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New Montblanc Pen to Commemorate Shakespeare’s Death

A pen to suit a master wordsmith of the English language. Montblanc really reached for a challenge when they decided to commemorate the 400 years since the death of the greatest English writer of all time, William Shakespeare, with a new Limited Edition Montblanc Pen.

After all, it’s only fitting tribute to one who has penned over 37 plays and 150 love sonnets, and reinvented language and literary sentiment.

Montblanc Pen Remembers William Shakespeare

The Montblanc Writers Edition pen collections were first introduced in 1992. Over the years, they have celebrated literary greats with a sense of duty and their trademark sophisticated, ultra-modern quills.

This year, they could not ignore the calling of the Bard.

“I’ll call for pen and ink and write my mind”

Montblanc released two distinct versions of the Shakespeare collection. One is the Montblanc Writers Edition William Shakespeare, a black and white precious resin collection. The other  one is an exquisitely stylish fountain pen – the William Shakespeare Limited Edition 1597. Quite impressively, it focuses on what is arguably the playwriter’s most popular play, Romeo and Juliet.

The Montblanc Writers Edition William Shakespeare

Montblanc Pen

The fine details the Montblanc Writers Edition William Shakespeare  reference the best of his classics. From the humorously dark tragedies to the soul-gripping comedies, they each find their symbols in the beautiful pens .

The collection contains a fountain pen, ballpoint, and a rollerball. The cap and barrel color combination makes reference to the flags once raised above the famous Globe Theatre to signal the type of play on stage: white for comedy, black for tragedy.

Almost under microscopic attention, the cap crown reveals its octagonal shape – an inspiration from the ringed roof of the Globe, while the famous ‘White Snowflake’ emblem reigns at its center.

In addition, the body of the writing instrument represents a feather-like design as a reminder of the quill pen Shakespeare used. A wide golden ring just below the barrel displays seven symbols of the Bard’s most famous plays.

King Lear is represented by two chess pieces, Romeo and Juliet by the rose. There is also a skull for Hamlet, a crest for Henry V, and crown for Macbeth. A swirling cloud comes next for The Tempest, and a laurel wreath in the shape of C for Julius Caesar.

The William Shakespeare Limited Edition 1597

The patterns embossed on this ultra-limited Montblanc pen also evokes the Shakesperian quill. The multi-colored barrel reflects lacquer in hues of red, blue, gold, and black. Here again, red stands for the Globe Theater flags, while black waved for tragedy. Globe Theater’s red flags usually announced the staging of a historical drama.

The blue layer references to power, royalty, and divine grace within the church. On the cap, there are intricate details in gold over the black background. It is a minimalist representation of the balconies surrounding the stage of the Globe.

A Tudor Rose decorates the base of the pen. This is done in honor of Elizabethan times and the queen’s patronage of the arts and Shakespeare. The collection also includes two pairs of matching circular cufflinks, each with a Tudor Rose design.

The William Shakespeare Limited Edition 1597 is limited to a mere 1597 pieces worldwide. The number represents the year of The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet‘s first publishing.

A work of art to behold comes at a cost. The listed price for the Montblanc Pen William Shakespeare Limited Edition 1597 is $735-$935.

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