The Oberoi Bali Review: Unforgettable Luxury for Your First Trip to Bali

Choosing a hotel stay can be difficult. However, if a Bali vacation is on your mind, then you must consider staying at The Oberoi Bali.

It’s not without reason that The Oberoi Bali has earned a stellar reputation over the years. Its first class service, excellent food, and perfect ambiance make Bali a memorable vacation spot. However, if you have heard or stayed at other resorts in Bali, you might not be so sure if The Oberoi Bali is worth the money.

Yes, it does have a reputation and is well-known. But if you are looking for value for your money and excellent service, then you must check our review of The Oberoi Bali. We'll tell you a bit about The Oberoi Bali, its background, features, and amenities. We've rounded up user reviews to help you decide. And, in case you would like to check other options, then we present three alternatives in the vicinity you can try on your next Bali trip.

The Oberoi Bali, Oberoi Bali, The Oberoi Bali Review

The Oberoi Bali

A Little About ​The Oberoi Bali

The Oberoi Bali is in the most picturesque location along the Seminyak beach.  Even as it is spread across fifteen acres of breathtaking topical gardens, you can stroll along the 500 meters of glistening beach majestically. Besides, there are a host of other services around The Oberoi Bali which make it a perfect stay. Let’s take a look at the background of the Oberoi Bali before we go into the features.

The Oberoi Bali, Oberoi Bali, The Oberoi Bali Review

The Oberoi Bali

Background About ​The Oberoi Bali

The Oberoi group runs the Oberoi Hotels with headquarters in Delhi. They have 22 hotels across the globe in India, Indonesia, UAE, Mauritius, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. And they also plan to expand in Morocco soon.

The key highlights of the company are that it has managed to keep itself in the top segment of hotels and continues to attract the elite for their class and service. But that’s not to say that with the rapid expansion it has let go of its quality. Even to date, the Chairman makes it a point to randomly check the quality and maintain the excellent service it is known for.

Why should you take a trip to The Oberoi Bali?

If you ever believed that consistent quality was a rare feat in hotels, then you’ll be surprised at The Oberoi Bali. The hallmark of good hospitality is the elegance, class, and attention to minute details that’s evident in every aspect of the hotel. That’s not all. As a guest, you will be delighted to observe this same class and attention to detail in your service at The Oberoi Bali.

If Bali has ever been your dream destination, then you would want it to be in the best place and the most appreciated hotel. Once at The Oberoi Bali, you get to taste the most refined tastes in decor, cultural identity, service and also the food.

Features & Benefits of The Oberoi Bali 

Some unique features make The Oberoi Bali a delight to stay at. While accommodations are lavish and yet culturally enticing, the dining and amenities are classy.

1. Accommodations

One look at the accommodations of The Oberoi Bali and you know that the well-polished and highly elegant room gives you a luxurious and comforting feel. You'll feel special, and as though you're at home. Except as a guest, you can stay at either the Royal Villa, Luxury Villa, or Luxury Lanai Room.

Royal Villa

The Oberoi Bali, Oberoi Bali, The Oberoi Bali Review

The Oberoi Bali

Everything about the Royal Villa spells elegance. From the 400 sq meters space to the 20-foot private pool surrounded by frangipani trees, you feel one with nature. The open-air private pavilion promises a 24-hour in-room dining service. Besides this, you also get a 24-hour laundry and wholly stocked kitchenette.

And it’s not just the exteriors, as the interiors are equally breathtaking with the thatched buildings for the bedroom and living room. And, to add to the beauty is the sunken marble bathroom with separate shower cubicle and double wash basins for couples. The rooms come with a fully stocked mini-bar, air-condition with temperature control, Wi-Fi with broadband, and a JBL sound docking station.

​Luxury Villa

The Oberoi Bali, Oberoi Bali, The Oberoi Bali Review

The Oberoi Bali

The rich polished wood is the first sign of what awaits at The Oberoi Bali. And the natural fabrics and stone exteriors lend a beautiful aura to the place.  Even as the luxury villas range from 200 sq meters to 400 sq meters, each of the villas is adorned with a king-bedroom, marble bathroom, and an outdoor dining pavilion. The beauty of the room extends to the exterior with tiled turquoise swimming pools, sun loungers, and Balinese parasols.

The fully air-conditioned room with temperature control adds to the beauty of the place. Also, you get the electronic safe for valuables along with a 32 inch LED TV. Along with the four telephones, you also get the broadband and internet Wi-Fi services.

Luxury Lanai Room

The Oberoi Bali, Oberoi Bali, The Oberoi Bali Review

The Oberoi Bali

The Luxury Lanai Rooms have a bit of history on their design. The setting is done to resemble the Hindu Swastika to invite Goddess Lakshmi who represents spiritual and material wealth. At 56 sq meters, the interiors have a king-sized bed, living area, and also a work-space. And the most beautiful parts of staying in this room is the ocean view and the hotel’s garden.

2. Dining

The dining experience at The Oberoi Bali is as enticing as the atmosphere. Surrounded by the ocean and green tropical blossoming trees, you get the best of dining variety here.

Room Service

All the rooms in The Oberoi Bali have room service available. In fact, in The Royal Villa, you can also request a dedicated butler at an additional cost. The in-room dining is a 24-hour service and comes even as you enjoy the scenic beauty around you.

Local Eating Options

Even while at The Oberoi Bali, you can enjoy a host of dining choices from traditional, thatched, open-air, beach-side, and amphitheater. The cuisine varies from European to Indonesian cuisine. Among the local eating options, you have The Kura Kura restaurant, Frangipani Cafe,  Kayu Bar, and The Amphitheatre. Each of these has a unique offering.

