Prada Clothing: A Look into the History and Edge of the Brand

Think back for a second on Prada’s men show in June 2016. A fashion event marked by precious memories, reassurance and brand icons, it invited guests to revisit the black nylon backpack on which the company’s wealth was remodeled in the 1980s. The entire men’s collection had an idealistic edge, reminding people of the time when Prada clothing was the industry’s go-to for new in the mid-90s. Label revenues had skyrocketed, while critics were fawning over every fashion piece the brand released.

However, some might argue the golden days are gone. In the fashion world, the reality hits businesses kind of hard. Prada, for instance, is currently wrestling with the redundancy that inevitably attaches itself to developed brands. While Gucci has chosen to make a 180-degree flip, Prada is trying to return to the heyday, promoting once again its introduction notions.

About Prada

Founded in 1913 by Mario Prada, Miuccia Prada’s grandfather, Prada quickly soared in the fashion-forward background of Milan. In the beginning, the brand was an exclusive, chic store that retailed luxury goods, luggage, and accessories. Located in the renowned Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Prada only sold the finest materials and the most sophisticated products. It didn’t take long for the small Milan store to become a favorite with the Italian aristocracy. The high interest from the European elite helped Prada receive the warrant of “Official Supplier of the Italian Royal Household” (in 1919).

Miuccia Prada started collaborating with Patrizio Bertelli in the late 70’s, working hard to propel the brand on the international market. Bertelli revolutionized the luxury goods sector by instituting a new business model. As the chief executive officer of Prada, he didn’t find it beneath him to keep direct control over all internal processes. The whole production cycle was committed to uncompromised quality criteria, which eventually paid off.

On the other hand, Miuccia Prada’s creative passion and forward-looking approach drew in the attention of the global fashion industry. She worked restlessly, designing success after success, all the while applying her unconventional perspective of the world. Thanks to this mix of talent, Miuccia Prada not only anticipated new fashion trends, but often set them herself.

Prada Today

Nowadays, the brand’s offer has expanded; Prada produces men’s and women’s leather goods, as well as footwear and clothing. Most Prada items are a mix of contemporary and cutting-edge finesse, enchanting the eye with one-of-a-kind, crafted details. Over the years, Prada has also become a leader in the eyewear and fragrance sectors.

Prada operates under the Prada Group umbrella – an international powerhouse that owns many of the brands in the luxury goods market. Thanks to its amazing business model, the Prada Group has set a world precedent in combining elegant workmanship with industrialized production. The results are astonishing; the products bearing their signature are of top quality and the highest level of detail craftsmanship.

The Group’s distribution network covers 70 countries, operating in 622 stores (according to the count in July 31, 2016). In addition, Prada items can also be found at a selection of multi-brand retail spaces and sophisticated department stores, in the most important cities of the world. The Prada Group also includes the following brands: Miu Miu, Church’s, and Car Shoe. Each and every one of these high-class labels has brought innovation to the fashion industry – in one way or another.

Prada produces its fashion items in 13 sites (11 in Italy, 1 in United Kingdom, and 1 in France). The additional network of external contractors is also carefully screened, thus ensuring the products follow the same standards of quality, craftsmanship, and trustworthiness. Each production process is closely monitored, starting with the purchase of necessary raw materials and the fabrication of prototypes, to the coordination of production.

Creativity & Novelty

Prada’s success relies heavily on innovation. No sector of the Prada Group can escape its progressive approach, not even distribution. For example, Prada was the first to launch a new kind of store – the “Prada Epicentres,” which were designed by Nobel-winning architects. Prada focuses its creative eye on more than just fashion. Its corporate embrace includes architecture, cinema, the fine arts, and culture, mirroring them in the brand’s foundation values.

Founded in 1993, the Prada Foundation promotes intellectual challenges in contemporary art and culture. It organizes fashion exhibitions and cultural events rewarded with much international acclaim. In addition to acquiring the Ca’ Corner della Regina and turning it into an exhibition space, the Foundation also opened a stunning architectural work of art: its new permanent Milan venue.

