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Most startups awe us with their ingenuity and practical business models, but their biggest draw is originality. Lately, one such venture scored high in the tech rental industry. Grover launched in US this summer. The principle running at its core is ‘to change the way consumers own gadgets’. Meaning Grover rents hardware much in the same vein as Airbnb clients offer their houses for use or Rent the Runway outfits women with designer clothes.

Grover – The New “Rent the Runway” of Tech Rental

The ‘leasing strategy’ makes sense if you think of the millennials as the new generation of nomads. Some of them are constantly shifting jobs from one city to another. They want to lead portable lives from one continent to the next. And if it’s one thing you can’t afford while being on the road is hoarding. However, you still want the ‘home away from home’. That implies high-tech hardware as well.

This is where the opening for rental services like Grover lies. After taking the pulse of consumer behavior and the psychological motivations underscoring our society’s trends, Grover devised a strategy aimed at the individual who simply wants to own less stuff.

Grover Website for tech rental

Also, the startup not only lets you rent the finest things technology has to offer – tech-savvies will not be disappointed. It also charges a few paychecks less than the market. To be more exact, we’re talking up to 95 percent of the actual purchase price.

Also, should you eventually madly fall in obsession and choose to buy the item, 30 percent of what you paid for renting it has already been automatically invested in its final cost. In the end, you probably would want to hold on to the item only because Grover lends some of the newest apparitions.

The User Experience with Grover

13 categories with more than 300 products stream over the tech rental website. The gadget offerings range from phones like the iPhone 6S plus 64 GB to the Apple Stainless Steel Watch to Bose SoundLink 3 to the DJI Phantom 3 Professional Drone – the stocks have not yet been supplied with the Phantom 4.

However, Grover’s Founder and CEO Michael Cassau is not worried about its startup missing on a few of the latest. He knows that the pace of innovation is more of a leap nowadays. A new device sweeps over the market every year now, as opposed to only a decade back when hardware and electronics didn’t run on such short lifespans.

iPhone 6S for tech rental

Not unlike other renting business models, Grover can certainly deliver its wares. When it arrives at your doorstep, you instantly get over any apprehension that you might have felt using a second-hand product. The packaging is high-quality, the boxes are clean-cut, and the devices are safely wrapped in their protective plastic covers.

Of course, Grover expects to receive them in the same top-notch condition. If you somehow spoil the wares, under the terms and conditions on the website, you’re liable to pay 100 % of the damage you cause.

In the end, Grover is a tech-rental startup at the start of the road. It specializes in providing a taste of luxury to the ones who can’t afford it. To this end, it almost reads like a revolution ushering in the tech-hungry games.

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