Top Reasons to Have a Nanny Cam Watching When You’re Away

Keeping your home and family safe is a top priority.

But with so many options available these days, choosing the right product can be overwhelming. Nevertheless, there are many reasons to have a nanny cam in just about any home. We'll break down the benefits and costs associated with such a system. So keep reading to find out how you can determine which one is right for you.

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The Biggest Reasons To Have A Nanny Cam In Your Home

Whether you've got an actual nanny or not, it probably makes sense to have a video camera hooked up. Security experts and law enforcement know that evidence is crucial. And video footage makes a great tool to capture anything that goes on in your home. But it's not just to catch criminals. 

In the guide below, we'll tackle many of the top reasons to have a nanny cam. Of course, each family and each home is different. But if you're like a lot of us, you'll benefit from the peace of mind these devices can provide. Here are a few of the biggest benefits we see associated with installing a nanny cam.

1. Staying Connected When You're Away

reasons to have a nanny cam, nanny cam reasons, reasons to get a nanny cam

Most of us aren't able to be with our kids all the time. That's why finding the right nanny or child care service is so important. But it also means parents might miss some very important time with their children. Whether it's a major milestone or just tucking him or her in at night, it's important. And with new technology in nanny cams, you can keep up with all the developments.

Maintaining that close relationship even over long distances is among the reasons to have a nanny cam. Maybe it's not the same as being there, but it can make the distance seem shorter. Of course, there are some great apps and features that let you communicate remotely. But if you just want to take a peek at your young ones, a nanny cam provides the perfect window.

Whether you want to watch live or save video for later, these products can help you. A picture might be worth a thousand words, but video can be worth a lot more. So don't miss another milestone in your kids' lives. Maybe you don't even have a nanny. But if you spend time away from home while anyone is watching your kids, consider a cam. You'll never know what you're missing until you're able to keep an eye on things for yourself.

2. Establishing Trust With Your Care Provider

reasons to have a nanny cam, nanny cam reasons, reasons to get a nanny cam

At first blush, it might seem strange to build trust by spying on your nanny. But if approached correctly, it won't seem like spying at all. Because let's face it: you and your nanny know there are some bad folks in the world. And if you find the right care provider, he or she will welcome some oversight.

Don't install a nanny cam for the express purpose of catching your nanny misbehaving. In reality, it can provide helpful insight in a number of different circumstances. If a crime or injury occurs while you're away, your nanny will want it on tape. And there are countless other applications for such technology.

The bottom line is that cameras are in virtually all workplaces these days. That is for the safety and protection of employees, employers and clients. The same can be said about your home. If you're looking for reasons to have a nanny cam, you can stop here. We think providing an impartial observer is an obvious benefit. But if you're still not sold, we've got plenty more reasons on our list.

3. Providing A Voice For Your Kids

reasons to have a nanny cam, nanny cam reasons, reasons to get a nanny cam

Whether your nanny is around or not, your kids need a lot of supervision. And that's why you always want a responsible caretaker to be in control. But even then, there's only so much a pair of eyes can keep track of throughout the day. So for everything else, there is the unblinking eye of a nanny cam.

And if your kids aren't old enough to give you an account of their day, you can check the tape. Because there are a lot of situations that might seem different after a bit of review. Your children and your nanny will probably try to give you the best description they can.But in case something unclear occurs, you'll want to refer to your nanny cam.

Sometimes, this might mean you catch your young ones doing something naughty. Most experts don't recommend setting traps to find your children's areas of misbehavior. If you've already got the camera, though, you can turn these missteps into learning experiences. Explain why what you see on the tape is unacceptable and talk about avoiding it in the future.

4. Performing Your Most Important Job As a Parent

reasons to have a nanny cam, nanny cam reasons, reasons to get a nanny cam

We didn't start with this one, but it's probably where your mind went first. No matter the situation, it's a parent's job to protect his or her kids. And when we're away, that task gets even more difficult. Of all the reasons to have a nanny cam, this one is the most obvious and immediate. You can go through all the screenings and interviews in the world and still have doubts. 

Whether you're nervous about leaving your kids with a nanny or not, a camera can lower your stress. In most cases, it will just reaffirm your instinct by showing a caring, nurturing nanny. But if you ever have suspicions, just check out what's been going on when you've been away.

You've got to be realistic and know that there are some horror stories out there. Nannies and babysitters have been known to let strangers in the home or just misbehave themselves. Maybe that means missing valuables or broken items around the house. Perhaps it could be some type of mistreatment of your kids. That's why being upfront and honest about your use of a nanny cam can put fears to rest. If your nanny knows you'll be watching and is comfortable with it, you can feel a bit safer. Then, we encourage you to actually follow up on your promise by frequently scanning the footage.

5. Monitoring Your Home In General

reasons to have a nanny cam, nanny cam reasons, reasons to get a nanny cam

Here's where we get away from the nanny cam's primary function a bit. Given its name, you'd be right to assume most people use them to monitor nannies. But many of the benefits extend beyond childcare when you're away. You probably already know the benefits of installing a security camera in your home. And one of the reasons to have a nanny cam is as a backup to that system.

Maybe you already have tech inside and out of your home. Many systems can automatically alert authorities or emergency personnel at the sign of trouble. And they offer near full coverage throughout your home. But if you don't have the most advanced security available or just want some backup, consider a nanny cam.

These devices are often small and can be easily obscured. That means even if someone knows to be aware of your security system, the might still be caught. We don't want anyone to be paranoid or artificially worried about home invasions. But if there ever is a property crime or any other misdeed in your home, you want to know. And sometimes, having a well-placed nanny cam provides the best evidence you can get.

6. Identifying Any Potential Red Flags Early

reasons to have a nanny cam, nanny cam reasons, reasons to get a nanny cam

Not everything you might find from nanny cam footage is illegal or even wrong for every family. But no matter how much you prepare, you won't know how he or she will handle every situation. Again, we don't recommend using your system to spy or invade your nanny's privacy. If you tell them up front that you'll be checking the tape, then you have a right to check in.

And you'll probably find it isn't best to bring up every little thing you think your nanny could do better. First of all, this will likely come off as nitpicking and could strain an important relationship. Secondly, you've chosen a professional. If the behavior you see is not dangerous and doesn't violate your morals, try to be open minded. Maybe you'll find some methods that work even better than the ways you've been doing it all along.

For the more serious incidents, though, you'll have some choices to make. If you are otherwise satisfied with your nanny's performance, you could gently raise your concerns. Explain why you think the behavior is unacceptable. Ideally, you'll come to an easy agreement and go on as intended. But if there is a fundamental disagreement, it's best to identify it early and find a better match.

Anyone looking for reasons to have a nanny cam won't have to look far.

If you actually have a nanny, the applications are everywhere. But even homes without kids can benefit from having a camera recording.

Share this article with the homeowners in your life who might benefit. And leave us a comment below if you have any final thoughts or questions.

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