YachtLife: A Yacht Charter App for iPhone for a Luxury Experience

Chartering a yacht in the top locations has never been easier. 

For anyone who has ever needed to charter a yacht, you may have realized the process is still stuck in the days of Miami Vice. And with everything else turning to technology and mobile, isn’t it crazy to think that until recently you couldn’t find prices online for renting private yachts?

Well, thanks to the YachtLife app, which is available for iOs, you finally can set sea with ease. Just select how many passengers, location, duration and price to get your voyage started.

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What Inspired the YachtLife app?

The yacht charter business is an extremely fragmented, hyper local business, and very few yacht charter companies list prices on their website. Customers are still picking up the phone calling broker after broker negotiating pricing and terms. The process for chartering yachts hasn’t changed much since the 1980’s – it doesn’t make sense. People are booking flights, hotels and renting apartments and homes online, why not chartering yachts?

How Does YachtLife Work? 

We’ve made chartering a yacht easy – open the app or go to our website, and you can charter a yacht without needing to speak to a broker. Simply tell us when you want your yacht, how long you want it for, and what time you want to get picked up, and you’re all set. Not only have we made the process easier and faster, but by streamlining this process, we’ve also made it cheaper to charter a yacht. Often times YachtLife is cheaper than competitors by 10-15%. When you’re talking about thousands of dollars, this is significant savings for exact same boat and the exact same crew. 

Does it cost anything to use the app?

The app is free on the App Store, or you can visit our website: www.yachtlife.club. There is no charge to use the website or the app. 

What successes have you found so far?

VanDutch, one of the premier global luxury yacht brands has bought a stake in our company. They’ve been instrumental in helping us expand geographically and expanding our network of luxury brand partners. 

We were recently accepted into the gener8tor accelerator program. Gener8tor is a top-ranked tech startup fund, and identifies and invests in tech startups they believe will be able to dominate the sector they are in. We are raising our first round of capital and using the money to scale the business. 

Does YachtLife have additional features to add in the future?

We will allow users to add food and beverage packages to their yacht charters. Customers will be able to select catering packages, and our partners will have the food and drinks delivered before the customers even step foot onto the boat. 

Download this incredible yacht charter app for your iPhone right now in the iTunes store. Then, let your adventures take sail.

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