The Tanzania Underwater Hotel: Price, Services, and More

What could be better than booking a room in the Tanzania underwater hotel? This is any swimmer’s dream! You will be able to see an aquatic paradise just outside your window. Let’s play a game: Close your eyes and imagine how fantastic it will be to stay in an underwater blue bubble room, watching all kinds of species of fish swimming lazily past your window. Now, open your eyes. Are you ready to book a room?

This is by far one of the most exquisite and once-in-a-lifetime experiences, and anyone would be honored to have the opportunity to wake up to such a spectacular aquatic view every day. The Swedish engineered floating hotel has three different levels.

The landing deck, which is at sea level, is equipped with a bathroom facility and a lounge area. Furthermore, the landing deck is also provided with a ladder that goes all the way up to the roof. There, you will find another lounging area where you can enjoy the sun, lying back to get tanned or to watch the stars at night.

You will be amazed to stare at the sky and be able to contemplate the extraordinary Milky Way. The interesting part about this is that there will be no light pollution to disrupt your sky-gazing moments. Moving on, when going downstairs, you will be able to have a 360 degrees view through the panes of glass. The room looks impeccable, and the incredible feeling of lying down in a soft bed to watch the sea creatures is unmatched.

Embark on a unique adventure

In this way, you will be able to admire the shoals of reef fish swimming by your window together with hundreds of other species. Furthermore, you will also notice some sea creatures using the windows of this underwater room to hide from predators. They will swim around the room, hiding from other fish or predators.

During the night, the room features some underwater spotlights which light up beneath each of the four windows, around the room. These lights will attract rare sea creatures, curious to see the new hotel guests. The sheer and most unusual creatures will come at your window, letting you marvel at their beauty. On the underwater structure, you will also see corals that are already establishing on the anchoring lines.

Furthermore, another interesting thing is to see how octopi attach to the window glass, staying there for quite a while. Therefore, the reef inhabitants will room around, being the most exquisite attraction. If you think that this experience is similar to going to an aquarium, you have never been more wrong. Here, you will have the unique opportunity to see and analyze many unusual sea creatures that you do not usually see at the aquarium.

The truly unique experience is unforgettable! If you will have extraordinary memories if you choose the Tanzania underwater hotel as your next holiday destination.

The Tanzania underwater hotel room and someone doing snorkeling near the room

This exquisite hotel is part of the Manta Resort.

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How it works

Your exquisite and luxurious vacation will start with you boarding a wooden boat that will take you to the Tanzania underwater hotel. This underwater room is situated at approximately 250m from the shore. Therefore, you will have to go by boat for about 2 minutes, enjoy the view of the crystal clear waters of the Manta house reef.

When you arrive there, your boat captain and service fundi will show you the room, explaining all the ins and outs of the private floating small island. Then, you will remain alone to enjoy the extraordinary new setting. This may be a perfect destination for a newly wed couple who are searching for a new and exciting experience.

After you settle in, you will be served a delicious lunch and some cold drinks, being able to enjoy leisure. Another advantage when embarking on a such a great adventure is that you will be provided with a kayak, fins, and snorkel. Isn’t that amazing? The underwater room is right above the blue hole that features astounding marine creatures and amazing coral heads.

After the sun goes down, the guests will serve dinner on the deck. The time or the dinner will be established by you and your fundi beforehand. In fact, every meal is served at a pre-arranged time, depending on guests’ preferences. After dinner, you can return to the underwater room to enjoy the nocturnal view of the unique sea creatures passing by your window to welcome you.

If you decide to book a room in this luxurious underwater hotel, you should know that the check out time is at 11:00.

The Tanzania underwater hotel from above, with a woman lying on a bed on the upper deck

This luxurious underwater hotel offers impeccable service for guests.

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Facilities and price

This new adventure will also provide numerous facilities. You will get a mobile phone, and all the contact numbers necessary in case you will need assistance with anything while you stay there. Furthermore, there is an underwater security guard who makes sure you are safe during your stay. The guard is anchored to a buoy, not far from your room.

The bathroom facilities include a hand-wash basin, an advanced marine eco-friendly toilet system, and an open-air fresh water shower. You will also receive all the shower products you need. Furthermore, you will also benefit from a completely-stocked bar fridge to use whenever you’d like.

When choosing such an exotic holiday, you should not worry about the price, even though it might be higher than expected. You just need to enjoy yourself while spending time in a unique place, seeing all the fantastic sea creature in their natural habitat. The double room’s price for a single night is of $1,500.

However, you should admit that this once-in-a-lifetime experience is worth the effort and money.

The luxurious underwater hotel

The Swedish company Kwanini is managing this exquisite property while the owner is the Resort Investor AB. This is a specialist resort management company which purchased a series of luxurious properties in the Indian Ocean.

This amazing island was revealed in 2007 when they were looking for an appropriate place to develop their Underwater Room concept. And this is how they managed to develop a lovely friendship with the inhabitants of Pemba. At the same time, they did not only become friends with the people of Pemba, but they also built an incredible resort, offering them job opportunities.

The Zanzibar government supports the Kwanini Pemba concept. Due to their help, they managed to develop a nature reserve that extends on 1 km of coast line in front of the underwater resort. Furthermore, they collaborate with Pecca in order to conserve the Pemba channel area. What is more, the CSR initiative Pemba Alive sent many containers with materials from Sweden to help and make life easier for the villages closer to the resort.

The underwater room in the Tanzania underwater hotel

The personnel there is always ready to help, offering you delicious meals.

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This experience will determine everyone to be grateful to be so close to nature. Just breath fresh air and look at the exotic sea animals. This might be the perfect hotel room in the world for those who are in love with the wildlife of the sea. This is the first underwater hotel in Africa. It offers guests the perfect chance to reconnect with nature and have their own share of peace and quiet.

Some guests argue that you may not want to spend more than one night there because of the comfort. This does not refer to the comfort of the bed, but actually to the idea that you are inside an isolated room. Being surrounded by some glass walls in the ocean might be scary. It might be a little bit terrifying for someone who is claustrophobic to see a lot of sea creatures swimming around.

However, this is an exhilarating experience, an unmatched one that will provide you with amazing memories. Therefore, if you are an adventurer and you want to try something extraordinary, this is the place for it. You should definitely consider booking the underwater room in the Tanzania luxurious hotel.

Summing up

Pemba is an exquisite, unique island that conserves a lot of nature’s beauties and the world needs to see them. However, at the same time, people need to conserve and protect this wildlife. The lucky visitors who have the chance to reach it will be amazed by the extraordinary adventure they will live.

The Tanzania underwater hotel has by far the most luxurious underwater room. It offers a splendid view through the massive windows, providing a unique experience. You will be able to sleep with the fish and watch them playfully swim around your room the whole day. Besides that, you can also go swimming or snorkeling during the day. In the evening, you can admire the stars and sip a nice cold drink.

If you are opting for a diving experience to swim with the fish, make sure you sign up for diving classes first. After you finish your training, you will enjoy the most amazing views. Get the complete underwater world experience, swimming with fish and other sea creatures! However, if you are lazy and want to lay in the sun, get your sunscreen and relax!

Image Source: The Manta Resort

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