mixing up a traditional design with touches of personality and knowledge by Sandra Weil, she creates something completely out of the ordinary. Be daring and team this with a contrasting colour, or keep it subtle and wear with matching pants for a professional look. The strong and sturdy zip keeps you comfortable and protected at all times, so you don’t need to worry it’ll exposure you like some other bustiers can.

8. Benitos Santos

Benitos Santos creates exceptional Mexico outfits, thanks to 11 years’ experience in the business. This Mexican fashion designer didn’t have intentions to enter the fashion realm, as he studied law, until pursuing a career in fashion. Now, he’s considered one of the world’s leading fashion designers and is popular amongst actresses thanks to his glamorous approach. Inspired by other fashion designers – such as Valentino – Santos finds inspiration for this outfits wherever he goes. Many of his collections are timeless and a work of art. Each time you wear one of his looks, you’ll feel flawless and at your best.

We love that Santos likes to go against traditions and create Mexican outfits which you wouldn’t easily find in boutiques or online. By featuring an exclusive collection of wedding dresses, Santos helps women to look glamorous and feel confident for their special day.

Just six years after launching his first line, Santos developed glamorous eveningwear and elegant dresses for women. He quickly became established for his extraordinary cutting technique and has even won awards for his incredible work.

An exciting element to Santos is that you never know what he’s going to create next. His designs are extraordinary and radiate passion. There isn’t anything he can’t create, and his skills are only seeming to get more advanced and impressive. Many of Santos’s collections come with themes, and a popular theme of his is to enhance the waist. As such, he plays with silhouettes to create/emphasise an hourglass figure.

Examples of Benitos Santos Mexico Outfits 

Benitos Santos has excelled in drawing and details throughout his entire fashion career. By utilizing hand embroidery and unique patterns and colour combinations throughout all of his collections, Santos is passionate about pushing the fashion world into new realms.

1. Complete Outfit

 mexico outfits, vacation clothes for mexico, dresses for mexico vacation, dresses for mexico, mexican vacation outfits, clothes for vacation to mexico

Credit: Xin Haunet

Mexico outfits are exciting because you never know what you’re going to expect. However, this complete outfit has clearly remained true to its traditional fashion roots. By playing around with heavy textiles mixed with light fabrics, you create different textures and weights to the overall look. However, Santos is passionate in developing clean lines and tapering in all of the sleeves and at the waist. As a result, this creates a courageous appearance which makes women feel empowered.

2. Sleek Jumpsuit

mexico outfits, vacation clothes for mexico, dresses for mexico vacation, dresses for mexico, mexican vacation outfits, clothes for vacation to mexico

Credit: Xin Huanet

This jumpsuit created by Santos is a work of art. Mexico outfits are inspirational and tasteful. You won’t find an unclean line throughout any of their fashion designer’s work. This particular jumpsuit sets a new tone to the Mexican fashion industry. However, similar to the previous example, it maintains elements of traditional Mexican fashion.

Jewelry Brands in Mexico to Follow

After you’ve taken a look at Mexico outfits, why not spend some time accessorizing and completing your look with jewelry? The world of rings, bracelets and necklaces in Mexico is beautiful. Each share intricate designs and radiate with colours and textures to bring you some of the most stunning collections you’ll ever see.

Here are three jewelry brands in Mexico to watch out for.

1. Silver Bubble

mexico outfits, vacation clothes for mexico, dresses for mexico vacation, dresses for mexico, mexican vacation outfits, clothes for vacation to mexico

Credit: Silver Bubble

Silver Bubble is a handmade jewelry brand based in Mexico, dedicated to creating unique collections. Firstly, we love that this brand supports local businesses and purchases environmentally-friendly jewels and accessories from businesses. With the ambition to create unique jewelry, Silver Bubble provides a high quality to each and every one of their items. For an excellent price, you can purchase some of the most unusual designs in the world.

