Choose the Best Winter Car Gifts for All the Motorists In Your Life

Choosing a gift for the auto enthusiasts in your life can be a rewarding experience.

Seeing the look of surprise when an avid motorist opens a great present is priceless. So we've selected a few of our favorite winter car gifts to help narrow down your search. 

Whether you're looking for something to keep them safe, comfortable or stylish, you'll find it below. And we think even the pickiest recipients will get a lot of use out of any number of our suggestions.

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The Best Winter Car Gifts Available Online Right Now

There are some great high tech options meant to keep drivers in touch wherever they roam. Then there are a few designed to help cut through treacherous winter weather. But each of the top winter car gifts on our list have one thing in common: making the trip better. And any motorist on your shopping list will appreciate that.

1. Iunio Military Portable Folding Shovel and Pickax

winter car gifts, winter car presents, winter car products, winter car gifts christmas

If you live in a colder climate, the best winter car gifts might have something to do with snow. And when you're really trapped in the white stuff, nothing comes through to help like a shovel. Of course, a typical snow shovel likely takes up too much precious cargo room in your car.

That's where this innovative tool really shines. Not only does it fold up to take up a small footprint, it fits together to make a sturdy shovel. This is a military style tool that can do a lot more than clear snow out of the way. You can take it camping, hiking and digging for some quick access to a powerful shovel. You might want to keep one around the house, too. 

But we think it works best as a travel accessory. You won't know what you'll need it for until you do. And in those moments, it really shines. In addition to the typical usability, this durable shovel also includes some very helpful tools. Use it as a hoe, bottle opener, saw, compass, and even as an emergency whistle. And when you're all done, fold it back up into its portable size and tuck it away until you need it again.

2. ​Vava Magnetic Phone Holder for Car Dashboard

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Communication is another must for today's motorists. And among winter car gifts, you might want to consider an easy way to keep you cellphone handy. We think this Vava magnetic car phone mount is among the cleverest products on the market.

It starts with a very strong magnet that will keep your device secure even if it weighs more than six pounds. And on the underside is 3M adhesive material that will keep it tightly affixed to your car's dashboard. Of course, the company knows you'll likely want to move it at some point. So the adhesive is also easy to peel off cleanly and leave no trace that it was ever there.

Once your phone is where you want it, it will be very easy to operate. All it takes is one hand to do whatever you need your device to do. And with simple rotation, you can make sure it remains pointed exactly where you want it. Best of all, it will fit almost any phone on the market. So rest assured that whether it's for you or someone in your life it will fit in perfectly.

3. ​Noco Genius Boost Plus

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If you're a responsible motorist, chances are you have a set of jumper cables in the trunk. But traditional models rely on another battery to get the charge you need. And secondary battery sources can take up a lot of room you might not have. That's why we think the Noco Genius Boost Plus is among the best winter car gifts available.

For starters, you can choose the amount of power that is best for your needs. And after charging the device up fully, you can successfully jump start a car's battery as many as 20 times. Then there is the obvious benefit of simplicity and convenience.

In fact, you can charge a lot more than just car batteries. Use this product to provide much needed juice to a variety of electronic devices. But the best part might be the safety factor. Don't worry about interacting with multiple batteries, along with the acid and other potentially dangerous materials. Plus, the power inside this booster can operate other helpful features including a flashlight and emergency strobe light. 

4. ​GearLight LED Tactical Flashlight

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Some of the top winter car gifts include a flashlight feature. But if you really need light in an emergency, you'll probably want a dedicated tool. And we think GearLight has one of the best on the market. It starts with the powerful bulbs producing light registering 10 times brighter than traditional bulbs. 

And the helpful light can be used in a variety of innovative ways. Focus it on the task at hand if needed. Plus, you can set it up as a wider light beam if you need to illuminate a larger area. Set it to various levels of brightness as well as options for a strobe and emergency SOS light.

It's a powerful tool in a tiny package. With high quality construction, it is also built to last and perform for a long time. That's what makes it such a great option for motorists. But you'll probably also want to throw it in your backpack or suitcase before a trip. You never know when an emergency light source will come in handy. But when it does, we think you'll be happy to have this device nearby.

5. Mallory 16 Inch SnoWEEvel Snow Brush

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The most useful winter car gifts aren't all high tech marvels. Some are as simple as an effective tool to clear an obstructed view. And if you live where there's lots of snow and ice, you already know the importance of a quality scraper.

This model is one of our favorites because it's strong enough to handle almost any job. Plus, it's an ice scraper combined with a useful snow brush. Get all of the debris off of your windshield to get a clear view of the road before you take off. 

It's all constructed from high quality materials and the handle is easy to hold for even the toughest tasks. Take control of a winter mess quickly and reliably with this simple, yet capable, tool. 

6. Drop Stop

Some of our favorite winter car gifts are really perfect for any season. And here's one that offers an elegant solution to a problem most motorists can understand. The Drop Stop gives you a convenient place to store odds and ends. But at the same time, it keep the gap between your seats covered.

If you've ever struggled to vacuum or otherwise clean in between that gap, you know the problem. And we think this is about the most elegant solution we've ever seen. It covers every space imaginable, including the area around the seat belt. You can count on it to stay put even if you move the seat around a lot.

The design fits into the interiors of most vehicles. And a set includes to pieces, so you can cover the gaps beside the driver's and passenger's front seats.

7. Anker Dual USB Car Charger

winter car gifts, winter car presents, winter car products, winter car gifts christmas

The thought of a quick and convenient cellphone charge might be especially handy in bad winter weather. But this is another thoughtful gift that could come in handy all year round. Motorists have long appreciated the simple operation of the Anker system. 

Simply plug it into your car's socket and you'll get two ports to plug in a variety of devices. Charge your phone or other electronics in a small but powerful high tech tool. Not only is it small, it's innovative. Easy to find in the dark, this charger glows with a built in LED light.

We all know the frustration of running out of battery life when we need it the most. Whether you're stuck on the side of the road in a snowstorm or you just want to make a quick call, you're in luck. Plug it in and in no time you'll have the power you need to stay in touch. It also comes at a very reasonable price, so it makes a great stocking stuffer. You'll be hard pressed to find any winter car gifts that pack more bang for the buck.

8. FLR Two Piece Car Seat Protector

winter car gifts, winter car presents, winter car products, winter car gifts christmas

Whether it's winter precipitation and mud or just the typical clutter, you'll want to keep your car seats clean. And with these great covers, you can add some much needed protection to your auto upholstery. 

In addition to the seat protection, these are innovative and useful products. Find handy mesh pockets attached, which you can serve a variety of purposes. Keep snacks, drinks and almost anything else safe and secure as you cruise down the road.

Make the drivers on your shopping list happy with a gift that shows you care.

And as the recipient gets behind the wheel, you'll give them an opportunity to remember your thoughtfulness. We hope our guide has helped cut through the clutter and make your decision a bit easier. 

If so, share this article with the motorists in your life. And leave us a comment below if you have any final thoughts or questions. 

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