The Path to Fluency Review: Learning Spanish in Logical & Digestible Lessons

Becoming fluent in another language can be time consuming and challenging.

But the reward might easily make the hard work all worth it. So if you're ready to take the plunge, why would you pick the Path to Fluency? That all depends on the way you learn best. And the experts behind this mode of education understand what makes lots of language learners respond.

If you're not quite sure what to expect, keep reading. We'll break down the style of the lessons themselves. Then we'll discuss the personalities that might appreciate the story time method most. No matter where you are on your journey to learning a new language, these compact discs can help. And aided by the high tech features of an associated smartphone app, you'll have plenty of support. It's all waiting for you to take the next step on the path to fluency. 

the path to fluency, the path to fluency review

A Little About the Path to Fluency

These lessons are meant to be easily digestible so no self taught student becomes overwhelmed. Biting off more than you can chew is a surefire way to burn out on a subject. So focusing on the bite sized lessons in this program can lead to incremental advancement. And before you know it, you'll be ready to start sparking some conversations with native speakers. 

the path to fluency, the path to fluency review

Background About the Brand

The company's Story Time method is a unique way to approach learning a new language. Instead of boring lessons and textbooks, these are innovative ways to increase your knowledge. You won't get this mixed up with the high school level lessons you might have already taken. This curriculum is not based on memorization or other ineffective tools. Instead, it is more of a natural immersion in the new language. And that means you'll be learning without ever feeling like you're under too much pressure. We'll be focused on the Path to Fluency Spanish. But the same inviting setup is also being used to teach other languages.

Who This Product is Great For

These lessons are not geared toward those just starting out. There are plenty of beginner's courses. But this one is more intermediary for those who want to continue the path to fluency. Don't feel unprepared, though. Because the beauty of this program is that you really can learn something at every level. Maybe you'll need a bit of time to catch up, but those new to the process can certainly benefit. The bottom line is that if you want to learn a language without a lot of hassle, it might be great for you.

Best Uses for This Product

Of course the primary reason you'd want to buy the Path to Fluency is to learn the language. But beyond that, we think there are lots of practical ways to put these lessons to great use. If you're planning a lengthy trip to a Spanish speaking country, this could help you get ready. Maybe you're in a field with a great need for bilingual resources. You could increase your value by finishing up this series of lessons. But best of all, you'll have the knowledge that makes you feel accomplished. That commitment can pay off in a variety of ways. And this program has a proven record of helping people like you reach their goals.

Features & Benefits of the Path to Fluency

As you begin to listen to the lessons, there are a few things you'll immediately notice. For starters, this is not the typical syllabus. You won't be required to repeat endless loops of words and phrases. You'll learn naturally through several clever attributes of the program. Here are a few of the ways we think this system stands out from the rest. 

1. Conversational Focus

the path to fluency, the path to fluency review

The folks behind the Path to Fluency understand most of us want to learn a language for conversation. Whether its personal or for business, it really doesn't matter. The basics of fluent speech remain largely the same. You want others to understand you while they're easily able to follow what you're saying. 

And the lessons in this program are aimed to provide exactly that. Following stories might be the next best thing to actually sitting down with a fluent speaker. You'll need to identify the key players and the plot playing out in the curriculum. Instead of the predictable text found in many books, these stories are dynamic. And with the curve balls you might find throughout, you'll be ready for anything that comes in conversation.

2. Go Beyond the Basics

the path to fluency, the path to fluency review

Communication is more than just a conversation, though. You need to understand, at least in some part, how the language and grammar works. So these lessons also give you the relevant information you'll need to really speak with confidence. While the stories start off fairly simple, new rules and practices come in over time. And the friendly voice leading you through it all will put it in perspective.

You won't need to know the proper names or even all the steps to creating a grammatically perfect sentence. But the point is advancing you down the path to fluency. And that means crafting phrases that make sense and use the right words. From conjugating a word to finding the appropriate description, it provides everything you need. And while vocabulary lessons might sound dull, you'll pick up the necessary words as you go.

