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The Pacific Fair Shopping Center: Gold Coast’s Luxury Destination

It feels more like a luxury resort than a shopping center. All you need are some palm trees, turquoise water, and a cocktail while cruising through the 3,800 square feet new Gucci store. Oh, wait. All that is included on the day’s itinerary. Pacific Fair has come a long way from a regional retail store built on what was once swampland to the leading shopping destination in Queensland, Australia and a major tourist sensation.

The Gold Coast weather on its side, Pacific Fair Shopping Center will make your holiday feel like a breeze. Here, the edge is taken off the shopping spree. After all, we are in laid back Oz, where all the roads are paved in…

Evolution of Pacific Fair

Since its opening in 1977 with just 96 specialty stores and two anchor tenants, Pacific Fair has undergone many facelifts. The last took two years to complete and a $670 million investment.

Pacific Fair Development Flythrough pacific fair

The result? An extra 120 retailers, 1540 new retail jobs, a new two-level mall connecting the new and existing sections, another 50,000 square meters of retail space, and, no surprise here, the fourth largest shopping center in Australia.

The newly renovated retail hub has just spread its new wings this month of August, with construction still underway in some parts.

Still, that didn’t stop shoppers from all over the world to flock in the thousands under this one roof that now hosts 420 upscale shops, must-dine restaurants, indoor and outdoor entertainment destinations.

First Road Signs Point to Pacific Fair

Surfer's Paradise Pacific Fair

After all, there’s no shortage of parking spaces. 6,500 cars fit at one time in the parking lot, which makes for quite an adventure to keep track of where you parked yours.

Bearing that in mind, you might opt for public transport instead. The center is located in the heart of the Gold Coast and the Broadbeach accommodation precinct, which makes Pacific Fair a major transport interchange, serviced by Surfside Buslines, the South G: Link station, and a fleet of shuttle buses to and from the airport.

Five-Star Hotels

Pacific Fair is strategically located along the five-star hotel and Surfers Paradise strip. Only minutes away are the Gold Coast’s most fabulous accommodation options: Sofitel, Paradise Resort, Aria, Meriton, Jupiter’s Hotel, etc.

Must-dine Restaurants

You can’t embark on a shopping adventure with an empty stomach. Pacific Fair is well aware of that and offers visitors some first-class culinary experiences. Not to mention as cosmopolitan as they come. The menu includes Thai, Indian, Japanese, Australian food.

If you want to tick off all 400 retailer shops around, then you must be in a hurry. Just make a short stop at the new Coles and Woolworths Fresh Food Market.

Shopping Comes in All Sizes

Pacific Fair in redevelopment stages

International luxury designers or local fashion. Pacific Fair offers the largest concentration of luxury retailers of any shopping center in the country.

The large selection of brands spans from the high street – Calvin Klein, Louis Vuitton, Hugo Boss, Tiffany & Co and Gucci to low fashion, with Uniqlo and H&M right at the center.

Still, this wealth of choices can become an overwhelming experience. So why not enlist the help of a professional?

One On One Stylist Sessions

Welcome to your guided luxury shopping experience. At Pacific Fair, you can book an appointment with a personal stylist to help you select pieces that suit you.

A one on one session starts at $150 an hour. The stylist will show you how to combine seasonal brands with a few Audrey Hepburn classics to make for a wearable ensemble.

Pacific Fair calls its team of beauty advisers the ‘fairy godmother stylists’ – it’s easy to figure out why.

Get Lost on the Island of Shopping

In case you get lost – and that scenario carries a high probability, sitting chairs are scattered everywhere throughout the center. However, you won’t want to stay put and miss the interior design of the Pacific Fair.

The light-filled, minimalistic surroundings feel at times like a stroll through a modern art gallery. Then, just as you take a corner, the mood changes into a relaxed Thai island resort feel. The secluded cabanas and massage lounges are a giveaway.

Also, make sure not to miss this Pacific Fair landmark. The world’s first Digital Oculus installation is an innovative digital chandelier featuring 2500 glass components and 3 curved screens to wow the eyes.

The new Pacific Fair Shopping Center on Gold Coast draws in thousands of tourists, locals, and shopaholics a day. We’ve just offered you a sneak preview of your next shopping destination.

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