Volenx Cigar Humidor Review: Suitable for Every Smoker’s Needs

Cigar smokers know that there’s positively nothing good about it, if your stogies aren’t properly kept.

It’s strange to think of, but cigars can go stale just like food. A fresh cigar holds on to its flavor for a few days, but then it starts to degrade. The wrapper and tobacco dry out. This throws off everything, from smoking time to flavor. However, part of the fun of smoking a cigar is being able to take your time to enjoy them. For this, you will need the cigar aficionado’s best friend: a humidor. Specifically, you could probably use a Volenx cigar humidor that meets your needs as a hobbyist. Whether you want to store a lot of stogies, take a few on the road, or keep a discreet stash in the study, you can find what you need below.

volenx cigar humidor, volenx cigar humidor review

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A Bit About the Volenx Cigar Humidor

Before you learn about these specific humidors, we’ll explain a bit about who the company is and where they came from. We’ll also talk about who uses humidors, how they work, and the importance of seasoning them. Read on below!

History of Volenx

volenx cigar humidor, volenx cigar humidor review

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Volenx accessories is a part of Weilong Crafts & Gifts Co., Ltd, established in 1998 expressly to make cigar hobbyist accessories. Since their founding, their products shipped to more than 50 countries, all over Asia, Europe, and North America. Located in China, they pride themselves on their fast shipping. Whether the order is small or large, they promise samples in 20 days. They also promise fast customer service by email, in order to avoid international calling fees. They want to be able to provide high-quality items at prices that aren’t as prohibitive as some luxury items.

Why Use a Humidor?

If you’re going to smoke a cigar in three days or less, you don’t really need one. Yet, the typical cigar aficionado doesn’t smoke their stash in three days or less. Because of the natural wrappings, the frailty of the tobacco, and other factors, a humidor is the best way to store your stogies. Most humidors use a passive humidifier, though some feature electronic ones. It’s used to maintain a specific level of humidity, usually around 60- to 70 percent. Any more and you run the risk of hatching the eggs of the tobacco beetle that may be in your cigars. They are quite harmless, just gross.

volenx cigar humidor, volenx cigar humidor review

Credit: Alex Brown, WIkimedia Commons

Also, it’s important to use either a humidifying solution or distilled water in your humidifier. To measure the amount of humidity in the humidor, hygrometers are typically used. A humidor can be the size of a just a few cigars or an entire room. Before stashing your cigars in there, be sure to properly season it. First, clean the inside of the humidor with a damp cloth, careful not to oversaturate the wood. Then place a cup of water in it for 24 hours. You may have to repeat this process a few times, but eventually your humidor will maintain humidity in the right range to keep cigars fresh.

Who Needs a Volenx Cigar Humidor?

volenx cigar humidor, volenx cigar humidor review

Credit: Reinhard Kirschner, Wikimedia Commons

Simply put, anyone who is a serious cigar aficionado needs a humidor, and a Volenx cigar humidor fits any needs. A good cigar is like a bottle of wine in a number of ways, the kind you’d save for a specific occasion. You would use a Volenx Cigar Humidor in order to make sure that your cigars are as fresh and flavorful as they can be. With varied sizes, finishes, and uses, you can use a Volenx cigar humidor wherever you enjoy your cigars. They come with glass displays in the lids so you can show off your collection. Or you can get one without a display, so the kids don’t know where you keep them. In the study, on your desk, or handy when you’re traveling, there is a Volenx cigar humidor that will meet your needs. 

Features and Benefits of the Volenx Cigar Humidor

Volenx makes a number of different styles and sizes of humidors, all with similar features and benefits. We’ll both explain these and the best use for each particular humidor. No matter how often you enjoy a cigar, one of these will meet your needs. All of these use passive humidifiers which release moisture via evaporation and diffusion. 

1. Large Desktop Humidor

volenx cigar humidor, volenx cigar humidor review

This Volenx cigar humidor is perfect for an office or study where communal cigar smoking will take place. Made of fragrant Spanish cedar wood and layered with velvet on the bottom, you won’t risk your furniture finish. The gilded hinges open smoothly and silently, when you reach for a cigar. This humidor holds anywhere from 20 to 50 cigars, which you can clearly see in the display window. Embedded in the bottom is a gold-plated hygrometer so you can ensure that the humidity is right where it needs to be. It also features a movable divider, which you can use to keep cigars of varying lengths.

2. Glasstop Cherry

volenx cigar humidor, volenx cigar humidor review

This midsize Volenx cigar humidor holds up to 25 cigars and is essentially the smaller sibling of the one listed above. The bottom of the Spanish cedar housing will not scratch the furniture thanks to either velvet or suede coating on the bottom. The humidity level from the passive humidifier can be closely monitored thanks to the hygrometer on the bottom. This lovely piece doesn’t take up much space, but it looks great wherever you put it. It comes with a divider, but there isn’t really much room for all that. Removing it entirely might buy you room for one more cigar. You can also choose one with a black matte finish.

