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Tesla Could Add Eco-Friendly Car Wash to Supercharge Stations

Tesla owners already are avoiding paying the prices at the pump by visiting Supercharging stations. The only downside? Having to kill the 30+ minutes it takes to charge that puppy up. Luckily, Tesla has been working on solving that problem by providing owners innovative uses for their time spent juicing up their rides.

Potentially partnering with Eco Green Auto Clean, Tesla is already planning to conduct testing for an automated car wash at their Fremont Factory. If all goes to plan, owners would be able to wash their electric cars without fear of damaging their vehicle while waiting for their battery to charge. It would make superchargers essentially the one-stop-shop for all traditional gas station accommodations for Tesla owners.

Eco Green uses waterless cleaning products made with coconut oil (this stuff works on everything, I swear) and other earth-friendly ingredients to dissolve dirt and leave the vehicle dazzling without heavy water use. In fact, their entire cleaning process requires only one cup of water! Setting up shop for California’s fleet of Teslas only makes sense considering the record-breaking drought.

“The use of our products also saves between 50 and 70 gallons of water per wash when compared to conventional car washing methods. All this while still leaving your car with that showroom shine.” -Eco Green Auto Clean

If these eco-friendly car washes are put in supercharging stations, the service won’t be free, unfortunately. According to, the car wash would likely be part of a monthly subscription service costing around $90 a month.



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