A Multi-Function Printer is the Versatile Device Your Office Needs Today

There are many times when we still require paperwork, even in the digital age.

Forms, documents, reference material and many other things are still printed on paper. Thus, owning a multi-function printer might just be a beneficial option for many people. As such, it is optimum to own a printer rather than standing in line of a Xerox center. But, if you buy a standard printer, you can only use the machine for printing and nothing else. In the interest of conserving space and being most efficient, a multi-function printer is the perfect solution for printing, scanning, and copying documents.

multi-function printer

Features of a Multi-Function Printer

There are various options and models of printers available in the market, with all boasting of different features. There are printers who are solely dedicated for printing, while some of them pack additional features like Xerox and scanning. With these multi-function printers, you can complete all your tasks and you do not need to install separate devices in your office and home. They cut your cost and save space. 

  • Printing - Printing is a feature that is naturally present in all the printers. However, there are certain additional factors like monochromatic and colored printing options available.
  • Scanning - Many multi-function printers have a scanning feature also provided along with the standard printing options. Usually the top cover of the printer comes with a flexible flap which opens up to reveal the scanner. This is one of the most used features of the machine.
  • Xerox - With a proper combination of scanner and printer, the machine can create a perfect photocopy of the inserted document like a Xerox machine. The scanner takes the input, and stores the document, which is printed by the printer, as many times as you want. You just need to place the document on the scanner and press the print option to copy the document. You do not need to connect the printer with the computer or laptop to make copies of your documents.
multi-function printer

Total Expense of a Multi-Function Printer

There are different types of multi-function printers available in the market and the cost of these vary according to their features. If you want to use them with your personal computer in-home, then you can go for a multi-function printer at lower prices. But for commercial use, you must buy a heavy-duty printer, and it may cost you a little extra. In this regard, you can search these multi-function printers online and compare their price to choose an affordable one. Be sure to consider these additional expenses as well:

  1. Supplies like different sized and graded paper are one of the main costs of functioning of a printer. The printers support a certain size of paper, which is typically A4. But you can also adjust the paper scale to insert different sizes in your multi-function printer.
  2. Every printer has a toner, which holds the ink which is used for the printer. This toner needs to be refilled once the contents are exhausted. The frequency of toner refilling depends on the usage of printer.

When purchasing a multi-function printer, remember that the costs go beyond the device itself. Be prepared to spend on paper, toner, and possible repairs or replacement. Even still, a multi-function printer offers convenience and ease for any document needs you should have.

Do you own a multi-function printer?

There are many other brands developing good quality printers, which are widely used in the market today. Today you can even connect your printer via WiFi network and operate the multi-function printer from your mobile phone too. With the ease that comes with owning this device, there’s no need to hesitate in purchasing one any longer.

Which multi-function printer do you own? Let us know in the comments below. Be sure to share this article with those fighting printer woes.

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