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This couple is eloping in Las Vegas and still paying $30,000 to do it

How much would you pay for your dream wedding? Tens or hundreds of thousands? Maybe in the millions? Every wedding dream is different, and so is the price. For one couple, however, their dream wedding was eloping in Las Vegas. And, while that type of wedding isn’t traditionally very expensive, this couple is still going to get a ton of luxury – and exactly what they want – out of the $30,000 they’re spending. And, they’re going to eliminate some of the more, um, tedious details. Here’s how.

As with many a Las Vegas wedding, this couple is opting for the “traditional” Elvis Presley impersonator to seal their nuptials at the A Little White Wedding Chapel, but that’s going to be the most traditional thing about their elopement.

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Image: Screenshot via A Little White Wedding Chapel

Because they’re only having a few friends and family attend for a more personal setting, they can skip a lot of details, such as a wedding planner, flowers, and they’re also choosing to skip the formal reception. This means they can put their money towards what they really want.

For example, instead of a traditional wedding dress that will probably never be worn again, the bride will instead opt for a more exclusive look – a metal dress from Fannie Schiavoni. It’s an 18-karat gold-plated halter-style dress. She’ll also pair it with cream-colored thigh-high leather boots decked out in lace by Gianvito Rossi. The dress will cost about $3,200, and the boots come in at about half that.

The groom is opting for a tailored tux decked in gold as well, for a cost of about $1,000. Of the dress and tux, the bride says:

“This is our chance to do something once-in-a-lifetime because anything goes in Vegas.”

For photos the couple can remember the day with, they chose Indwell Weddings because they specialize in photographing people who elope – and Kiara, the photographer, planned a shoot that incorporates everyone.

In place of a formal reception, the couple is opting instead to do a laid back, low key get together. But they’re going to do it in style at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. They’re going to rent the “Bungalow” suite, which is an exclusive three-story suite complete with an outdoor bar and kitchenette on the private terrace, a heated plunge pool, and even an around-the-clock full-service butler. To feed their guests, the couple is opting for comfort food – pizza from Cosmopolitan’s Secret Pizza. (The pizza will even be included in the photoshoot.) You’ll have to email the Cosmopolitan for pricing, however.

As for party favors for the guests, that’s going to be far from traditional as well. They’re hiring B. Tosh, a local tattoo artist to design pieces just for the wedding day. B. Tosh will tattoo live during the party to anyone who wants one.

Although this couple’s wedding is by no means the most expensive or elaborate, it still has an air of exclusivity because of their attention to the details they really want to have. Being able to splurge on exactly what you want while forgetting about what you don’t means you can have the more luxurious things in life no matter what.

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