WINYCAM Dash Cam Review: An Easy Solution for Your Vehicle

Shopping for the right dash-mounted video camera can be overwhelming.

There are more tech gadgets than ever before to help you capture life on the road. But you'll probably have some trouble figuring out which is best. Some have objectively better quality and performance. Others just offer specific features that might better suit your needs, like the WINYCAM dash cam.

We've reviewed several models and think this one ranks among the very best. Many of the brand's loyal customers agree. We'll take a deep dive and let you know exactly why the WINYCAM dash cam is so popular. And if you're like us, you'll find that it meets pretty much any need you'll have. But we know everyone won't be sold by its many features. We'll also include a few of its most worthy competitors for a side by side comparison.

A Little About the WINYCAM Dash Cam

Down below, we'll get into all the fun features this clever device has. But you'll fully appreciate all of that with a bit of background. As it turns out, the folks at WINYCAM made this device with a few things in mind. And when you try it out yourself, you'll probably identify them right away.

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Background About the Brand

The WINYCAM dash cam came out of a company called Conbuzz. That corporation dates back to 2002 with an eye toward optical communications. And a few years later, it gave Japan its first 2 channel LCD car dash camera system. From there, the company kept on its stated purpose of created the best tech product.

By 2010, the company was earning high marks from experts and reviewers. And in the years since, it has worked to make the products even more innovative. Not only is Conbuzz interested in tech, it also wants to inspire a better world. Its website says the company wants to "become the companion of consumers at all time." Executives hope to accomplish this "by creating right values through correct thoughts and actions."

Recognizing the support of its many fans, the creators of the WINYCAM dash cam expressed kind wishes. "We hope that everyone will watch us with unchanging support and love," the company states. Conbuzz added that it wishes "the households of our consumers will be full of health and happiness."

Who Is The WINYCAM Dash Cam Great For?

For starters, this and any dash cam worth its salt is a good choice for frequent drivers. But as we'll explain below, the WINYCAM dash cam has unique benefits. Therefore, like most of its competitors, it fits the lifestyle and demands of a certain segment of motorists. 

We think this product is perfectly suited for the driver who wants to record daily. There are tons of features that make it not only easy to film but easy to review. And there are some other innovative features that can make your daily commute a bit more comfortable.

Beyond the novelty and fun, the WINYCAM dash cam can also make your road trips safer. We'll go over some of these clever features below, but suffice it to say we were impressed.

What Are The Best Uses For The WINYCAM Dash Cam?

Each user will decide what he or she likes best about the WINYCAM dash cam. But there are some things that it just does very well. And when you start breaking it down, you'll see that it provides plenty of features.

As with any dash-mounted vehicle camera, you can capture footage from your trip. There are many reasons you might want to do this, including safety and entertainment. You never know what you'll encounter on the road, and sometimes video is important.

But this camera is better than some of its competitors in some areas. For example, it is ready to go at a moment's notice. And it records great at night. So no matter where or when you're driving, this product can capture stunning video.

Features & Benefits of the WINYCAM Dash Cam

Here's where we'll get into some of the specific benefits motorists can expect from this product. If it has what you're looking for, you can hook one up and start recording your road trips soon. 

But if you need something a bit different, we'll include our recommendations below. There are many dash-mounted cameras on the market, but some stand out from the crowd. We think the WINYCAM dash cam is one of them, but you'll have to decide for yourself.

1. Night Vision

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A product like this is obviously only as good as its camera. So that's where we'll start. This is a great device with a really clear display. We think it is especially good at recording the road ahead even when the sun isn't out.

No matter when you take your trip, you can count on the WINYCAM dash cam to capture it all. Whether you travel overnight a lot or just live where it's often overcast, this could help. It's also great if you park in darkened lots or alleyways. Not only will you get a sharp, clean picture, it is also available right away. It will be saved on a memory card and ready to view at a moment's notice.

