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Keep Cool: Bladeless Table Fans

Sometimes, it’s not only work, but those long summer days as well that drench you in sweat. In those moments, what wouldn’t you give for a table fan to keep yourself cool? Our choice of device is not random. Air-conditioners are not to be disregarded, but they tend to be teeth-grindingly loud and head-achingly powerful. In the circumstance, a bladeless table fan with a minimalistic design sounded like a cool breeze.

So we’ve sailed on the winds of the newest models available. We chose design, price, and technology as our main criteria. In the end, we threw the anchor on the most representative brands to suit your home décor.

Table Fan – It Works Just Like a Breeze

At first glance, you wouldn’t expect air to blow through the circular tube. The design lends itself more hastily to an industrial desk lamp. Don’t let yourself by the apparent lack of moving parts. There are other ways – hidden ways – for a fan to work without blades. And it fell to James Dyson, a British inventor and industrial designer, to press the switch on the world production of the air multiplier.

The British businessman unveiled its line of Dual Cyclone bagless vacuum cleaners to great acclaim in 2009. Several years passed before he brought another technological marvel to the market of house appliances. The Dyson bladeless fan, or the Air Multiplier, scored another instant success. Although heavily inspired by an earlier Japanese model preceding the Air Multiplier with more than 30 years, Dyson’s product promised a whole different experience.

Dyson Air Multiplier AM06 Table Fan, 10 Inches

Dyson Air Multiplier Table Fan

So how does the bladeless table fan work? It boils down to a few ingenious principles. A tiny electric motor inserted at the base of the fan sucks in the air from the surroundings and releases it in smooth, circular streams. According to its creator, the Air Multiplier will let out more consistent breaths of air than your usual fan with blades.

The design focuses on one particular feature: energy efficiency. Since it draws in air from the vicinity, it only gently and quietly sips power. Its innovative attributes also include 10 distinct airflow settings, a remote control, and a sleep timer.

Price on $239.00 + Free Shipping with Prime

Samergy Bladeless Fan, 14 Inches

Samergy Bladeless table fan

Another bladeless fan that encountered steady winds and ascended on the market is the Samergy Bladeless Fan. Its two greatest features include saving on those energy bills and easy maintenance.

It may not be as silent as advertised, but the sound just turns into white noise once you’ve become used to it. This particular model comes with decorative LED lights.

Price on Amazon: $119 + Free Shipping with Prime

Green Moby Table Fan

Green Moby table fan for your child

Don’t let the low price mislead you. As far as high-flying table fans go, you can find a reasonable choice in the wall-e look alike Green Moby. It doesn’t stand tall at 8,5 inches, but where it misses in size, it makes up for in reliability, functionality, and cute design.

You can power it using a USB connection or plug it into a wall socket next to your child’s bed. With a sound level of under 55 decibels, the noise is a mere sigh. So is the price – $12.99 on

You might end up being the greatest fan of the bladeless table fan, once you decide to give your AC a break. Moreover, that most important feature on display- the lack of rotating blades, can prove to be a significantly safer choice both for your child and the environment.

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