Zoom In On Gucci Handbags: Their Legacy and Top 8 Choices

Progressive, creative, and highly influential, Gucci is always reinventing the brand to take the most modern approach to the world of fashion. Thanks to the latest creative director Alessandro Michele, the Gucci House has rebranded its vision to fit the 21st century’s...
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Top 5 Best New Smartphones to Check Out in 2017

The smartphone market has morphed into one of the most successful and profitable markets at the moment. If you’re thinking of buying a new phone or upgrading your current handset, we might be of help. We’ve listed the best new smartphones – the devices that took...
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Luxury Nuclear Bunkers for the Rich Are in Higher Demand

What do you think of when you hear of nuclear bunkers? For most people, the term conjures up images of concrete rooms filled with uncomfortable cots and endless supplies of canned goods. The threat of global annihilation may not be as actual as it was during the Cold...
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Top 10 Luxury Boarding Schools to Study at

Few things are as important in life as a well-rounded education. Parents and schools alike are responsible for the significant burden of helping young minds develop. What better way to ensure your child’s future is in good hands than by opting for one of the luxury...
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Top 10 Dangerous Local Foods to Check Out When Traveling the World

Not all food was created equal. Some is more delicious, while some is more deadly. If you take pride in trying all sorts of adventurous foods, we have just the thing for you. It’s customary to taste the local cuisine when traveling abroad, but sometimes it’s better to...
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The History of Hermes Perfume Production and Their Most Spectacular Creations

One of the most popular French high fashion houses, Hermès International S.A. is also one of the oldest. Also known as Hermes of Paris, or simply Hermes, the brand manufactures, distributes, and sells fashion luxury goods. Established in 1837, Hermes specializes today...
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The New Stromer Electric Bike Will Impress You with Its Fresh Take on Luxury

Whether you’re looking for an alternative to commute or you simply want to improve your cardio, a bike can be a trustworthy companion. On open country roads, city streets, or mountain bike trails, an e-bike could do more than simply take you to your destination. It...
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The LG Semi-Integrated Dishwasher as a Luxury Home Décor and Appliance 2-in-1

So you’ve decided your minimalist kitchen simply needs a dishwasher made to measure. The LG Semi-Integrated Dishwasher we’re going to present to you today is a good match. We’ll talk about how it did in performance tests, what features it offers, and how it will...
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Prada Clothing: A Look into the History and Edge of the Brand

Prada Clothing: A Look into the History and Edge of the Brand

Think back for a second on Prada’s men show in June 2016. A fashion event marked by precious memories, reassurance and brand icons, it invited guests to revisit the black nylon backpack on which the company’s wealth was remodeled in the 1980s. The entire men’s...



Top 5 Chevy Luxury Cars You Can Find Today

General Motor's volume brand, Chevrolet, is an immensely versatile manufacturer. Catering to all sorts of drivers, it sells everything from small cars – like the Spark and Sonic – to sports cars such as the gorgeous Camaro. You can even buy trucks like the Siverado,...

Range Rover Preparing to Reveal the Velar Luxury SUV

Range Rover has teased us about unveiling a fourth model in its luxury SUV line, the Range Rover Velar. Even though the carmaker has revealed only one official image, we have been gifted with a full set of images of Land Rover’s new Range Rover Velar sports crossover....


A New Trend: Luxury Care Homes for Senior Citizens

A New Trend: Luxury Care Homes for Senior Citizens

Time passes and people get old – all of us have a duty to pay and none of us can beat the clock. Meanwhile, health issues or lifestyle choices often have a say in the way we spend our twilight years. For those with the necessary finances, luxury care homes are often...