The New Stromer Electric Bike Will Impress You with Its Fresh Take on Luxury

Whether you’re looking for an alternative to commute or you simply want to improve your cardio, a bike can be a trustworthy companion. On open country roads, city streets, or mountain bike trails, an e-bike could do more than simply take you to your destination. It can make your ride significantly faster and so much more exciting. With the new Stromer electric bike, the subject of today’s article, you will find a new meaning for a “fun ride.”

At Stromer, e-bikes have ascended to a whole new level. The company strongly believes your e-bike should fit your lifestyle. Your e-bike should make your trips easier, no matter what you’re using it for. Commuting? Exploring your city? Pulling a trailer of groceries? Stromer’s e-bikes have everything you need and then some. But what exactly is an e-bike?

Contrary to what some believe, an electric bicycle is not the same as a moped. Equipped with a battery on board, the e-bike still needs you to pedal at least some of the time. The power is limited, so the motor cuts out the moment you hit a certain speed. After this determined point, it’s all down to you and how fast your legs can take you. In general, electrical bikes are pedal-assist (only a few come with throttles). Their batteries are usually lithium ion and recharge in about 3-4 hours. Bosch, Panasonic, and other tech companies have produced some excellent batteries for e-bikes.

Stromer Fotoshoot München 2015

Stromer: Building the Ultimate E-bike

The Swiss are not popular for building cars. But this Swiss company is pretty good at building something greener: electric bikes. While the range of e-bikes available is quite wide, the e-bikes from Stromer are incomparably more versatile, powerful, and eco-friendly. In addition to great functionality, their two-wheelers are stylish and chic. Keep reading if you’re interested in experiencing Stromer’s take on urban mobility.

Before we present the features that set Stromer e-bikes apart from other models on the market, here are some important specifics about e-bikes in general. When you’re using an electric bike, keep in mind that you’re carrying a bit of extra weight. Usually, the difference is of 7 kg or more compared to a regular, non-electric bike. Meanwhile, e-bikes also cost more than regular bikes. Most e-bikes are tested on various terrains before going on sale and they have big ranges in terms of what they can handle. Rule of thumb: The more effort you put in, the further your e-bike will take you. And do not worry. If your battery empties while you ride the bike, you can still pedal your way to the destination.


Stromer Electric Bike: Best Features

Electric bikes don’t usually go higher than 50 miles per battery charge, but Stromer went all in. The standard battery for a Stromer e-bike can run up to 75 miles per charge. If you’re planning on longer trips, however, you can always invest in the upgraded model (with a 90-mile capacity). And then there’s the amazing regenerative braking system Stromer equipped its e-bikes with. Thanks to the fact that it feeds energy directly back into the battery, you can benefit from extended battery life.

Stromer also claims the precise sensor system is the reason why the e-bikes are so smooth and so prompt in reacting to the rider’s impulses. In other words, the experience of pulling away from a dead stop is unlike any other. The acceleration is perfectly natural and effortless, sending you back on your way almost instantly. It’s worth mentioning the Stromer electric bike doesn’t teeter clumsily and you never have to struggle pedaling on it. It also comes with amazing suspensions – you will barely feel any bumps on the road.

Another feature that sets it apart from other e-bikes is the fact that the Stromer needs no key to start. Instead, you press a hidden button underneath the frame’s neck and start pedaling. Thanks to the screen attached to the front of the frame, you can always peek and see what gear you’re in, the battery life, the speed you’re going, and other stats. When you finish your ride, simply push the off button on the screen and the bike will power down.

Techies, this one is for you. Stromer has also released a companion smartphone app that comes with some fancy features. For instance, it allows you to lock and unlock the bike remotely. It’s also a way for you to know if someone tries to move your locked bike. In addition to the bike flashing the lights and disabling the motor, the app also sends you a text message about the attempt. And thanks to a cool GPS feature, you can keep a vigilant eye on your prized possession.

Stromer E-bikes: Which One to Buy

If you have decided Stromer is the brand for you, the next step is to look at their offering. So far, the company has launched two models. A third one – a premium e-bike – comes with added upgrades for elite riders. Read on to find out about the specs, pros, and why you should invest in any of these electric bicycles.

1. Stromer ST1

The design of the first Stromer, the ST1, is the result of years of obsessive Swiss engineering. The end product offers a fascinating new standard for what bikers should expect from an e-bike. Thanks to the style of this skillful and modular platform, anyone can taste a different take on urban transportation. With the ST1, Stromer wanted to go back to the roots and experiment with the pure joy of riding a bicycle. You can choose your frame size, as well as your preferred graphical treatments and color. Stromer cares about your comfort, so they offer this e-bike in lady-friendly step-through option.

Build the Stromer that matches your performance needs. Choose from the 2 batteries and 3 motor types. The Elite and Platinum model deliver different speeds and powers, so opt for the one that fits your style. For added comfort, select between a lightweight carbon fiber and a plush suspension fork. Every Stromer e-bike comes with Schwalbe BigBen tires and hydraulic disk brakes.

2. Stromer ST2

Designed by the Swiss, the Stromer bikes are meant to last. The ST2 S is the second model released by the brand and it comes in a subtle gray finish with a 17, 20 or 22-inch sport frame. But this e-bike is not like any other. Its features make it worthy of a premium model. The ST2 is powered by the dynamic SYNO drive motor, as well as the most powerful battery on the e-bike market (983 watt-hour capacity). Every detail is carefully crafted when it comes to comfort, performance, serviceability, safety, handling, and style. In other words, the ST2 model is the most integrated e-bike you can think of.

Stromer is making history in terms of digital connectivity. Its new user interface offers riders wireless interaction between the bike, other touch points (like the Stromer Portal), and their smartphone. Meanwhile, the ST2’s new and significantly more compact SYNO Drive motor provides 500W of power. Enough to make you grin from ear to ear when you step on its pedals. Thanks to a new range of up to 180km and an improved Li-Ion battery, the ST2 sits in a category of its own. And the best thing is that even though the endurance has been increased, the ST2’s battery still hides away successfully inside the down tube.

3. Stromer ST2 S – Premium Model

The ST2 S comes with the same features as the ST2, down to the subtle gray finish, the premium-worthy equipment, the SYNO drive motor, and the most powerful battery on the market. However, the ST2 S has something more to provide riders an excellent sporty form of riding. Think of this model as the obvious athlete among Stromer e-bikes, thanks to its upgraded, high-performance gear. Thanks to its 983 watt-hour capacity, the ST2 S’s battery provides you with an extended range by up to 180 km.

The Supernova M99 Pro lighting, which is elegantly integrated into the bike’s design, gives you the best visibility. Whether you’re riding during the day or night, in sunny or rainy weather, the daytime running light and low & high beam mode (featuring 1,600 lumens) will guarantee your safety. The electronic Shimano XTR Di2 allows for maximum ease of gear changing in a split of a second. It’s also fitted with eleven gears that you can select by simply pushing a button.

What do you think of e-bikes? Would you be willing to pay the price for a highly luxurious bike, or is your old, regular two-wheeler good enough for your needs? If you already have some experience with electric bikes, we would love to hear about your preferred model in the comment section below.

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