While the Kura Kura restaurant offers European and Indonesian delicacies, the sushi and Pacific scallops are equally famous. At the Amphitheatre, you get the privacy of a candlelight dinner surrounded by lush green trees against the backdrop of the ocean. 

Frangipani Cafe

The Oberoi Bali, Oberoi Bali, The Oberoi Bali Review

The Oberoi Bali

The Frangipani is open for breakfast and lunch and offers American, Continental, gluten-free, and Indonesian breakfasts along with fresh juices. And of the delicacies, you must try the aseman udang prawns in spicy tomato sauce that’s unique to Bali.

Kayu Bar

The Oberoi Bali, Oberoi Bali, The Oberoi Bali Review

The Oberoi Bali

At the Kayu Bar, enjoy cocktails and champagne. Since it’s open from 11 am to midnight, you can enjoy light meals, and also barbecued pork back ribs, and delicacies like the stick and ‘from the wok.’

3. Amenities

As a guest, you get to enjoy many facilities at The Oberoi Bali. Some of the features include the spa, unforgettable experiences and gym facilities.


The Oberoi Bali, Oberoi Bali, The Oberoi Bali Review

The Oberoi Bali

Relax in The Oberoi Bali spa that offers the best of natural osmosis, detoxification, and toning of the skin. Made with the best natural and locally sourced material, it gives you a refreshing feel to make for a relaxed among nature.

Unforgettable Experiences

The Oberoi Bali, Oberoi Bali, The Oberoi Bali Review

The Oberoi Bali

Among one of the unique experiences at The Oberoi Hotel is the Full Moon ceremony that lets you dress in Balinese sarongs and be part of the traditional blessing. Besides, you also get to enjoy a romantic dinner in the moonlight.  This is a unique experience that you can avail at a specific cost when you stay as a guest at The Oberoi Bali.


The Oberoi Bali, Oberoi Bali, The Oberoi Bali Review

The Oberoi Bali

If you are serious about your gym and fitness time, then your stay at The Oberoi Bali will ensure you don’t miss out on a workout.  The fitness area has machines with spotlights that give you an excellent view of the hotel’s garden area. And there is also the tennis court where you can book a private tennis lesson if you wish with prior notice.

What Travelers ​Have to Say About The Oberoi Bali 

For the guests staying at The Oberoi Bali, their experience has been pleasurable as well as a memorable one.  From the online reviews, we have seen a positive outcome of the stay at The Oberoi Bali. Some of the pros and cons of The Oberoi Bali are as below.


  • plus
    The best luxurious and elegant vacation you can expect
  • plus
    Best traditional fare along with modern amenities
  • plus
    A wide variety of dining choices


  • close
    The unique experiences come at a price

One of the most luxurious and elegant stays is at Oberoi Bali. It's service and staff are excellent, as you would expect from a highly rated hotel.

Alternatives to The Oberoi Bali to Consider

While you are in Bali, if you wish to check out other hotels that are as premium as The Oberoi Bali, we suggest you take a look at the three we have for you.

1. Intercontinental Bali Resort

The Oberoi Bali, Oberoi Bali, The Oberoi Bali Review

The InterContinental Bali

The Intercontinental Bali is as luxurious as it is beautifully done. Besides the food, the service is excellent as the staff who are courteous. Also, the swimming pool is well-maintained and has a welcoming ambiance to it. And the room service is cheaper. Look out for the club facilities.

Unlike The Oberoi Bali, Intercontinental has executive rooms and suite rooms. Located along the Jimbaran Bay, the island’s southern coast, Intercontinental blends modern amenities and a traditional feel. You also get many dining facilities like a Japanese restaurant, beach, bar, cafe, and traditional eateries.

2. Grand Hyatt Bali

The Oberoi Bali, Oberoi Bali, The Oberoi Bali Review

Grand Hyatt Bali

Besides being amazingly grand and breathtaking, Grand Hyatt Bali has the perfect blend of staff, food, and architecture. The Grand Hyatt Bali is on the beach and offers a great view. One of the most luxurious hotels for great food and service.

Grand Hyatt Bali has beach access like The Oberoi Bali. And for the rooms, you get a choice of villas, presidential suite, grand suite kings, ambassador suite and club executive suite. 

As for dining options, you get to choose everything from a lounge to a salsa bar, garden restaurant, and a poolside bar too. There are many area attractions to keep you company. And if you are planning for a special occasion, there can be no better than Grand Hyatt for weddings or meetings. 

3. Radisson Blu Bali Uluwatu

The Oberoi Bali, Oberoi Bali, The Oberoi Bali Review

The Radisson Blu Bali

The Radisson Blu Bali has free WiFi and parking. The breakfast is included in the accommodation and provides pool facilities. The service is excellent, the food has variety, and interiors stunning that match the grandeur of Radisson chain of hotels.

The room is spacious and offers plenty of space along a balcony in every room. Also, if you wish, there is the sun lounge and cabana to relax.

And, the spa has got good reviews from the guests. If you are a guest, you will be delighted to be pampered in their company.  Most guests have loved the ocean suite room that’s perfect for the ocean view. Another thing that you will be happy is the attention to detail and hygiene factors.

The Oberoi Bali lives up to the reputation of excellent service, traditional ambiance, and modern amenities.

We hope you liked the review of The Oberoi Bali. It’s as fascinating and has excellent service. While you have other hotels to choose from too, we are sure the experience at The Oberoi Bali will be like no other.

Do share your thoughts on this in the comments! If you are planning a family vacation or a timeout with friends, share this list with them!

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