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What is the Lux Authority? 

The Lux Authority is all about bringing you the best in high end fashion, travel, and product news.


The Lux Authority is more than your humdrum luxury lifestyle blog.

Luxury is defined as “the state of great comfort and living.” And sure, we understand the importance of bringing our readers stories about fine products or extravagant getaways. But, we also understand that luxury doesn’t necessarily have to come with a heavy price-tag. In fact, money can’t buy most of life’s best pleasures. (But, don’t get it twisted, we definitely still love plush digs,  and exorbitant items!)

Nonetheless, luxury is relative. For some, luxury is having a fancy fleet of foreign sports cars. For others, luxury is merely having a comfortable apartment and taking a much-needed bubble bath after a long day at the office. That’s why the Lux Authority promises to deliver you wide range of topics.

We’re not a blog for the elite. (We just like the finer things in life.)

Kelsey Davis | Site Editor

Kelsey is the Managing Editor here at The Lux Authority and is trying to balance both her budget and her credit card balance. She likes to live lavish and treat herself when the opportunity allows it. She loves the newest tech, old cars, the smell of rich mahogany,  and leather bound books as well! When she isn't working, Kelsey is an avid academic, artist, stargazer, blogger, and yoga enthusiast.

Chris Agee | Writer

Chris Agee is an American journalist with over 15 years of experience in a variety of newsroom settings.

Danielle Dougall | Writer

Danielle Dougall is a photographer, avid writer, and traveler. Hailing from the rainy city of Seattle, WA she now lives in southern California where she enjoys longboarding, hiking, coffee shop hopping, and dreaming up destinations for her next international trip.

Robyn Martinez | Writer

Robyn Martinez is a recent college grad figuring out how to adult. After spending 20+ years in the Midwest, she now lives in sunny Phoenix, AZ where she enjoys drinking coffee, reading mystery novels, hiking and spending time with her husband and dog.

Joshua Patton | Writer

Joshua M. Patton is a father, veteran, and storyteller living in Pittsburgh, PA. You can find his work on his social media feeds or on his website. His book "What I Learned: Stories, Essays, and More" is available from all major booksellers. He is the best star pilot in the galaxy, a cunning warrior, and a good friend.

Amy Poole | Writer

Freelance Writer and Vocal Coach with a passion for travelling - particularly in the United States. Fitness enthusiast when I feel like it, but you can catch me sipping pink Gin more often than not.

Richard Roussett | Writer

When not writing for Lux, Richard spends quite a bit of time reading, writing, enjoying a few drinks with friends, debating politics and religion with strangers, and taking his sweeet time on his Bachelors degree (he promises he's really close).

Patricia Vaz | Writer

Patrica Vaz loves exploring and learning new things in auto, tech, retail, education, women in business and almost any topic! You'll mostly find her at her desk head down in writing or on social media searching for valuable insights for her readers. When not writing, she enjoys the sweet moments with her well-brewed coffee and takes time to experience the finer things in life.

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