Money Mentality — Unlocking the Secrets of the Wealthy

A large house, fancy cars, sparkling jewelry, and designer everything -- when comparing the rich and the poor, these are simply a few of the commonly cited differences.

 Is it really only surface deep though? Wanda Thibodeaux believes its a bit more rooted than these trivial, tangible items. Rather, it is an individual’s mind-state that is more telling than the amount in their bank account or the items in their garage. Fundamental differences in beliefs about financial planning, career expectations, and attitudes about money can generally be attributed to one tax bracket or another.

In fact, Thibodeaux presents a helpful graphic that highlights prime examples that pinpoint differences in a rich versus poor mentality.

Credit: Wanda Thibodeaux,

As the graphic makes clear, some of the statements are rather similar, but exhibit key adjustments that have triggered a reaction within the brain of the individual. While those in lower socio-economic brackets tend to accept their fate, the rich have in turn found ways to make their own fate and profit from it. Additionally, willingness to innovate, learn, take offers for help when needed, plan for the long-term, and network prove to be other key characteristics and actions of the wealthiest individuals.  Accessing new and creative ways to make money are always key characteristics of the rich, especially in the 21st century. 

While not all of us are born into extravagance or a trust fund, Thibodeaux’s article offers some hope. Just as the seasons change, we as people are constantly changing. Now that you’re aware of the obstacles in your mentality, it is easier to identify them as soon as you begin to sabotage yourself. If you recognize yourself taking on a "poor" mentality, this list is a helpful resource in assisting your shift in thinking. Let your mind-state make you rich!

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