Must-Have Luxury Home Items to Refresh Your Living Space Right Now

A home is more than bricks and windows to provide shelter.

It’s where you make memories, raise your family and feel safe. However, it’s also fun to decorate and accessorize your home with everything that symbolizes who you are. Therefore, in this article, we’re sharing the best must-have luxury home items to refresh your living space.

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Quick Ways to Add Luxury to Your Home

We all want luxury. Who doesn’t? But, sometimes finding and affording the right products are big challenges we face when it comes to must-have luxury home items. However, we believe that money shouldn’t hold you back. 

Firstly, pillow cases, curtains and a quilt cover can make the world of difference to your home’s interior. So many of us get used to our surroundings and neglect that they need updating every few years. A change of material and colour can add luxury to rooms in your house. This isn’t a costly activity either, as you can just spend a few hundred dollars for a massive difference.

must have luxury home items, items you need for a luxury home, luxury home items, luxury home must haves

Next, update your sofa. How long have you owned your current one? Isn’t it time you treated your back to a comfortable setting? If you feel like luxury is missing from your home, but you’re content with your furniture and layout, then a change of colour can make the world of difference. Purchase a gold spray to instantly make your accessories appear more expensive and worthy.

Another way to turn your home into a luxurious space is with smell. You’d be amazed at how much a scent can transform a living space into a comfortable and luxurious environment. Add fresh smells with plug-ins, candles and diffusers. Many scents are well-researched and designed to provide a relaxing ambience in your home. Therefore, you’ll feel more peaceful and happy in your own space.

Must-Have Luxury Home Items Which Will Also Change Your Life

Decorating and changing the interior and exterior with must-have luxury home items is exciting. It helps to bring it to life and feel new again. No matter how big or small, there are furniture ideas and household items which can add luxury to your home. This can be thanks to their appearance, or even just how they make you feel. Perhaps you don’t get treated often, but a home item can make you feel like royalty and relaxed again.

With so many must-have luxury home items on the Internet, it can be confusing to pick the best luxury home items which will make you feel at your best. However, we’ve focused on providing a large selection of must-have luxury home items to improve your home’s appearance, as well as add some glamour into your daily routine. These must-have luxury home items will help to bring your rooms to life again.

1. Foot Massager Shiatsu and Electric Foot Spa with Heat

must have luxury home items, items you need for a luxury home, luxury home items, luxury home must haves

If you’re looking for the best must-have luxury home items, then this is a great product. Designed to help you unwind after a long day/week, this will help to soothe away any stress and aches and pains. This foot massage is combined with an electric foot spa with heat to offer a moment’s paradise for your feet. Designed with air bubbles, this helps to stimulate your feet acupoints to offer a soft massage. Unlike some electric foot spas, this doesn’t tickle the feet, but provides an exceptional foot massage from the comfort of your own home.

The oxygen bubbles massage offers a high-frequency vibration to drain away your stress and problems. With the added benefit of heating therapy, this soothes your feet after a long day standing up. You also have the option of four active massage rollers to choose a mode which is most comfortable for you. Furthermore, with an automatic rotary massage, this stimulates and relaxes your foot when they’re fatigue. As a result, this increases blood circulation and reduces any aches or paints.

If that’s not enough, you can also control the temperature via the LED digital display. Customize the water to suit your needs, and adjust the time limit to suit your wishes. It’s also easy to set up, and once it’s plugged in, it only takes a few minutes to set up. Enjoy treating yourself after a long day, without inconveniencing yourself or anyone else. This foot massage is designed to eliminate stress from your daily routine and help to make you feel like you’re well the treat.

2. Jet Hot Tub

must have luxury home items, items you need for a luxury home, luxury home items, luxury home must haves

This jet hot tub is one of our favourite must-have luxury home items as it has plenty of health benefits to regularly using it. Firstly, owning a hot tub has been proven to limit signs of stress. This includes fatigue, soreness and muscle tension throughout the body. Also, a hot tub helps to provide therapeutic massage and release endorphins to limit any pain within the body. Studies have also shown that regularly using a hot tub can help improve your sleep quality. Soaking in a hot tub shortly before bed helps you to fall asleep into a deeper and relaxing sleep.

This stunning hot tub can seat up to six people, making it ideal for a pool party. On the other hand, it’s also suitable for a single soak. The mounted pillow head rests provide a comfortable experience for everyone in it at the time. Also, with this ergonomic seating, everyone has the most comfortable position at all times. In total, it features 51 stainless two-tone jets and 16 steel jets. Made from high-quality resources, this hot tub provides an at-home spa experience. With a digital back display which lights up, this enables you to control the water jets and power easily.

