The Best Smart Luggage Options to Take The Hassle Out of Packing Right Now

Traveling, especially by air, gets a bad rap. And maybe some of that is deserved. 

But high tech advances like the introduction of smart luggage has done a lot to take the hassle out of it. And we've selected a few of the most interesting options from the bunch. We'll get into the details of these impressive bags below. But let's talk about what makes smart luggage different than your typical carry on bag. For starters, many of these options include USB ports and other ways to charge your electronics. They might protect against potential high tech thieves. And many of them are crafted from lightweight and sturdy materials. 

So try to decide what it is you'll be expecting out of your next set of smart luggage. Once you have a wish list, all you'll need to do is make sure there's a manufacturer out there meeting those needs. And chances are, you'll be in luck. With more options than ever before ready for you to order, the market is saturated with innovative products. We've selected several of our favorites for your consideration. And we think that somewhere in this list is a product that will spark some serious interest.

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The Most Innovative Smart Luggage Options Available

Whatever you're looking for in a new carry on bag is likely available by a smart luggage manufacturer. You just have to know where to look and which items to avoid. And on top of that, some bags are actually banned under current laws. These typically include those bags with batteries that cannot be removed. But it still makes sense to check ahead of time to make sure your luggage will make it on the plane with you.

1. Raden A22 USB Smart Luggage Hardside Spinner

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Always running out of juice in your smartphone on a long trip? Taking along this smart luggage will make that a thing of the past. Each one of these Raden A22 bags is equipped with two ports in a powerful removable battery. You can charge your phone up to four times during a single trip. 

But that's just the beginning of its clever and endlessly helpful capabilities. It's equipped with Bluetooth so you can automatically check its location en route to your destination. And before you ever board, you won't have to worry about tipping the scales into an extra baggage fee. Your suitcase includes a handle that doubles as a scale, revealing an accurate weight of your bag. 

There's a lot of usable space even with the battery inside. A luggage lock and quality zipper will securely keep your things tidy and packed away. And it's manufactured with care from waterproof materials to keep what's inside safe. Plus, there are son interactive ways you can use the connectivity of your smart luggage. Since Bluetooth is tracking its locations, you can keep a running tally of everywhere you've visited.

2. Travelpro Luggage Crew 11

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We think this is a great upscale option for those professionals who travel a lot. It's made of lightweight but reliably strong materials. So it will hold up to the wear and tear that comes with frequent travel. Several safety features built into the corners and seams will protect against bumps and dings. 

Then there are the even smarter high tech innovations like the USB charging capabilities. And pockets on the outside of the suitcase can be used to effortlessly access your devices as they charge. In fact, the manufacturers are so confident in the build quality, you'll get a really great guarantee. For three years, you can get a warranted repair taken care of for free if any carrier damages your smart luggage. 

And when you're packing your things away, you'll likely appreciate the thought that went into the design. The interior of these suitcases is arranged for maximum storage. There are mesh pockets, a padded option for laptops or tablets, and a long lid pocket. This will allow you to find the right spot for anything you carry. And roll it confidently and securely down the hallways of any airport with a sturdy handle.

3. G-RO Carry On Luggage

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If you're going to have a smart luggage set, it might as well look like it's from the future. And this one is immediately recognizable from the more typical models. Most carry on bags have small wheels that might work well enough. But the Gravity Roll system integrated into these bags is both fun and functional. 

Not only do the large wheels make small work of curbs and bumps, it maximizes interior room. And that's especially helpful since there's a powerful USB source inside. Of course, it is removable so it will comply with current regulations. 

Like some others in the smart luggage category, Bluetooth connectivity lets you keep tabs on your bags. And inside, find lots of purposefully designed compartments for almost anything you'll want to pack. There is a section for you to store your full garments so they won't arrive wrinkled. Plus, there are spots for your water bottles and other travel essentials. Keep your computers and other devices safe and easily accessible in a padded storage sleeve. Then there are pockets for travel documents like your passports so you'll never hold up a line.

4. Enkloze X1 Weight Watcher Suitcase

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Tired of paying baggage fees for a suitcase that's just above the weight limit. You might think your only options are pay the fee or keep tossing socks until you're below the cutoff. But you can actually prevent this problem before it ever occurs. All it takes is finding the right smart luggage for your trip. 

And this one is uniquely qualified to help you get on board your next flight with as little effort as possible. Don't rely on guesswork to figure out if you can get your checked bag on board. Easily check the weight of your bag through a built in scale. And it's operated by a small watch battery for reliable power. 

It's lightweight thanks to an aluminum shell, which we think makes it look modern and sleek. Then the design elements in small details show an attention to security. There are powerful locks, strong zippers and sturdy materials throughout. Plus, the wheels even include a suspension able to soak up any bumps you encounter along the way. 

5. Genius Pack Aerial Hardside Carry On Luggage Spinner

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This one is called the Genius Pack. And that alone might be enough to include it on our list of smart luggage. But let's talk about what this piece actually helps you accomplish. For starters, it begins with very high quality wheels that are fully able to spin. Direct it in any direction you hope to go and find immediate response from the durable wheels.

Then there are really incredible areas to pack up what goes inside your new suitcase. Find a laundry area to keep all of your clean and dirty clothes separated. Compartmentalize your electronic stuff from your delicate garments with a selection of dedicated pockets. You can get into any overhead compartment with this conveniently sized carry on luggage. 

You'll have access to a telescoping handle that feels secure in your hand. And all the handles make it simple to grab and easy to open or secure closed when needed. The bag itself will remain nearly impervious to bumps and scratches along the way. The handles are padded for a comfortable grip no matter the situation. Plus, one of our favorite thoughtful ideas comes in the form of an integrated checklist. This allows you to make sure you have everything you'll need packed away safely before beginning your trip. All of these features also come in one of the lightest frames of any of the smart luggage on our list.

6. Samsonite Spinner Underseater with USB Port

smart luggage, incase luggage, smart suitcase,

Samsonite has long been a solid contender in the luggage sector. And we think this one is sufficiently different to warrant inclusion in our list of smart luggage. It is created to fit underneath a seat and inside many airline overhead compartments. Plus, it's made of resilient polyester designed to give you years of reliable performance.

The wheels are sturdy and will move in any direction you require. You can roll the bag easily on any type of surface. A sturdy retractable handle is easy to pull out and will fit back into its housing with no hassle. Buy confidently from a brand with a long history of helping to create satisfied travelers.

Choosing the right smart luggage for you depends on a few important factors. 

For starters, you'll have to determine what you want to get out of your new purchase. Do you need a way to charge your smart devices on the go? Are you hoping to avoid weight overages before boarding a flight? How about a space age construction that gives you the lightest bag possible? There are options for each of these needs. And a few try to accomplish it all.

It will be up to you to decide which one is perfect for your needs. And we hope our guide has helped make that decision a little easier. If so, share this article with the world travelers in your life. And leave us a comment below if you have any final thoughts or questions. 

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