2. Innovative Safety Features

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Just having a dash-mounted vehicle camera can provide extra security. It could come in handy after a property crime or traffic crash. Beyond that, it can help you while you're driving. The WINYCAM dash cam contains warnings for lane departures and potential collisions.

You can set it to record in a variety of ways, including with a motion sensor. This will allow you to see if there's anything suspicious going on when you're not there. There's even an emergency power supply if you need your footage right away. In addition to motion detection, which is great when you're parked, there are two other settings. Set it to capture footage continuously or catch an event -- such as a crash -- triggered by sensors.

3. Great Battery Life

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Some cameras might get better camera longevity out of their models. But the WINYCAM dash cam has some unique tricks up its sleeve to keep recording. First of all, there are cables to keep the juice flowing to your device. And the power is important since you'll be able to instantly upload what you've recorded.

Plus, even if you do drain your dash cam down to empty, there's that hidden power source. Of course, we don't recommend relying on the reserve. But if you get caught unprepared, it could be a life saver. And when you factor in the various settings for how your cam records, you'll benefit further. Depending on your needs, you can set the camera to record only in certain cases. That will allow your battery to run even longer.

4. Beautiful Touch Screen Display

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Here's a feature that combines fun and functionality. Just touch the screen on your device to scroll through menus and review footage. The 3.5 inch screen provides a great interface for users of all types. 

And since it's ready to go in a matter of seconds, your finger won't have to wait. Just flip it on and get to the info you need without any hesitation. It's one of the easiest menus to operate we've seen in a device like this. Whether you're new to dash cams or not, you shouldn't have any trouble operating it.

What Choosy Motorists Have to Say About the WINYCAM Dash Cam

There's a lot to recommend about this dash-mounted vehicle camera system. We've gone through several of those features above. But we also wanted to see what the typical driver thought of the device. So we checked out some reviews and specs to come up with our own list of common pros and cons. 

We hope this list will give you a broad overview of this powerful little camera. And if you're still not sold, keep reading. We'll give you the skinny on a few of its most capable competitors. 


  • plus
  • plus
    Tons of features
  • plus
    Back up battery source


  • close
    Limited availability
  • Heavier than some other models

There are many reasons many motorists consider a dash cam to be vital auto equipment. And the WINYCAM dash cam performs well in most of those areas. Several others are worth consideration. We've selected three of our favorites for a quick review.

Alternative Dash-Mounted Video Cameras to Consider

There are many great options on the market. But some still stand out from the rest. Whether its high user reviews, great features or exceptional value, the following products are among the best.

1. OldShark G16 Car Camera

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Here's a device that offers many of features the WINYCAM dash cam has. Plus, the screen is a full inch bigger. We think the interface with this 4.5 inch touch screen is set up nicely with clear display. There is a nice 1080p video resolution that captures good images any time of day. The driver assistance tools included in this device are also among the best we've reviewed.

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This camera is quite advanced in its own way, too. It features a super capacitor that provides consistent reliable battery power. Plus, it is protected against extreme heat and other elements with its sturdy, rugged design. You can easily record no matter how dark it gets with the super night vision feature. The time lapse feature is easy to use and we like the parking mode setting. Both are great for long term security monitoring.

3. Rove R2-4K Dash Cam

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Don't need all the bells and whistles? Here's a great option with reliable coverage and all the necessary features. It's got a really great resolution up to 2160p. Plus, get all the connectivity you need with built in WiFi technology. And you will also get GPS inside the dash cam, which can come in handy many different ways. Hook it up directly to your smart device to find out everything it's capable of showing.

Whether you choose the WINYCAM dash cam or one of its rivals, a camera can be a big help.

No matter which of the many uses you hope to benefit from, choosing the right dash cam is important. We hope our review of this product has helped make your choice easier.

If so, consider sharing this article with the motorists in your life. And leave a comment below if you have any final thoughts or questions.

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