Top 20 Best Expensive Chocolates to Offer as a Gift

The easiest way to a woman’s heart is…offering her the most expensive chocolates. It does not necessarily need to be a special occasion to offer someone a gift. Every day is special and you do not need a particular reason to eat chocolate. The love for sweets is infinite among children, but also among adults.

In what follows, we will provide a list of the most delicious and luxurious selection of chocolate boxes meant to please everyone’s tastes. Whether you love traditional chocolate or if you are one of those who would like to taste something new and unusual, these recommendations will suit all tastes.

Du Rhone 16 Piece Chocolate Assortment

The Du Rhone chocolates gained its popularity in Geneva. This city is very famous for handmade pralines and hot chocolate. The Du Rhone chocolatier created these delicious masterpieces which contain both milk and dark chocolate. This box of chocolates includes a variety of textures, like ganache, mousse, and pralines.

Lauden 20 Mixed Chocolates

Luxury has a new taste and it is amazing! The Lauden box of chocolates will surely brighten your day. The company was founded back in 2008 by Stephen and Sun Trigg, husband and wife. Several prestigious restaurants in the country reached to serve their chocolates which became extremely famous for the best cacao and spectacular ingredients gathered from around the world. Therefore, make sure you do not miss these chocolates, enjoying flavors like Mediterranean orange, salted caramel, sour cherry, lychee & rose, and fresh mint.

Sylvia and Terry Eat Me Keep Me Collection

The name of this sweets company comes from the owner’s parents, Sylvia and Terry. She confesses that she is grateful that she has this chocolate obsession due to her parents. This exquisite range of cream bars, truffles and chocolates contain fresh and local ingredients, like Kentish cream and butter. The Sylvia and Terry Eat Me Keep Me Collection could be the perfect gift for someone you love, showing them your appreciation.

A box of chocolates

Offer a big box of the most expensive chocolates to your loved one to show them your gratitude.

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Choctails Pick Your Own Chocolates

In 2012, the company that produces these luxurious chocolates has become the only one on the market to focus on cocktail chocolates. This innovative product made everyone curious, wanting to see how delicious these awarded chocolates are. Are you curious, too? Hurry up and purchase some chocolates. Do not worry! You have a wide variety of options, helping you develop your own chocolate collection, like mojito, pina colada, Harvey Wallbanger, and Singapore sling.

Paxton Signature Thins

The luxurious chocolatier in charge of delivering these pieces of heaven to the world is famous for her innovative spirit. The Paxton Signature Thins are thin chocolate discs, featuring spectacular flavors like lime, lemongrass, clementine, and white chocolate; green tea, orange and milk chocolate; and lavender and dark chocolate. Furthermore, this chocolatier is famous for designing a chocolate dress for the National Chocolate Week in 2016.

Jeff de Bruges Square Box

The French chocolatier that produces Jeff de Bruges Square Box has become very famous for the masterpieces they create. The innovative and tasty chocolates contain an extraordinary mixture of French cocoa and Belgian pampering. These desserts remind us of traditional recipes, offering them an exquisite twist. The teardrop-shaped goodies contain cranberries, caramel chips, white chocolate, almond sticks, raspberry chips and dark chocolate.

Belinda’s Kitchen Sea Salted Caramel Truffle

The scrumptious flavors of these luxurious sea salt truffles is unmatched. The melt-in-the-mouth texture and the amazingly rich and fresh flavor lists these chocolates among the best. Even if they are some of the most expensive chocolates, keep in mind that they contain more than 40% Ghanian milk chocolate. The Belinda’s Kitchen Sea Salted Caramel Truffle have the perfect foil for the fresh caramel ganache. The result? They are impossible not to eat the whole bunch in one go.

Artisan du Chocolat Black and Gold Couture Ecrin

The Artisan du Chocolat Black and Gold Couture Ecrin are some of the most expensive chocolates but also the most delicious and luxurious ones. The chocolatier that produces these handmade chocolates supplies several Michelin-starred restaurants. The flavors range from fresh mint, tarragon, Mexican tonka beans, green cardamom, and Indian black. Offer this box of chocolates to your loved one, showing how much you appreciate them.

Chococo Large Selection Box

The Chococo Large Selection Box is always fresh, having only a 2-week-availability for you to consume them. However, they would not even last that long on your shelf because they are so delicious. This chocolatier is known for winning more than 65 Great Taste Awards. The most exquisite flavors are the chocolates which include salt sweet smoke and the lemon zing, with fresh lemon curd in a white chocolate ganache.

A big box of chocolates

Your loved ones will be thrilled to receive the most expensive chocolates from you.

