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Trump Luxury Hotel Opens Right Next to the White House

Subtlety was never Donald Trump’s forte. So does his decision to build the 263-room Trump Luxury Hotel, one of his palatial projects only five blocks away from the White House really come as a staggering surprise?

His latest outpost in his multi-million dollar real estate empire is intended as nothing but a monument to his presidential campaign. If he wins, the mogul will be the 45th president of the United States. And if the White House’s decor proves too dull for his taste, he can always hop across the street to one of the presidential suites of the Trump International Hotel Washington, D.C.

Trump Luxury Hotel Opens to Wave of Protesters

Old post office pavilion in Washington trump luxury hotel

Trump chose a century-old post office in ruins to turn into ‘one of the great hotels of the world.’ Built in the Romanesque Revival architectural style, the old governmental building is the third tallest in Washington.

‘This building is a national treasure. It is a great honor and privilege to begin an exciting new chapter in its storied history after having transformed it into one of the finest hotels in the country.’, said Ivanka Trump, Trump’s daughter.

It took the project two years and a $212 million investment to achieve completion. The ultra luxury project bears many extravagances. The price for a room starts at $1,000/night. The interior décor is sheik-palace material, the bathrooms encrusted in gold and majestic canopy beds.

The nine-story atrium hosts a bar on top of which hangs a glorious crystal chandelier. Here, guests can serve wine by the spoon and awe at the skills of butlers opening champagne bottles with swords. When the republican presidential candidate and former New York City mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani visited the hotel on Monday, workers were still adding the final touches. Still, that didn’t stop gawkers and Trump supporters as well to filter in and out of the hotel. Or Trump himself to tweet his gratitude for ‘all of the tremendous men & women for their hard work!’

A High-Profile Hotel – Politics and Business Do Not Mix

Donald Trump trump luxury hotel

Everyone was indeed expecting a ‘soft opening’ on Monday – since the proper, grand ceremony will happen next month, just days before the casting of the votes. Instead, an unexpected wave of protesters welcomed the Trump luxury hotel down Pennsylvania Avenue. This happens eight weeks in the run for presidency.

“It kind of fits his personality that he finds a way to be on Pennsylvania Avenue, one way or another,” said a protester. Signs reading “Immigrants & Muslims are welcome here — Trump hotel is NOT!” were not the only statements against Trump’s political fabric.

Mayor Muriel E. Bowser rebuked the republican candidate’s racist comments. In addition, the Trump hotel name lost two celebrity chefs, José Andrés and Geoffrey Zakarian. Storm clouds have already gathered over the inauguration of the most expensive hotel in town. In the circumstance, it might be that the wannabe president should not turn this business venture into a testament to his ability to lead an economic and political superpower.

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