The Most Awarded Car Brands To Get You Going In Safety and Style

If you're shopping for a new ride, you want the very best in your budget.

Of course, that is a subjective standard and many factors go into deciding which car is right for you. But whether you're looking for style, comfort, safety or anything else, there are probably awards for it. So let's take a look at the most awarded car brands currently on the market.

There will be some crowd pleasers with an array of recognition across several categories. Others are tailored toward a smaller niche market, which they serve better than the rest. Whatever motivates you to purchase a new vehicle, we think you'll find a car maker just right for you.

most awarded car brands, car awards

The Most Awarded Car Brands on the Road Today

We know there's a lot to consider when making your next vehicle choice. Do you go with a new or used car? How many people will you typically be transporting? Will you be putting a lot of miles on it? 

But once you answer a few basic questions, you'll probably have a few options to consider. At that point, we recommend doing some researchon each of the brands you're thinking about. Of course, driver reviews are important and maybe some of your friends and family have recommendations. But when respected auto publications and groups offer awards, motorists should listen.

We've checked out the landscape and selected several auto brands that have regularly wowed the critics. Keep reading to see what they have to say about some of the most awarded car brands out there.

1. Toyota

most awarded car brands, car awards

It might not be surprising to find this Japanese auto maker on our list of most awarded car brands. For generations, drivers of all types have relied on its strong commitment to quality and design. 

These vehicles simply perform the way most drivers prefer. Nothing too fancy, but reliable performance. Sure, there are some sporty versions and upgrades. But in general, most drivers think of Toyota as a workhorse. You can safely transport your kids to soccer practice. Pack groceries in to stock the pantry. ‚Äč

Another plus is a long line of models and trim levels. Though most are focused on getting you where you're going safely, you'll also find some fun. Some models are geared toward those who crave performance. Others satisfy a need for luxury. But whatever your motivation, you can count on Toyota quality. That's why you can find so many old Toyotas with hundreds of thousands of miles. They're among the least expensive cars to maintain, because they rarely break down.

2. Porsche

most awarded car brands, car awards

We won't pretend this brand is as universally popular as Toyota. Where the last company wants to please everyone, Porsche has a very specific audience in mind. Many Porsche drivers would never want to drive anything else. 

That unparalleled driving experience is a main reason it's one of the most awarded car brands. And don't think you have to settle for a small sports car if you want that Porsche performance.

With a lineup that includes an SUV and sedan, you can get your preferred body style. But you won't have to forego that incredible engine and other features you love in the brand.

3. Hyundai

most awarded car brands, car awards

This Korean entry has made huge advancements over the past generation. Hyundai started out as a very basic mode of transportation. It was popular at first among those who needed a cheap way to get around town.

But those days are long gone. Currently, Hyundai offers a wide range of models for virtually any type of driver. And along with one of the industry's best warranties, it backs up these vehicles with great quality.

Maybe they won't be among the fastest or most opulent vehicles on the road. But they are among the most awarded car brands available today. And if you need a little more luxury in your garage, you're also in luck. In addition to an upscale brand, Genesis, Hyundai gives shoppers a long list of options. You can create the perfect car or SUV for your situation by visiting your local Hyundai dealer. And with a strong track record of reliability, you can shop for a gently used model with some confidence.

4. Honda

most awarded car brands, car awards

Like Toyota, this is a Japanese company with a long history of solid performers. A robust lineup of cars, SUVs and minivans remains among the most popular in the world.

Humble roots brought this company into the international automotive industry. But a commitment to quality and innovative design kept it moving forward. And for decades now, it has consistently ranked among the most awarded car brands.

For starters, they are among the most affordable vehicles to maintain. That's because the parts are built to last and assembled properly. But they also help lead the industry in terms of safety and performance. From roomy and functional minivans to sporty convertibles, Honda aims to please just about anyone on the road.

5. Chevrolet

most awarded car brands, car awards

Let's get to a great American brand. It remains one of the most awarded car brands as well as a popular choice among motorists. 

You will probably have no problem finding plenty of Chevrolet vehicles on any U.S. road. And they are also very popular around the world. A robust lineup gives shoppers exactly the space and configuration they want.

Plus, General Motors has focused attention on its remaining brands after getting rid of a few. In recent years, the vehicles have received a face lift and other impressive upgrades. A smooth ride and quality construction keep you comfortable. Long lasting engines keep you on the road for years to come. And new safety features combine with technological upgrades to keep you safer than ever before.

6. Lexus

most awarded car brands, car awards

If you like Toyota, chances are you'll love its luxury brand. A lineup of opulent trim levels and sportier styling gives Lexus a leg up on its parent company. Sure, underneath these opulent vehicles you will still find Toyota bones.

But the chassis, frame and body is improved extensively before they are branded as Lexus parts. More horsepower, higher quality materials and more aggressive styling set this car maker apart. And it is the Toyota commitment to quality that ranks it among the most awarded car brands.

7. Subaru

most awarded car brands, car awards

Subaru has made its mark on the automotive industry by bringing four wheel drive to a wide range of motorists. The trend caught on and other car makers began to expand their own lineups. 

But this brand has remained ahead of the curve in this area and others. You can count on safety to be a top priority for any model you choose. And in addition to being among the most awarded car brands, it also inspires loyalty. With 61 percent of owners opting to buy another Subaru, it ranks just behind Toyota in customer retention.

8. Volvo

most awarded car brands, car awards

Maybe you remember the boxy Volvo models of generations past. They always led the pack in terms of safety. But the brand has also made great strides in design and styling.

Now you can find a wide lineup of models to meet virtually any motorist's needs and desires. Clever innovations and features make your ride more enjoyable. But you'll still have the industry leading safety to give you peace of mind during the journey.

The most awarded car brands on the market earned that distinction for a reason.

Many offer great safety equipment and an array of high tech comfort features. Others provide exhilarating thrills and high performance. A few try to do it all. But the one thing they have in common is a commitment to value and quality.

We hope you found our review of the most awarded car brands to be a helpful guide. If so, share it with the motorists in your life. And leave us a comment below if you have any final thoughts or questions. 

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