All White Outfit Ideas That Are Easy, Chic, and Versatile

A white outfit is fresh no matter the season, and is a statement-making look for women of all body shapes.

Don’t get dragged down with dark colours, for the colour of your ensemble can affect your mood. If your wardrobe needs a revamp, or perhaps you want to recycle some garments from years ago, we've got you covered. Appear light in summer and luxurious in winter with these easy-to-apply fashion tips with a white outfit.

White Outfit For Formal Occasions 

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Credit: Pixabay, zannfauz

If you’re attending a formal dinner, party, cocktail event or more, keeping it all white ensures a sophisticated aesthetic. Why does white work so well? Dressing top to toe in one palette is brave, simple, and can be styled with any number of accessories because it's so easy and attractive. Red lips are an example.

To perfect the look for a formal occasion, choose between a dress, pants, or a skirt, and bare in mind the practicality of the garment. We admire the ultimate combination of these three with a jumpsuit.

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Credit: Pixabay, zannfauz

Keep it sophisticated and current with a tailored or proportional high-neckline. Opt for some slack around the midriff and detailing around the waist to give a symmetric shape. Some think white isn't flattering, but we certainly think it is!

Accessorize with heels, long earrings, and a glitzy chic clutch for an eye-grabbing combination. Don't be afraid to be a little extravagant with your clutch colours and texture, because white enables you to add a splash of colour to a blank canvas.

Take some inspiration from the above video which covers who to nail a white outfit with the right accessory. Dress for your shape and flaunt what you have. While you are looking for a new look, be confident in you.

All-White Casual Fittings

A white outfit is also highly suitable for casual get-togethers. If you’re meeting a friend for lunch, racing to the salon, or running an errand, white is an ideal go-to. The key here is to reach for loose-fitting garments such as wide-leg pants, a casual t-shirt, and flat, white sneakers to complete it. Stilettos juxtapose with the outfit too much and take away from it.

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Credit: Pixabay, epicantus

If you will be reaching for several items instead of one dress/jumpsuit, keep your whites the right shade. An off-white/cream with a bright shade isn’t complimentative. For the summer season, show some leg with a short, flowing dress and finish with high-knee boots. White boots are rare to come by, they are sophisticated and a classy final touch.

Style Secrets For White Skinny Jeans:

Every woman needs a pair of white, skinny jeans for a go-to white outfit. They’re charismatic, easy to ensemble, and a fresh feel on every figure. Not sure where to start or how to complete the rest of the ensemble? Below is a video with excellent tips on styling a white outfit for your body and occasion. Choose a style that suits your body. 

White outfits are on the rise.

Every summer, shops will be overwhelmed with white outfits and white accessories. It is a staple colour for men and women which isn’t going out of fashion any time soon.

Do you have some tips on nailing the look? Share your fashion tips in the comments.

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