3. Clasp Lock

volenx cigar humidor, volenx cigar humidor review

Perhaps you are a cigar aficionado who can’t be as open about it as you’d like. Perhaps you want to keep it from the kids or maybe a mother-in-law. Either way, what you’d need is a Volenx cigar humidor without the display glass. Depending on the ring gauge, this humidor can hold anywhere from five to ten cigars at a time. It comes with a removable divider made from the same Spanish cedar as the rest of the box. To prevent scratching or damage, this humidor features a felt-lined bottom. The humidifier and hygrometer are really, cool. Since space is at a premium, both affix to the top lid of the humidor. Using magnets, you can place them in any configuration you desire. This is a classy, unassuming humidor for those whose habit is more private.

4. Crocodile Leather Travel Case

volenx cigar humidor, volenx cigar humidor review

For the cigar aficionado on-the-go, you can bring a Volenx cigar humidor with you. The outside is rich Crocodile leather, while the inside is made from the same high-quality cedar as the others. You can store four cigars up to ring gauge 56. The tray they rest in is removable. The innovative humidifier is the real marvel. A piece of absorbent material rests in a thin cedar housing. It’s simple to change and will keep your cigars perfect while traveling. It also comes with its own cigar-cutter, so when the time strikes, you’re ready to enjoy a smoke. 

What People Have to Say About the Volenx Cigar Humidor

The majority of reviewers seem very happy with their product. The Travel Volenx cigar humidor is especially well-reviewed, earning nothing below four stars. The most positive reviews all mention carefully seasoning the humidor. Those that complain of low humidity may not have seasoned it enough. The reviews also mention the lovely smell of the wood, while some say it looks even better than they thought in their homes. A few reviews even mention handwritten “Thank You” notes slipped into their humidors during shipping. For an up-and-coming brand, Volenx seems to be creating a quality product and satisfied customers. 


  • plus
    High-quality cedar wood with nice fragrance
  • plus
    Built-in hygrometers
  • plus
    Responsive customer service.


  • close
    Requires careful seasoning.
  • Some reports of defective hygrometers

The few negative reviews there are of Volenx cigar humidors mention a problem with maintaining higher than 60 percent humidity. It’s possible that this is a genuine flaw, but if so it doesn’t seem to affect many of the humidors. It’s equally possible that these reviewers either didn’t season the humidor enough or seasoned it too much. It’s a very delicate process. If you email the manufacturer, they can likely offer guidance or, at least, a replacement. 

Alternatives to the Volenx Cigar Humidor to Consider

Volenx is one of the highest quality humidors you can find easily via online retailers. If you aren’t convinced, there are other options. However, if you don’t want to have to go to a brick-and-mortar store, you’ve got to do your homework.

1. Megacra Cedar Cigar Humidor

MEGACRA cedar cigar humidor, MEGACRA cedar cigar humidor review

This humidor comes from Megacra, a larger version of the midsize, glassless Volenx model. Made from high-quality cedar wood, you will still get that desirous aroma. There is no glass display, making sure that the humidor doesn’t call undue attention to its contents. On the lid rests a metal plate, on which you affix the passive humidifier and glass hyrgrometer. It holds 10 to 20 cigars. 

2. Megaacra CB-2 Black Leather Humidor

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This offering from Megacra is another humidor without a display case. A large humidor this can fit up to 50 cigars inside. Rich, black leather on the outside of the case, the inside is made of kiln-dried Spanish cedar. The glass hygrometer rests on a magnet in the lid, and there is a removable divider. The humidifier, however, has to rest on the floor of the humidor. This takes up valuable real estate inside, but its big enough that you should still be able to fit all your best stashed cigars in there. 

​3. Galiner Three-Drawer Humidor

volenx cigar humidor, volenx cigar humidor review

This offering from Galiner does feature a glass display on the door, but rather than the cigars you see the gold-plated hygrometer. Inside, your cigars rest in three separate drawers. This beast can hold as many 100 cigars. This is about the largest humidor you could have with a passive humidifier. Typically, once you go this big, it’s best to look at the electronic options. Still, for the serious aficionado, this humidor can hold the heftiest stash.

Any Volenx cigar humidor will not only protect your cigars, but also add an element of style and class as well.

When looking for a humidor, you will consider a number of factors. Price, quality, and style are all important, and there is a Volenx cigar humidor for any taste. Instead of going out to specialty stores or dealing with catalogues, these are fine products easily available online. Whether you are a big-time cigar aficionado or merely just enjoy one from time-to-time, these humidors will help make sure your cigars taste great. Simple and natural, these products are a great addition to your décor and functional in all the right ways. 

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