Swarovski Earrings – The Touch of Luxury to Lift Any Style

Throughout history, jewelry has gained more than the ‘simple accessory’ status. Women have adorned their bodies with gold necklaces and diamond bracelets to polish their beauty and add finesse to their look. Indeed, you can easily feel naked when not wearing a pair of earrings. And one stone shines brighter them all in your jewelry box. Swarovski earrings are renowned their exquisite craftsmanship and inner brilliance.

Below, we’ve rounded up three designer brands that have handcrafted the famous precious stone into some stylish pieces of jewelry.

Swarovski Earrings – A Pair of Diamonds for Everyone

A diamond for everyone’ was Daniel Swarovski’s motto and, ultimately, his life endeavor. When he invented the revolutionary electric machine in 1892 that could cut a diamond to release the brightness and radiance inside, he was following in the footsteps of previous cutters in search of perfection.

The Bohemian jeweler founded his crystal cutting company in 1895. In Wattens, he had access to local hydroelectricity. He harnessed that power to feed the grinding process that he had just invented and patented. His crystals needed a combination of natural minerals and quartz sand to fire them up. Afterward, they would be cooled down slowly so as not to break and chip from within.

Once Swarovski polished his stones to display every facet of their inner glamor, it didn’t take long for the Swarovski to become a household name among the upper-class society of the great dames of the 1920s. In no time, dresses dripped and glimmered with Swarovski.

Swarovski Earrings to Adorn Your Ears in 2016

Miguel Ases Large Pyrite and Red Raised Multi-Swarovski Chandelier Drop Earrings

Michelle Obama wearing Miguel Ases Swarovski Earrings

Miguel Ases collection of jewelry, while handcrafted in America, boasts diverse retro Art-Deco Mediterranean and South American native influences. The attention to detail is stunningly precise. The Spanish designer, who is a former ballet dancer, stages every piece of jewelry with equal glam.

Shimmering beads of rainbow colors, quartz teardrops, and our shoulder-grazing chandelier earrings in pyrite and Swarovski crystals are designed to celebrate the designer’s love for grace within movement.

Michelle Obama is only one of the many celebrities who has worn the designer’s signature earrings. This particular model knows no boundaries of age or style. They transition effortlessly from a teen wearing them on the beach to the First Lady making an appearance at a black-tie only fundraising gala.

Price on Amazon: $500

Cosmic Ear Cuff with Rainbow Colored Swarovski


Cosmic Ear Cuffs Swarovski earrings

When you want to dress up your ear with a galaxy of Swarovski crystals, nothing stands out more seductively than the Cosmic Ear Cuffs.

These are an elegant alternative if you don’t enjoy a pair of curtain-earrings dangling from your earlobes, swishing the air with every movement. Swarovski toyed with various cuff designs over the years, but the luxury brand promotes their latest as ‘on the edge of fashion’. If you care to jump over the quiet trend, you can dazzle looks by wearing the 4.5cm long palladium-plated Swarovski cuff with a long earring in the other ear.

Price on $125.00

Swarovski Harley Pierced Earring Set

Harley Pierced Swarovski Earrings

Swarovski earring studs are the perfect backdrop for the casual, every day look. That said, their color versatility and easy glitz will not impede on your elegance. On the contrary, the rhodium-plated Harley Pierced Swarovski earrings work for any occasion. They complement a pair of scruffy jeans or a night out at a soiree.

Price on Amazon: $59.00

With Swarovski earrings, nothing is taboo. These statement pieces are indeed timeless. And if you decide to pamper yourself, they will certainly round out your jewel collection.

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