Juliette Has a Gun: Possibly the Most Luxurious Perfume Brand You Can Find

It’s a strange name for a perfume line and that’s fine. Juliette Has a Gun has established itself as a niche fragrance line relying on its sensual and complex scents. It’s a brand that doesn’t click with everyone, but there is plenty about this fragrance that appeals...
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All About Luxury Train Travel USA: The Experience of a Lifetime

Are you a fan of trains and iconic train journeys? America’s beautiful prairies, plains, and majestic mountain peaks offer any traveler the ideal picturesque backdrop for a train vacation. Not to mention the expansive national parks, bustling metropolises, and...
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Kohler Furniture Brands Will Be Let go off the Company’s Portfolio

According to the latest news, Kohler Co. has agreed to sell its luxury furniture lines – Baker, Milling Road, and McGuire – to a Chinese company. Kohler is selling these to a U.S.-based subsidiary of Samson Holding Ltd. (for $35 million), a decision that effectively...
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Top 5 Luxury Car Ads That Are As State-of-the-Art as the Products They Sell

Creative agencies love well-made car commercials – and so do customers. Given the overstimulated world we live in, we consider advertising the supreme discipline that shows us what the brands have mettle. As a highly emotional product, luxury cars make for the perfect...
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5 Patek Philippe Watches to Die for and the Story of the Brand

Patek Philippe is a classic brand that has delivered high-class, high-quality, and mesmerizing time pieces. If you’re looking to find out more about the history, technology, and manufacturing processes that go being each Patek Philippe watch, prepare to quench your...
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Made in USA: Why Luxury Brands Still Struggle with This Label

America. The land of all possibilities and dreams, simply the greatest country on Earth. However, it seems that a great majority of the items we use every day aren’t made in the U.S. So few are made here, in fact, that companies that have factories in the U.S. use it...
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Beyond Material Luxury: The Experience of the Kempinski Hotel

As Europe’s oldest luxury hotel group, Kempinski Hotels S.A. offers one of the best experiences of comfort and luxury. It all started in Germany, and at the moment, the chain operates 75 five-star hotels and residences in 30 countries. Over time, Kempinski has...
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10 Luxury Home Décor Trends You Need to Know Now

Home décor trends may not be as seasonally driven as clothing collections, but certain styles come and go. Predominant touches that were once considered stylish – think taxidermy and chevron wallpaper – are now outdated. Because we want your 2017 to be the year when...
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Chanel Shoes and Their Story: What Makes Them Unique

Chanel Shoes and Their Story: What Makes Them Unique

Every self-proclaimed fashionista has a favorite pair of shoes. More often than not, that prized item will be a classic cap toe shoe by Chanel – whether it’s the black ones or the warm beige. Suede or leather, Chanel shoes continue to exhibit a fascinating attraction...


Top 9 Yacht Vacations You Should Go on at Least Once

Top 9 Yacht Vacations You Should Go on at Least Once

When thinking about luxury yacht vacations, most of us conjure up images of celebrities and billionaires enjoying their summers. However, travel agencies have tried really hard for the past few years to show us that yacht traveling is not just for the rich and famous....


Genesis Cars: A Promising Newcomer in the Luxury Market

In 2016, Hyundai made the executive decision to step into the luxury market. The launch of its standalone Genesis brand in the U.S. made some mild waves, but is the newcomer worthy of your attention? A senior Hyundai executive is quite optimistic, especially in the...

7 Luxury Motorhomes You Can Buy or Rent for Travelling in Style

For those who love traveling on the open road, a nice motorhome can go a long way (pun intended). Who wouldn’t appreciate the luxury of road-tripping in a vehicle that has its own bathroom, kitchen, and plenty of other amenities? That’s what luxury motorhomes promise...