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Larry Ellison’s insanely impressive real estate portfolio — A look inside

Larry Ellison, the co-founder, and CEO of Oracle, the company that brought us the Java programming language that runs, well, almost everything on computers these days, is a multi-billionaire and isn’t afraid to show...
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The surprising new status symbol of wealthy Americans

What’s a wealthy American to do with their money, especially when they own everything they need or want already? Well, these days, the answer might surprise you, especially considering they're using it as a...
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Move over Marriott, the Airbnb luxury rentals app is here

Are you looking for a vacation rental that caters to your every need, including the potential to stay in a castle, or even on your private island? Well, now there’s an app for that....
Uber Copter

Uber Copter to Begin Offering Helicopter Travel: flying taxis could arrive soon

As America's busy roadways become more and more congested, the luxury of traveling by air seems only more appealing. Instead of getting stuck on the pavement in rush hour traffic, who wouldn't want to...
hotel underneath

Designers create perfect hotel UNDERNEATH a 360 degree infinity pool

Coming next year, visitors to a new 55-story hotel will get a first-of-its-kind chance to take in the London skyline. The project called the Infinity London pool will be the world's first 360° infinity...
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Fly in luxury with the new Boeing ‘Mansion-in-the-sky’

Move over Gulfstream and Airbus luxury jets. Boeing has just set a record for the longest-range jet in history that’s also the perfect picture of a super-sized luxury mansion-in-the-sky. But, if you want a shot...