The main objective of this jet hot tub is to provide a soothing and relaxing time for everyone in at the time. When you’re finished, simply cover up the jets with a tapered cover to protect it. Featuring high-performance jets, this powerful hot tub is ideal for a summer’s night or winter’s day. Use it for therapeutic purposes or simply as a fun hobby when you’ve got nothing to do.

3. Functional Home Gym with Leg Press Package

must have luxury home items, items you need for a luxury home, luxury home items, luxury home must haves

What better way to stay fit than from the comfort of your own home? This home gym package is a great way to motivate yourself to exercise your legs, arm, back and chest all from one equipment. This functional home gym is strong enough to withstand all of your weight-training workouts. With so much versatility, this home gym also features multiple grips which enable you to work out your upper body. When you’re ready to exercise your lower body, the leg press or leg extension functions are an ideal way to help you get fit and healthy.

By investing in your own home gym equipment, you’ll never need to motivate yourself to get to the gym. Rather than spending money on a gym membership, reduce your outgoings and save money by working out from your own home. It’s also one of the best must-have luxury home items because you can work out whenever suits you, as opposed to abiding by gym timetables. Furthermore, working out at home limits the amount of distractions as you’re able to determine your own workout program. For example, you can place this functional home gym package in a silent area in the home where you’re less likely to be disturbed.

Finally, another reason why this is one of our favourite must-have luxury home items is because it can completely transform your life for the better. At the same time, this home gym equipment adds a graceful touch to any home. Transform an old space into a motivated exercise area. Alternatively, exercise daily whilst watching your favourite shows. Your options are endless and there’s never been a better time to indulge in a healthier lifestyle.

4. Walk-in Closet

 must have luxury home items, items you need for a luxury home, luxury home items, luxury home must haves

Credit: California Closet

Most people aspire to have their own dressing room. Imagine having all of your clothes and accessories presented right in front of you in an easy-to-find manner? Everyone has their own preferences and home décor tastes. However, this dressing closet is a win-win for the majority of people. If you’re searching for a premium way to hang your clothes and help you to live a luxurious lifestyle, then look no further than one of the most glamorous luxury home items. California Closets dedicates itself to designing and fitting some of the world’s best walk-in closets.

Their Boutique closet offers a floor-to-ceiling walk-in closet to offer a spacious, yet luxurious way of organizing your wardrobe. With poles creating to hang your belongings in an easy-to-find way, this creates a spacious look. Also, as the classic construction creates a charismatic feel, everyone will love and admire what you have to offer.

As a result, this walk-in closet adds an accent of style and class to every bedroom. The classic white look provides a modern finish and accentuates the clean lines of the design. Also, there’s an array of storage options to suit everyone’s fashion. This includes shelves, drawers and a rail for hanging clothes. Simply store your belongings to accommodate you.

The best must-have luxury home items aren’t just designed for appearance purposes, but genuinely improve your way of living. A walk-in closet encourages you to neatly organize your items so you can easily access them. It also gives you the option to store accessories so they’re always to hand. As a result, you don’t need to rummage around at the last minute to try and find your favourite accessories. California Closets also allows you to customize your design to suit your lifestyle and home.

5. Home Bar Cabinet

must have luxury home items, items you need for a luxury home, luxury home items, luxury home must haves

If you’re entertaining guests, what better way to do it than with your own home bar cabinet? Alternatively, do you own a wide selection of alcohol which you’d like to safely store in your home? If the answer is yes to either/both of these questions, then we’ve found the perfect luxury home item for you. This home bar cabinet holds up to 14 bottles, which are easy to access via the wine rack. Also, the hinges on the door gently close to keep your bottles perfectly stacked whilst they’re not in use. These strong doors are durable and designed to last too.

Owning a bar unit is fun and unique. It also helps you to capture an atmosphere which other furniture can’t quite achieve. This elegant and charming wooden bar will liven up your kitchen or living space. On the other hand, it’s minimalist enough to store in your hallway to provide easy access for guests. Not only is this home bar cabinet a fun piece of furniture, but it’s a practical and unique idea to refresh your home. It also comes with so much versatility, so you can store an array of glassware and keep your cutlery safe and presentable at all times.

