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ThirdLove opens first retail location to rival Victoria’s Secret

Move over Victoria’s Secret, you have some serious competition right on your tail. Finally, online shoppers will be able to try on bras from the relatively new lingerie company ThirdLove that is making a play on retail space, instead of just selling online in the hopes to rival and maybe even surpass Victoria’s Secret.

ThirdLove opened what’s called a pop-up store Wednesday in Soho, a neighborhood in New York City known for pop-ups. The company’s co-founder Heidi Zak said that they plan to keep the store open only until the end of the year. The opening comes as a surprise since Zak has previously stated that she didn’t intend to open any physical locations.

thirdlove, lingerie, bras, soho, retail shop

Image: Screenshot via Business Insider

Nevertheless, according to the report, she said:

“We just got to a point where we had talked about it for a long time and customers had been telling us they really wanted to be able to try on in person. We’ve had millions of online customers, but it just felt like we had too many questions and we should just bite the bullet and just do it, just test it.”

ThirdLove’s popup made a bold move with its location, as there’s a Victoria’s Secret shop down the block.

The company claims that their bras have the most comfortable fit of any other bra. Millions of its customers agree, and now, they’ll have a chance to actually try before buying with the help of personal “fit stylists” who will help customers find their perfect fit and perfect style for their shape.

thirdlove, lingerie, bras, soho, retail shop

Image: Screenshot via Business Insider

The company also aims to show consistency in their sizing and style, regardless of what size is worn. In fact, according to the report, Zak promised in 2018 to “only roll out a new style if it could be made in every size.” The company’s consistency in sizing took a shot at Rihanna, whose own Savage X Fenty line of lingerie was criticized for its inconsistency in style depending on the size.

The in-store process starts with the fit stylist who uses the Fit Finder questionnaire to begin to narrow down different size and style choices. Then, the fit stylist takes the customer to a wall where bras are hung in different styles and sizes. After the size and style is chosen, the customer tries on the bra – which they can do with two different types of lighting: daylight and twilight, which can be changed at the push of a button. Alternatively, calling for support will bring the fit stylist in to answer questions or bring new bras to try on.

Ultimately, this new popup from ThirdLove will serve as a trial to determine if it’s feasible to continue to open more retail locations. If their retail store is anything like their online business, Victoria’s Secret better watch out because ThirdLove may just offer viable competition.


Featured Image: Screenshot via Business Insider




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