UK Heatwave Promises Sunny Skies for Travelers in Search of Sun

Brits haven't had a great year in terms of weather, but a UK heatwave might change their fortunes.

Ahead of an upcoming bank holiday, travelers across the United Kingdom and beyond are booking trips to the coast. Many areas are expected to be sunny with temperatures soaring to the high 20s Celsius (or 80s Fahrenheit). The UK heatwave is uniquely appreciated by locals who have struggled through an array of rough weather conditions lately. 

The weather has taken its toll on much of the island nation

UK Heatwave

Credit: Pixabay, JohnIreland

Each of the four countries in the UK have experienced their own extreme weather conditions. In Northeastern England and the North of Scotland, temperatures have recently been several degrees below zero Celsius. These are not the areas expected to received the brunt of the UK heatwave. But forecasts indicate they could see a big swing of roughly 20 degrees in the right direction. And it couldn't come at a better time, as flooding has dominated the weather along the South and Southeast, leading to at least one recent death. 

Much of the nation is still not out of the woods

While brighter days are expected just around the corner, don't grab your beach blanket quite yet. In areas recently hit hard by rain and frigid temperatures, that could still be the norm for several days. Expect for clear weather across most of the UK by Friday. And if the weather is going to improve, isn't a holiday weekend when you'd like to see it happen?

Enjoy it while you can!

The good weather isn't likely to last. And the UK heatwave won't grace all corners of the nation. But it is set to arrive just in time for a picturesque holiday weekend. If you're looking for a reason to visit the British coast, or almost anywhere in the UK, you won't find a better one!

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