We also love that the material is strong, sturdy and easy to maintain. Simply wipe clean with a soft cloth to avoid any scratches or marks. By keeping it away from direct sun exposure, you can also preserve its technique and appearance. This bar is also a great option if you regularly have people visit but don’t intend to purchase multiple seats. Open the doors when it’s party time, and close them to secure your alcohol when the party is over.

6. A Chandelier

 must have luxury home items, items you need for a luxury home, luxury home items, luxury home must haves

Credit: Horcow

Owning a chandelier is probably one of the most popular must-have luxury home items. This lighting style doesn’t seem to be going out of fashion as there are so many options to choose from. However, it’s important that you pick a style which best represents you and perfectly complements your home décor. Also, there are many other factors to consider when picking the right chandelier for your home.

Firstly, bear in mind the size, as you don’t want to purchase a light which is too overpowering for your room. On the other hand, it shouldn’t be so small that it doesn’t alert attention when guests enter your home. The perfect size is somewhere in-between both of these options.

This three-tier chandelier is one of our favourite luxury home items because it looks so beautiful and charming. Designed by Kelly Wearstler, it shares a signature style for home and office decoration which stands out by a mile. This particular chandelier is one of our favourites because it comes in a unique design with an antique and brass finish. The hanging quartz crystals also help for this chandelier to exude sophistication and class. Transfer your living room by adding this beautiful chandelier to your room. Alternatively, it can also be used as a stunning feature for your dining area.

Finally, chandeliers are a decorative light fixture. Therefore, you shouldn’t expect it to be the main light source for your room. Continue to decorate your home with lamps and additional light fittings to provide ample brightness for each room. If you have a spacious hallway, why not update your entrance with this stunning light to welcome guests? It’s also a wonderful greeting for you as you enter and leave your home.

7. TV Mirror

must have luxury home items, items you need for a luxury home, luxury home items, luxury home must haves

There’s something about owning a TV mirror which just screams luxury. As well as appearance and the fun of a home gadget, this style of TV also comes in excellent high-definition. Designed to make your viewing experience more phenomenal than you can ever imagine, these are a fun and exciting home décor idea which impresses everyone who sees it. When the TV is turned off, it looks and operates like an ordinary mirror. Not only is this a luxurious statement, but it’s also a great safety feature for any intruders. Thin, classy and extremely practical, these TV mirrors are a way of the future and easily fit against the wall.

This 55-inch smart TV mirror provides excellent quality and a sharp and polished picture each and every time. Decorate your walls and transform your living room (or bedroom) to a futuristic and fun environment. It looks great above a fireplace, but you can add it to any room you love to watch TV in. Equipped with a wall-mounting bracket, this TV mirror also features two HDMI ports for easy access and installation.

Crafted with a fine frame, it’s hard to believe that this is a mirror and TV combined into one. Ultra-slim, it doesn’t stick out from the wall and leaves you with more furniture and floor space than you thought possible. As a result, it looks more high-tech than previous TV models and is lightweight enough that it remains stable without supervision. Also, if you like to watch TV in the room, this comes with a fog-free glass. Therefore, you can enjoy your favourite show whilst enjoying a warm soak in the bath.

8. A Luxurious Bed

 must have luxury home items, items you need for a luxury home, luxury home items, luxury home must haves

Credit: Hi-Interiors

Everyone loves getting into a comfortable and spacious bed at night. We spend so much of our lives sleeping that it’s important we have the best space and furniture possible to get a good night’s sleep. Technology is a part of every room and our daily lives, so it’s no surprise that it’s incorporated itself into our sleeping pattern too. The HiCan bed combines the sleeping and technology world perfectly. With so many features and customizable options, you’re guaranteed to get the best night sleep every night.

The best must-have luxury home items don’t just look attractive inside our home, but improve our wellbeing and health too. The HiCan bed is a perfect example of that. This analyzes your sleeping pattern each night to provide you with authentic and helpful information to sustain your energy levels the next day. Without having to leave your bed, you can control so much. These amazing designers and developed contribute to creativity to add TVs, lights, and many more options to you bed. Essentially, it’s your little hideaway and a sanctuary where you can grab peace and quiet for the night.

Integrate the settings with your lighting, furniture and other software products to make your life easier and less stressful. This high-technology bed can remember your favourite sleep positions and advise on what you prefer for the best night’s sleep. It also helps to put an end to loud cellphone alarms. Instead, it’ll wake you up during your lightest sleeping stage so that you wake up energized and ready for the day. Whilst you’re in the land of nod, the bed monitors the environmental factors and how they impact your sleep. With all this information and a comfortable bed, you’ll be excited to go to sleep every night.