3. Convenient Mobile App

the path to fluency, the path to fluency review

The hardware that comes with the Path to Fluency makes it easy to transport anywhere. Wherever you've got a CD player you can get into the latest lesson. But you might be expecting a bit more in this age of rapidly advancing consumer electronics. And the high tech revolution has certainly impacted this course, too.

You'll find it in the helpful smartphone app that comes with the program. Many of the leading language learning software systems live exclusively online. But with this product, it is just part of an overall system. And we think it's just the right accessory to keep you plugged in at all times. Riding the train or sitting in a waiting room? You can easily log in to your app and start learning. Then pick up where you left off the next time you load the next CD.

4. Immersive Story Telling Format

the path to fluency, the path to fluency review

We agree with fans who say all of the practical elements of the system work well. But the Path to Fluency wouldn't be as special as it is without its stories. It makes learning natural, much like the way young children pick up a language. You'll identify actual stories and be able to fill in the gaps with context. Then you can learn without even realizing it, since you're focused on a story and not a lesson.

The narrator will guide you on many interesting audio adventures. And you'll be along for the ride as you pick up clues about Spanish in the details you hear. There's plenty of instruction to make sure it all makes sense. But the learning itself really takes place as you follow interesting plots and characters. Get a chance to use conversational phrases and idiomatic expressions you might not find in a textbook. This is a serious lesson with structure meant to lead directly to real results. But that doesn't mean you have to take yourself too seriously as you undertake the program. Follow your tutor and the stories on the discs all the way down the path to fluency.

What Language Learners Have to Say About the Path to Fluency

There are plenty of ways to learn a new language. So why do so many satisfied customers recommend this product? We wanted to dig deeper, so we checked out a ton of user reviews online. And most of the responses were positive. We collected the most common pros and cons we found in our research and listed them below.


  • plus
    Competitive price
  • plus
    Great information
  • plus
    Helpful tutors


  • close
    Multiple formats
  • Teaching style isn't for everyone

If you're still not convinced the Path to Fluency is right for you, keep reading. We've also selected three other contenders we believe are worth your consideration. Each one tackles the same goal in a unique way. Choose the one that speaks to your personal style and begin learning Spanish today.

Alternative Language Learning Programs to Consider

The top tier programs in this genre run the gamut. And there are far too many great options to list here. But the three below are worth competitors to the Path to Fluency system.

1. AudioNovo Spanish

the path to fluency, the path to fluency review

Here's another one that is rooted in a CD set. And the program itself is rated high by a range of adherents. Look for a curriculum that goes much further than grammar and vocabulary. Its designers are experts who wanted to give users the path to fluency without any detours. 

The entire process takes a while, as any effort to learn a new language will. But you'll start to see results soon after you press play on the first disc. And that early success will likely motivate you to keep pressing forward.

2. Babbel: Learn a New Language

the path to fluency, the path to fluency review

Here's an entry from a brand that has made plenty of headlines in recent years. And we think the hype is warranted. Babbel makes it easy to devour short lessons and pick up actionable skills at every stop. See common strains that bring the courses together so you'll always be interested in keeping up.

There's an app that will allow you to track your progress and give you a chance to catch up on lessons. Then download other important reminders and data for use online and off. The whole system is compiled by experts who make it easy to learn through the methods presented.

3. Learn Spanish: Rosetta Stone Bonus Pack

the path to fluency, the path to fluency review

Finally, you might expect Rosetta Stone to appear on our list. And this is the complete package. We think this will provide everything you need to begin the path to fluency. Choose from a range of languages, with Spanish among the most popular and easy to learn. 

Get every lesson with lots of context instead of the sterile presentation of a textbook. This will lead to a natural command of the language. And the conversational style will seem far more pleasing to those you speak it to. You'll need a subscription to access many of the features. But you also get access to lots of related study material that you can keep with you as long as you want.

The Path to Fluency is one of many great options for learning a foreign language.

If you're starting that journey or looking to complete it, the right program is crucial. We hope our guide has helped you make that decision a bit easier. If so, share this article with the language learners in your life. And leave us a comment below if you have any final thoughts or questions. 

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