A New Trend: Luxury Care Homes for Senior Citizens

Time passes and people get old – all of us have a duty to pay and none of us can beat the clock. Meanwhile, health issues or lifestyle choices often have a say in the way we spend our twilight years. For those with the necessary finances, luxury care homes are often the option to go with. People who are unable to take care of themselves find a great help in care homes – a saving grace in their time of need.

However, just like there are hotels with different numbers of stars, there are also many kinds of care homes. Some have a higher fee, making them more exclusive than others. If monetary resources are not a problem for you, you might want to consider the following five luxury care homes for your own retirement years or for a close relative.

Care Homes Benefits

Unconvinced you should consider a care home for yourself or your elderly relative? Whether luxury or not, care homes that are up to standards will usually provide the following advantages.

  • There is always someone to ensure the safety of the residents of an exclusive care home.
  • The staff of residential care homes is on duty 24/7. Someone is always on call – night or day, and nursing homes usually provide qualified medical care 24 hours a day.
  • Residents get their own room. If you choose one of the most expensive facilities, luxurious suites are up for discussion. Care homes usually allow the residents to personalize their space with pictures, ornaments, and furniture.
  • Regular meals are provided to residents, making sure their nutritional needs are met.
  • There are plenty of socializing opportunities, as well as chances to experience companionship with others of their own age. Many care homes organize outings and outdoor activities for the comfort and entertainment of their residents.
  • Care homes provide round-the-clock medical supervision, which is especially important for residents struggling with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia.
  • Any of the luxury care homes in our list offer exquisite living conditions. Residents can spend their twilight years in a safer, warmer, and more comfortable physical environment.

Potential Drawbacks of Living in a Care Home

  • The costs of luxury care homes can rise high in the United States and outside of it. However, those looking for the best of care are usually not deterred by high fees, because they ensure the elderly relative will receive exclusive treatment in some of the most serene locations.
  • Senior residents might experience anxiety due to unfamiliar surroundings, as well as loneliness and loss of contact with old friends. This emotional effect can turn into guilt on part of the family for choosing the practical decision of a care home.
  • To prevent any rejection feelings, the family should talk things through beforehand. At the same time, regular contact once the relative moves into the home will help with the transition to the new lifestyle.

So here are some of the best luxury care homes open around the world – from the U.S. to the UK, and from Europe to Australia. For additional information about the facilities’ fees and conditions for admission, check out the links to their official websites.

1. Atria West 86

Located in the Upper West Side of Manhattan, this senior living community is close to the Riverside Park. Atria West 86 enables senior adults to continue enjoying the sophisticated, metropolitan lifestyle they’re used to, keeping them close to the cultural heart of New York. The facility has adapted their offering to attract seasoned New Yorkers with all kinds of sensibilities. With its superb pre-war architecture, chauffeur service, classy dining venues, and penthouse salon, Atria West 86 offers the full Manhattan experience.

Situated in the city that never sleeps, this luxury home care also gives its residents breathtaking 360-degree-panorama views from the rooftop terrace. West 86 is the ideal place for people who want to spend their later years in an active mood. In addition to exercise classes and a terrific fitness center, the location is also pet friendly. Fully equipped with assisted living facilities, West 86 is rumored to have a fee of £3600 a month for a studio apartment.

2. Vi at Palo Alto

If you’re looking for care homes in the U.S., be prepared to pay some top dollars. Sunny California is home for one of the most luxurious locations in the nation, called Vi. An selective community, Vi at Palo Alto features some very high standards. Given its focus on healthy, harmonious living, Vi offers its residents spa, salon, and library facilities, as well as luxury rooms and outdoor dining spaces.

Moreover, the services provided by Vi at Palo Alto leave nothing to be desired: community rose gardens, phenomenal amenities, art courses, and a welcoming staff. All of these happen in the epicenter of technology and innovation, so residents don’t miss out on the outside world. The monthly fee covers the cost of assisted living, gym, professional medical services, activities and various utilities. In other words, residents don’t have to worry about paying for the amenities they’re using. This care home community offers some of the best services in the world, which makes the monthly fee of £2500 worth it.

3. Hazelwell Care Home

Taking things to a whole new level, Hazelwell offers its residents a cinema, plush piano bar, rooftop terrace, fancy salon, and a fitness center. The incredible care home located in Heswall, Wirral, Merseyside, looks and feels more like a five star hotel. Featuring a chauffeur-driven Mercedes, Hazelwell loves to keep its residents happy with fancy trips. The fees for this incredible luxury lifestyle start at £850 per week (rounding up to over £40,000 a year).

Designed to combine comfort with technology, Hazelwell Care Home offers the highest levels of premium care for residents. The top-notch architectural home-from-home hosts residents with various needs, whether nursing, palliative or respite care. The staff collaborates closely with residents and their family, ensuring the care home meets every need and cares for every inhabitant.

4. Chelsea Court Place

An exclusive community, Chelsea Court Place is a luxury care home hiding in Chelsea, London. The facility mirrors the elegant design of a private club, while also catering to the personalized needs of its senior and dementia residents. The care home combines cutting-edge interior design with the latest technology. The result is a modern sanctuary dedicated to prolonging the quality of life for each member. Residents have full access to a luxury spa, a private cinema, and various treatment rooms.

Featuring 15 elegantly furnished suites, the location centers around the dining area. In addition, a sumptuous restaurant and cafe is available for residents and visitors alike, offering delicious food tailored to individual needs. Most importantly, Chelsea Court Place is proud of its exceptional 24-hour nursing care offered by a team of medical professionals. Thanks to its prime location, the residents remain part of the community, connected to their friends and family.

5. On Statenborough

On Statenborough is one of Australia’s most distinguished luxury care homes, designed for retirees over 55 years. Cuddled in the shaded suburbs of Adelaide, the facility caters to residents who require additional support or day-to-day assistance. The On Statenborough offers a sophisticated retirement community for senior residents looking for a stylish place to live. The monthly fee covers the administration and maintenance staff, maintenance of buildings, grounds, and carparks, as well as air-conditioning, gardening, and swimming pool. It also covers the restaurant and the limousine with the chauffeur service.

6. Southgate Beaumont

Located in North London, Southgate Beaumont is one of the more expensive care homes available in the UK. Its weekly fee approaches £800 and can go as high as £1250 per week (costs applied for single nursing care). With a fee way above the national average, Southgate Beaumont promises residents a comfortable stay in a lovely 400-year-old home. The wonderful classic antique furniture as well as the professionally-landscaped grounds make for an attractive, stylish facility. Residents can enjoy maximum independence even if they are in the Assisted Living program. They benefit of services of the 24-hour staff, a useful safety net for medical emergencies. Services like regular meals, professional cleaning, and physical activities are all available. For this kind of finance, Southgate also provides specialized care, such as motor neurone disease, cancer, and multiple sclerosis care.

7. Bethlehem Shores

Located in New Zealand, Bethlehem Shores is in a class of its own. Providing a higher standard of retirement living, this care home is more of a resort with its prestigious services. Sitting on the shores of Tauranga Harbour in Bethlehem, the location allows its residents to wake up to stunning sunrises and panoramic views over the harbor. And the calming calls of seabirds will make you feel like you’re on vacation 24/7. In addition to the relaxing atmosphere offered by Bethlehem Shores, residents also enjoy gorgeous vistas and spectacular sunsets. Given its resort vibe, the care home features incomparable facilities within the site as well as its immediate surroundings. Residents have full access to an extensive range of elegant dining locations, as well as organized outings and exciting activities.

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