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What is the Lux Authority? 

The Lux Authority is all about bringing you the best in high end fashion, travel, and product news.


The Lux Authority is more than your humdrum luxury lifestyle blog.

Luxury is defined as “the state of great comfort and living.” And sure, we understand the importance of bringing our readers stories about fine products or extravagant getaways. But, we also understand that luxury doesn’t necessarily have to come with a heavy price-tag. In fact, money can’t buy most of life’s best pleasures. (But, don’t get it twisted, we definitely still love plush digs,  and exorbitant items!)

Nonetheless, luxury is relative. For some, luxury is having a fancy fleet of foreign sports cars. For others, luxury is merely having a comfortable apartment and taking a much-needed bubble bath after a long day at the office. That’s why the Lux Authority promises to deliver you wide range of topics.

We’re not a blog for the elite. (We just like the finer things in life.)

Kelsey Davis | Managing Editor

Kelsey is the Managing Editor here at The Lux Authority. Given this, she spends much of her time scoping out the latest in luxury fashion, travel, cars, technology, and people. When she isn't working, Kelsey is an avid academic, artist, stargazer, blogger, and yoga enthusiast.

Marsha Sellers | Writer

Marsha knows a thing or two about life's finer things. She enjoys researching and plotting out her luxury lifestyle should she ever strike it rich. In her spare time, Marsha enjoys traveling to luxury hotels and resorts for the optimal level of pampering.

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