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Go off-roading in style with this custom-built luxury RV: Meet the Commander 8×8

Just about everyone dreams of traveling somewhere for fun at some point in their lives. Some people even go as far as to pack up and live life to the fullest in an RV, forgoing the usual amenities. Often, those who do tend to want to downsize. There are those, however, who want to turn their “downsized” RV into a palace, complete with all the amenities they could ever want or need so that they can live it up in the same luxury that they do at home. Enter the Commander 8×8, a luxury RV by SLRV Expedition Vehicles.

Built to custom specifications for an eight-person family in Australia, this is a two-story RV built for luxury and off-road fun. SLRV Expedition Vehicles has been building it since May of this year and said that it took a full six months to come up with the final design.

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Image: Courtesy SLRV

Its two-story design sits on a chassis that has military-grade truck specs and is German-made. SLRV said of the build that is:

“…One of the biggest, most technically advanced expedition trucks to wander this planet. This two storey (sic) beast will use some of the world’s latest innovations, to provide the owner with a fully equipped, self-sufficient, luxury mega machine.”

Because the family that ordered the custom made luxury RV essentially wants a “self-sufficient house on wheels,” the company is using a power system by Mastervolt, which is made especially for this custom design. This system will run various voltages as well as a three-phase system, a 48V alternator that can charge while driving – the first alternator of its kind, according to SLRV. Additional power elements include a gas generator and a photovoltaic setup complete with “six 360Ah lithium batteries.”

Also custom built is the “marine-style” AC system that will cost upwards of $35,000, and the actuators needed to lift the second story.

commander 8x8, luxury RV, electrical

Image: Courtesy SLRV

According to reports, the second story will cater to the family’s kids, complete with two beds and television. To access the second story, a stairway will be built. The first floor will house the master bedroom and ensuite, a kitchen, and a lounge, complete with all of the amenities from home — and then some. Additionally, a second king-size bed is available that easily pulls out over the cab that sleeps an extra two people. Other amenities include double everything – cooktops, convection ovens, and fridges, among others.

When finished, this luxury two-story RV will be about 30 feet long and just over 12 feet tall while driving. And, while this certainly isn’t the most expensive RV in the world, it does come close. According to SLRV, the vehicle’s price before converting it is about $500,000 by itself. When all is said and done, it’ll come in somewhere between $1 million and $2 million for the 20-ton luxury off-road RV.

Although no images are available of the custom interior as of yet, you can be sure that SLRV will want to show it off as soon as they do become available.


Featured Image: Courtesy SLRV Expedition Vehicles




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