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Hotel Chocolat The Large Chocolatier’s Table

The Hotel Chocolat The Large Chocolatier’s Table is any chocolate lover’s dream. The luxurious collection of chocolate contains delicious masterpieces, being a feast for the eyes, but also for the soul. Even if they are some of the most expensive chocolates, they are worth every penny, including every flavor you can ever think of. Therefore, these delicious morsels feature flavors like Mississippi mud pie slabs, posh Maltesers, chocolate pretzels, classic rhubarb and custard, and floral gin deserts.

Rococo Large Couture Autumn Collection

The Rococo Large Couture Autumn Collection box of chocolates are pure heaven! Therefore, they were inspired by the autumnal harvest of coffee beans and fruits worldwide. These small pieces of happiness are created by head chocolatier Karen Waller in a London kitchen. The most delicious flavors feature malted barley and sourdough, coffee praline, popcorn ganache, and Macadamia Gianduja.

Bettys Cru Sauvage Truffles

The Bettys Cru Sauvage Truffles are at the top in the world of deliciousness. These rich truffles contain the best ingredients, having a smooth consistency. Furthermore, they are surrounded by grand cru chocolate that is made from wild cocoa from the Bolivian Amazon. The crisp shell contains the perfect amount of cocoa. Therefore, this is a luxurious party that your taste buds will surely enjoy.

Fortnum & Mason Rose & Violet Creams

You are not a chocoholic if you have never tasted the Fortnum & Mason Rose & Violet Creams chocolates. This store of delectable exquisite chocolates provides delicious and delicate chocolates with violet creams and English rose flavors. What can be more luxurious than this? Make sure you purchase a box of these little drops of happiness!

Fifth Dimension The Journey Box

The Fifth Dimension The Journey Box features unconventional and exciting flavors. This box of chocolates is meant to take you on a trip around the world, tasting lemon chutney from Nadiad, wholegrain mustard from Meaux, raspberry Chambord from Orleans, mint, and miso from Sydney and soy caramel from Hong Kong.

Vosges Haut Chocolat Exotic Truffle Collection

The Vosges Haut Chocolat Exotic Truffle Collection is the signature collection of this chocolatier. Furthermore, this is their best seller, including 16 differently-flavored pieces of chocolates that are a chocoholic’s best dream. These truffles have exotic flavors that will awaken all your senses, with the amazing smell and exquisite packaging.

La Madeline au Truffe by House of Knipschildt

The La Madeline au Truffe by House of Knipschildt represents one of the most luxurious chocolates in the world. It contains 70% Valrhona dark chocolate, vanilla, truffle oil, sugar, and heavy cream. This chocolate is made to order, being the perfect gift if you want to impress someone. This chocolate will be delivered to you in a silver box, on a bed of pearls. Enjoy the experience!

DeLafee’s Gold Chocolate Box with Swiss Gold Coin

The DeLafee’s Gold Chocolate Box with Swiss Gold Coin features 8 chocolates that contain 24 karats of edible gold. Isn’t that a different and challenging experience? If you have never tried chocolate with edible gold, now is a perfect time.

A box of chocolates

When buying the most expensive chocolate out there, you enjoy the most luxurious flavors.

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Noka’s Vintage Collection

The Noka’s Vintage Collection was listed by Forbes as one of the most expensive chocolates back in 2006. The high price is due to the mixture of butter, sugar and 75% pure cocoa. Unfortunately, the company closed in 2011 because of the expensive chocolates. Nevertheless, you can still find some of their specialties to buy online.

Swarovski Studded Chocolates

The Swarovski Studded Chocolates were created due to the partnership between Harrods and a Lebanese chocolatier. Each chocolate piece has a premium packaging, being covered in Indian silk. All the 49 chocolates are nicely placed on suede leather with platinum and gold partitions. The exquisite box is made out of silk from India and China.

Furthermore, every chocolate is covered in silk rose, gold and Swarovski crystals to make this dessert more luxurious. The Lebanese chocolatier, Patchi is the leading brand in the Middle East when it comes to chocolate.

The most expensive chocolate

If you are a real chocoholic, then you won’t mind buying the most expensive chocolates.

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Wispa Gold Wrapped Chocolate

The Wispa Gold Wrapped Chocolate is the most expensive chocolate bar in the world. The wrapper of this chocolate bar is a gold leaf. Cadbury developed this concept to promote the re-launch of the Wispa chocolate bar.

Summing up

This list does not only provide the most expensive chocolates out there but also some of the most delicious and luxurious ones. If you want to show your love and appreciation for a friend or family member, purchase one of these chocolate boxes to offer them the perfect gift.

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