9. A Coffee Maker

must have luxury home items, items you need for a luxury home, luxury home items, luxury home must haves

A coffee maker is one of our favourite must-have luxury home items, because so many of us spends hundreds of dollars annually buying coffee from a shop. Save your money and impress guests with a great-tasting cup of coffee from your own home. These are one of the best luxury home items you can own because they’re practical and convenient to use in your home. Brew a delicious cup without leaving the kitchen. What better way is there to start the day?

Easily prepare an espresso and coffee just at the touch of one button. Even if you don’t consider yourself comfortable with technology, this is simple to use and quick to get used to. The water tank is easily removable and only takes a few minutes to clean. As a result, you don’t need to worry that this coffee maker will add more stress to your life, as it’ll make your daily routine more enjoyable. Designed by Illy, this coffee machine has been named one of the world’s most ethical companies. This is all thanks to its production and management. Therefore, not only are you purchasing one of the best luxury home items, but supporting a great cause too.  

Sometimes an instant coffee just doesn’t quite hit the spot. For those days when you’re in need of a boost of energy, this Illy espresso machine will do the trick. With an impressive heat-up time, you’ll be sipping a delicious cup of coffee in no time. Simple to use, easy to maintain and the creator of creamy coffees, what more could you want from this product? Finally, we love that it’s ultra-compact, so it’s also ideal if you have limited space on your kitchen surfaces.

10. A Home Theatre

 must have luxury home items, items you need for a luxury home, luxury home items, luxury home must haves

Many of us dream of turning a room in our home into a theatre space. It’s one of the top must-have luxury home items, which can be expensive. However, it’s highly possible to turn any home into a space to watch movies and TV shows.

Firstly, you’ll need to ensure that you select the right room which won’t disturb neighbours or anyone else in the home. Depending on your aspirations, you might want to convert a room into a theatre space with other entertainments in there. For example, maybe you’d like a bar or pool table in the same room. This choice is completely down to your preferences and what suits you best. However, for the first stages, it’s important that you’re clear on your vision.

Once you’re clear on this, you’ll then need to purchase numerous equipment. Typically, this’ll include a comfortable seating area, high-quality speakers and screen, a system to control the sound and specific lighting. The most important factors to spend time (and money) on, are the speakers and screen.

The above home surround sound system is amazing to help you create your dream home theatre. It enhances special effects and brings out background noise so that you can really bring your favourite movies to life.

As a result, it’ll feel like the actors are talking right there in the room with you. This custom speaker system is perfect for movie lovers. Simply wire up and connect the speakers to your home theatre system and you’ll be set up and ready to go in no time. With multiple speakers, you can place these around your room for the perfect listening experience.

11. A Luxury Sofa

must have luxury home items, items you need for a luxury home, luxury home items, luxury home must haves

Credit: Cassina

Adding a new sofa to your living room is one of the most common luxury home items purchased. Designer sofas are built with excellent style, high-quality materials and feature excellent construction.

For many, a sofa is the main focal point of a living room. This Beam Sofa system is admirable and will look great in an array of home décor. Construct the elements to provide an additional seating area, or keep it minimal for a smaller space. You can customize and design this sofa yourself to that it features everything you need. All the while, the aesthetics are strong to provide a solid foundation to your sofa.

The padded elements combine to create a luxurious and comfortable seating area in whichever room you add it to. Structures with steel tubes, it’s sturdy, high-quality and won’t damage after just several uses. Also, with an aluminum base, it sits softly on your floor to evade any scratches or marks.

 These sofas look like something from the future, and you won’t have seen similar designs anywhere else. The feet are clear plastic to ensure that no attention is taken away from the main focal point of the sofa. You can easily adjust the cushions to emphasize the stitching detail throughout the sofa. This is also ideal to create the perfect sitting experience for you and your guests.

What Are Your Favourite Must-Have Luxury Home Items?

We hope you enjoyed scrolling through our favourite must-have luxury home items. Each of these products have a different goal in mind, but intend to make you feel at your best. Don’t just purchase a household item because it can make your home look better. Instead, choose one which has many benefits to it, as well as enhancing how you feel about yourself.

From the above options, which are your favourite must-have luxury home items? Share your thoughts in the comments. Alternatively, feel free to add some recommendations to other products.

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