Prada runway

The Prada clothing line is one of the most appreciated branch of the label, the star of many fashion shows and red carpet events. The Devil Wears Prada is one of the most entertaining nods the brand could receive from the Hollywood crowd. If you haven’t watched it already, Netflix can catch you up to speed. But if you want to do more than ogle at the beautiful Prada creations on your computer screen, here is a list of some iconic Prada clothing items that you can purchase today. We have added links in the subheadings to the online stores for your convenience.

1. Prada Printed Skirt

Miuccia Prada certainly knows how to capture the interest of her customers. This wrap-style skirt is nothing short of perfect, blending the retro style with modern playfulness. The bold rubber belt detailing is to die for, while the canary-hued ostrich feather trim gives it a certain edge. Easy to put on, the fully lined skirt comes with snap-button fastening. The ostrich and turkey feathers will surely turn heads wherever you go. If you love to take your cues straight from the runway, you could pair this look with an equally eye-catching jacket.

2. Prada Silk-chiffon Trousers

There’s nothing about Prada that makes you think boring. These exciting silk-chiffon trousers, for instance, were made in Italy and out of 100% silk. First spotted on the runway in Milan, this whisper-weight pair sports some surprising voluminous feathers. Trimmed at the cuffs, they come with care instructions: Specialist cleaners only. Thanks to the elasticated waistband, there’s no way you can’t rock these trousers comfortably for an entire day. If you feel like invigorate yours, choose a pair of colorful sandals and your outfit is complete! The turkey and ostrich feathers make an appearance once again.

3. Prada Gathered Georgette Dress

Over the years, Miuccia Prada has become famous for bold, in-your-face kind of designs. And people love her for it. Thanks to the multiple inspirations she uses for her creations, the Prada looks she comes up with are always iconic. In fact, there’s no Fashion Month without her most-anticipated show. This georgette dress, for example, has been prepared for the Spring ‘17 runway, and we’re already adding it to our online shopping cart. Patterned with a sketched black, yellow, red and blue print, the dress stands out and claims your attention. The stunning asymmetric silhouette is the result of draping and gathering, interrupted by Prada’s signature rubber plaque. The raised neckline can be beautifully highlighted with swept-back hair.

4. Prada Floral-printed Denim Dress

This floral-printed dress brims with vintage femininity and oozes the Prada style we’ve all come to know and appreciate. The bright shade of white keeps the stretch-denim design fresh, while the subtle florals add the retro appeal. Thanks to its 97% cotton composition, the dress feels comfortable and flowy. Made in Italy, the piece features a rounded neckline and fitted waist. A perfect match for flattering, strappy sandals.

5. Prada Lace-trimmed Velvet Dress

Miuccia Prada also loves to give classic luxury items a make-under. For example, some of her collections feature garments that seem stripped of any embellishments. Top stitched, they appear like eerie skeletons of vintage opulence. Such is the case with this luxe slip dress made by Prada. Crafted from superb navy velvet, this Italian-original piece drapes from elegant, thin straps. Detailed with delicate lace along the hem and V-neckline, the dress can be layered over a button-down shirt. For a more casual look, top it with a comfy cardigan.

6. Prada Virgin Wool Turtleneck Sweater

There’s something about turtlenecks that enables them to be timeless and make a comeback from time to time. Prada’s black turtleneck sweater is an exquisite fashion piece, simple yet elegant. Crafted from soft virgin in Italy wool, it comes in a snug fit, feeling like a gentle hug around your body. To achieve the ultimate chic, simply layer a trench coat over this turtleneck sweater.

7. Prada Elegant Coat

Prada’s coat offering is varied, but we have our heart set on this light-gray coat. Tailored with skill and attention to detail in Italy, this coat was made from an unbelievable blend of angora, wool, and cashgora (55% wool, 40% angora, 5% cashgora). As soft as it can be, it provides the wearer with an effortless cocoon silhouette. The concealed snap fastenings and the sever collar simply enhance the overall effect. For maximum effect, layer this coat over a shirt, leaving the cuffs on display.

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