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Revealed: New Presidential Limousine Combines Luxury and Security

The presidential limousine currently is nearly a decade old -- but not for long!

You might cruise your neighborhood in an exotic car or a restored classic, but few vehicles are as unique as the presidential limousine. This is a car that has to be fit for a president but built like a tank. To protect the U.S. leader while exuding the style any good limousine should, designers think creatively. Americans saw this process firsthand in 2009 when President Barack Obama received a new limousine upon inauguration as the 44th president.

That car served its purpose well, but it is now getting long in the tooth. That's why the current President is about to take possession of a state of the art car designed to meet some specific needs. The luxury and security needed to chauffeur the leader of the land demonstrate that these limos aren't for the faint of heart.

This is Not Your Ordinary Limo

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Credit: Wikimedia Commons, Kirk Weaver

Recent reports indicate a camouflaged vehicle spotted driving in Michigan was actually the presidential limousine. Beneath the distorted facade, there appears to be a Cadillac CT6 frame. While that might make for a familiar limo and there are plenty of cues about its heritage, but you can tell this is no regular Caddy.

First of all, there's the price tag. This General Motors car comes from a nearly $16 million contract with Secret Service to produce a fleet of limos. Despite the general price range, the true specs of any presidential limousine are not released publicly for obvious reasons. It's safe to assume, however, that this model will share a common focus on security.

Presidential Limousines: A Tradition of Protection

By land, sea or air, the president typically travels in luxury. A bigger focus for the companies tasked with creating those vehicles, however, is the safety of their very important passengers. In fact, the Presidential limo is so formidable that Secret service agents bestowed an apt nickname on the outgoing model: "the beast." That's certainly fitting when you consider some of the rumored details!

Among its reported features were tires capable of running while flat and a covering of five inch thick armor plating. With eight inches thick doors, the vehicle offered protection against a number of attacks, including chemical weapons. This limo is no match for your average petty adversary!

Cadillac has built every presidential limousine since 1993.

That tradition continues in the model set to be unveiled this summer. Read this report to learn more about the most memorable cars ever to transport the commander in chief.

Tell us which of the Presidential limousines you find most memorable!

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