Are You Cut Out To Work For Yourself? (Even if You Do Really Want To)

If you want to work for yourself, you’re not the only one. 

Entrepreneurship and self-employment are on the rise. People are ditching the 9-5 to grow their own ventures. At some point in our lives, we will question our passion for our career and re-evaluate which direction we’re heading in. Aspiring to work for yourself is beneficial, but no matter how much you may want it, not everyone succeeds.

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Reasons To Work For Yourself 

We’re taught that if we work hard enough and find something we care about, we’ll be successful. The money will come flowing in, and we’ll make it to the top. Many people find working for a boss difficult. When you work for yourself, you become your own boss. You set your own standards, and you get all of the financial and emotional benefits from your work.

You begin to manage your time better and your work-life balance becomes smoother as you’re more in control. Another big element of building your own empire is deciding on the location. If you’re freelancing, you can work from home, or perhaps you dream of owning an office overseas. That’s possible!

Another great reason to work for yourself is the financial benefit. If you satisfy your clients and continue working hard, the profits go into your back pocket. The more hours you put it, the more money you can potentially make, unlike when working for someone else.

There’s plenty more freedom in your career too. If you want it to head in a new direction, that’s possible. If a client is giving you a headache, you can make the choice to replace them and improve your work life. The beneficial options are endless.

What You Need To Work For Yourself 

business, success, work for yourself, working for yourself, business empire, career

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With every great thing, there's a down side. If you work for yourself, the world becomes your oyster. You see and feel the benefits and have more pride in your work. However, what do you do when things go wrong? Your best-paying client doesn’t want you anymore. Finances are building up. You need to take time off for a family emergency but there’s a meeting you must attend.

The list continues. Not every day is the best day of your life. Every customer and client won't be polite. Not all will pay on time. You won’t like everyone. Motivating yourself and staying in control when things fall down is hard. There’s no one to ask to fix it, because you built the empire yourself. It’s extremely rewarding to work for yourself, but infamously stressful too.

Consider your personal traits. Do you have a history of stressing out at small moments? Are you weak and unmotivated to succeed? To work for yourself, you have to have a strong backbone to get back up again when you fall. Your income won’t be capped, but if you lost everything, you need to be strong enough to deal with that pressure.

Do You Work For Yourself?

Congratulations if you took the plunge. It’s not easy, and there’s never really a day when it doesn’t stop being easy. Consider your personal traits and how you would handle the possibility of your world crumbling.

Do you work for yourself? We’d love to hear about your story and what inspired you to work for yourself. Let us know in the comments.

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