Their bracelet collections share a beautiful story thanks to their unique sizes, shapes and colours. As a result, you can opt for a style which best expresses you, or choose something slightly different to what you’re used to. No matter how bold or fun, Silver Bubble dedicates their hard work and time to developing beautiful collections which stand apart from other brands. Alternatively, their line of necklaces is beautiful. Create a statement look in seconds with an array of models, shapes and patterns. Handmade by talented individuals in Mexico, there’s always an essence of Mexican culture in every jewelry item.

To complete your look, accessorise your ears with a pair of beautiful earrings. With so many different styles to choose from, you’ll be stuck for choice. However, we recommend purchasing earrings which best represent your style, personality and manner. Although each individual pair of earrings are different from others, you could decide to purchase an array from their collections. Why not mix up designs, textures and colours to challenge and update your look? With an array of statement earrings, gold, silver and colourful effects, there’s something to suit everyone.

2. Daniela Villegas

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Credit: Daniela Villegas

Add to Mexico outfits with beautiful jewelry from Daniela Villegas. With an array of personal and beautiful designs, there’s no other brand in Mexico which can replicate this style. This luxury jewelry brand has everything you’re looking for to make a beautiful gift for someone you love, or to treat yourself. By only using the finest, highest-quality materials and resources, Daniela Villegas produces long-lasting jewelry with stunning elements to them. For example, she uses 18k gold in every colour and design, as well as precious stones. As a result, her jewelry pieces shimmer and glisten in an array of different lighting conditions.

With a special emphasis on earrings, Daniela Villegas is inspired by many things to create a beautiful pair of earrings. For example, her Love Ma’at Stud creations are inspired by the Egyptian goddess of truth. These 18-karak gold earrings feature green sapphire and prehnite gemstones for a beautiful beam of light and glow. Also, you can pair these with other heart-shaped jewelry from her line of work. Alternatively, if you have a higher budget, the Amor Eterno earrings make a beautiful purchase. Featuring color sapphires, 18-karat rose gold and floral motifs, they perfectly summarize everything that Daniela Villegas represents.

Finally, Daniela Villegas loves to add colour to all of her jewelry pieces. These shades can be inspired by many aspects of her life – including where she’s travelled or beautiful aspects of nature. We love that she creates jewelry items which are a reflection of her passions, and not just what she believes looks appealing or is fashionable.

3. Georgina Treviño

mexico outfits, vacation clothes for mexico, dresses for mexico vacation, dresses for mexico, mexican vacation outfits, clothes for vacation to mexico

Credit: Georgina Trevino

Georgina offers a beautiful array of stunning jewelry sold and inspired by Mexico. If you’re looking for traditional jewelry pieces, then this is definitely not a brand for you. Instead, Georgina offers a contemporary, artistic and exciting approach to jewelry. With an edgy style, all of her designs are beautiful and appeal to women all around the world. By taking risks, she creates collections which are admirable, exciting, and definitely inventive. Also, with an array of collections to choose from, you’ll easily find something which suits your style and tastes. Perhaps you’re looking for everyday jewelry, or items for special occasions. No matter what it is, Georgina can cater for you.

A particular piece we love from her Minimalist Collection is her earrings. Simply titled NA, these are 4.5” long and finished in sterling silver with a 14k gold-plated exterior. Delicately designed, these exude sophistication and a unique style. We can assure that you’ll have never seen anything else like these before which makes them ideal for people who love to challenge fashion norms.

Inspired by architecture, people and fashion, this fashion brand is aimed at individuals who are interested in modern art and self-expression. Also, if you’re interested in fashion and would love to create Mexico outfits, this brand offers jewelry workshops to help you experiment with different fashion tastes and techniques. These three-hour workshops enable you to learn about the jewelry market, as well as introduce new options to the brand.

What Mexico Outfits Do You Love?

We hope you enjoyed reading about Mexico outfits and our list of talented fashion designers. These designers work independently and extremely hard to get to where they are today, but won’t let that stop them from continuing to succeed.

Now that you’ve heard from us, we’d love to hear your thoughts on Mexico outfits. Do you have any favourite accessories or Mexican fashion designers? Share your thoughts, or knowledge, in the comments to keep this conversation going.

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