The World’s First Car: Origins, Who Invented It, and Its Impact Today

These days, we jump into our car in the morning with no second thought. 

It’s only when you’re without it that you realise how much you take your car for granted. The evolution of transportation has developed significantly, and we’re expected to see robot vehicles in the near future. Let’s take a look at the world’s first car and what it looked like.

The First Car Ever Invented

The history of the automobile is a little misty and there’s not one straightforward answer. It does date back to the 15th century when Leonardo da Vinci began creating designs and models for transport vehicles.

Karl Benz was an engineer from Germany who created the first true car in 1893. The four-wheeled car was practical and powered by an internal-combustion engine. The original idea was for a three-wheeled Motorwagen was first run in 1885, though this didn’t quite classify as a car.

Benz was completely dedicated to developing the world’s first car and when the triumphant event happened, he couldn’t have been happier. On the day it hit the road, he circled his small factory, with workmen and his wife running beside him. The machine made four circuits of the track, before stalling twice and being stopped by a broken chain. He continued to stay determined that the horse-drawn carriage was a way of the past.

The Development of The First Car

Benz made his first sale in 1888 to Emile Roger. He implemented the design, quality and care used for the first car to his next creations. They all sold well, and he employed 50 workmen to build the tricycle car. In 1893, he began to build the four-wheeler car which would change the future of transport forever.

The first car he created utilized a double-pivot steering system to solve the problems of the automobile. In 1893, the first Benz launched. One year later, the world’s first production car came onto the scene with a lightweight and materials. Four years later, the world saw the first twin engine, which consisted of two horizontal single-cylinder united, but this provide unsatisfactory. The next design was more durable and offered a ‘contra engine’ where the cylinders arranged opposite each other. This was the birth of the horizontally-opposed piston engine which changed the future of cars to the present day.

What Is Your Favourite Car?

It’s amazing to read about the history of something used everywhere, and discover how its origins started. It’s predicted that we’ll be driving hands-free cars with more digital technology inside of them.

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Credit: Flickr, John

Before we worry about what the future of cars looks like though, we’re keen to hear about your favourite automobiles from the long past. Share your favourite creations in the comment and a few fun facts that you know about it.

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