Vram Jewelry — About the Brand & Our Favourites From The Collections

Jewelry is adored by people of all walks of life. 

Finding a brand which captures the essence of you isn’t always easy, but with research, it’s possible. All successful jewelry brands develop a distinctive design everyone can instantly recognise. Over the years, styles have evolved, and we’re excited to talk through Vram jewelry and our favourite pieces from the collections.

 vram jewelry, minassian, jewelry

Credit: Wikimedia

A Bit About Vram Jewelry

Jewelry designer Vram Minassian is behind Vram jewelry and understands the importance of how an accessory represent someone’s expression. Based in Los Angeles, he began designing jewelry in California more than 30 years years ago. To expand his venture, Vram sourced private clients and brands to work for.

After years of experience and developing skills, he launched designs under Vram jewelry to give a more personal touch to his creations. Of which, they’re inspired by art and more than just your average necklace, earrings, bracelet and ring collection. Everything begins with a sketch - a testimony to the moments when we awoke in the middle of the night after having a lightbulb moment of creativity. The process from there continues to scale and create the pieces that are more than just flat jewelry on the body.

About The Brand

 vram jewelry, minassian, jewelry

Credit: Pixabay, ColiN00B

In 1985, the Los Angeles company debuted their first collection. Their ethos is to create a sculptural approach whilst embracing the human body. The birth of Vram’s first daughter in 2015 influenced continual pieces and he explored new options to represent the change in his own life. Each sculpture isn’t supposed to just be worn and sit on the body, but rather celebrated to give hope to the person wearing it.

Bringing Vram Jewelry To Life

vram jewelry, minassian, jewelry

Credit: Flickr, Mark Johnson

Having an idea in your head is completely different to making it happen. Vram openly said that it’s important to have some kind of inspiration for every piece, rather than just thinking about the final product.

The line Continuum came from the feeling of joy and love which was influenced by a show he’d seen. The inspiration for the second Vram jewelry collection came from starting a family late in life and the idea of a cellular life. Once you have this information and look at his pieces (see later), it makes sense that the accessories are more than just shiny items.

It’s important for him to slow down his creativity process to not over-do the jewelry. This involves limiting editing and designing to so as not to complicate any of the designs beyond their core inspiration. Making things simple isn’t always a bad thing, and can often create a more powerful result.

Working On His Own Collection 

vram jewelry, minassian, jewelry

Credit: Wikimedia

Vram found it difficult to jump from creating work for others to himself. Suddenly, he became his own critique and judge. However, it became more freeing because you can tell yourself to create anything which makes sense to you. The energy associated with all of his pieces is captivating and involves creativity and love. It’s important that he enjoys the collection he’s making, rather than just creating them for the sake of sales.

All of his works are for people who like to think outside the box and don’t want to confirm to status symbols. If you don’t see yourself as one type of person or feel like you can’t be represented, but inspired, you’ll like the Vram jewelry pieces. His intentions are clear with every piece he works on – to connect a woman’s emotions to empowerment. Suddenly, when you wear a pair of his earrings, your confidence and self-respect elevates.

Is Vram Jewelry Expensive?

 vram jewelry, minassian, jewelry

Credit: Pixabay, Free-Photos

The price of Vram's collections indicates his experience and the handmade process involved though. In fact, Vram believes that you shouldn’t buy a piece of jewelry based on its price, but how much you connect and fall in love with it. You can’t put a price on how something makes you feel.

The majority of designer jewelry is unique and special in its own right. Just from looking at a collection, you can recognise that there thought and care gone into each piece. The accessories are expertly crafted, and often by hand. The metals used are expensive, even though diamonds were seen everywhere 150 years ago. Once common and cheap, they’ve suddenly become expensive and rare.

Harry Winston is one of the most expensive jewelry brands in the world. The Hope Diamond in particular is adored by wealthy civilians and dates back to the origins of a long tale many years ago. Most of us are familiar with Cartier – another expensive jewelry brand. Founded in 1847, this French brand creates timeless jewelry the Duchess of Windsor adores. The brand’s signature panther brooch created in the 1940’s is considered one of the recognised jewels in history.

Vram Jewelry is much the same, while not always recognized by name. The price tag is worth every penny for the feeling it issues its wearer. This, coupled with the quality craftsmanship and experience behind each collection mirror the luxurious nature of other brands. We think Vram jewelry is worth every penny!

Our Favourite Pieces of Vram Jewelry

Though all of the collections are outstanding, we’ve limited our favourite pieces to only five. Let’s take a look at which stood out to us and what makes them so unique and pretty to look at.

1. Colony V11 Ring - $18,040

vram jewelry, minassian, jewelry

Credit: Barneys

The Colony V11 ring is polished with 18k yellow gold and features eight flattened shaped discs on the face. Each of these discs are covered in multi-coloured diamonds. This iconic piece of Vram jewelry contains eye-catching silhouettes paired with radiant gemstones set in sterling silver. The web-like shoulders are glamorous and our favourite features of this ring.

2. Chrona Hoop Earrings - $6,900

 vram jewelry, minassian, jewelry

Credit: Barneys

The Chrona hoop earrings are handcrafted and made in the United States. They’re sculpted in 18k yellow gold and tapered with a ring-like detail around the tube. They’re a classic earring mixed with a modern temperament with a 3cm drop. The white diamonds are the main feature of this Vram jewelry, and at 0.63ct, shimmer in every light.

3. Helics Small Loop Ring - $6,200

 vram jewelry, minassian, jewelry

Credit: Barneys

The Helics loop ring sparkles and shimmers in almost every light. As with most of the Vram jewelry range, it’s handmade and crafted with love. The finished touch is polished in 18k yellow gold, and though there are five loops in total, looks stylish and minimal. The 0.57ct baguette purple sapphire perfectly complements the yellow gold without being too in your face.

4. Continuum Bracelet - $2,400

 vram jewelry, minassian, jewelry

Credit: Barneys

The Continuum bracelet consists of three linked round bars which are simplistic and ideal for a smart-casual occasion. Bring confidence and style to any outfit with its eye-catching silhouette which sits elegantly on every polish. Polished in 18k rose gold, it’s modern and luxurious. We love the three connecting loops to add a small element of detail and polish the look.

5. Tau Cuff - $14,800

vram jewelry, minassian, jewelry

Credit: Barneys

Vram jewelry is special and always adds an element of sophistication to a traditional shape. This 18k-yellow-gold hinged cuff is held in place with a black diamond. The diamonds themselves are 7.30ct to add an extra level of sophistication, and sit in a silver setting for the ultimate contrast. Encrusted in a sterling silver dome, it’s thick, bold and strong.

Wh0 Are Your Favourite Jewelry Designers?

High-quality jewelry is a much better investment than cheap jewelry which can quickly break after buying it. Expert jewelers create pieces which suit your figure, beauty and attitude, whilst all remaining strong and durable through almost anything. Many designer brands focus on sterling silver, gold, and diamonds which survive for thousands of years. These hard metals don’t break easily through normal wear and tear like soft metals do. Vram jewelry follows suit in this aspect and offers some of the highest quality jewelry on the market.

We hope you enjoyed Vram jewelry if you haven’t heard of the brand before. Share your favourite jewelry designers and comment with your favorite piece.

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