Choose the Best Chamois to Keep Your Car Cruising in Style

The best chamois cloth is useful for a lot more than drying off your car after a wash.

But if you're a motorist and value the details of a great wash, you know how important drying can be. And the products on our list have proven their reliability in this area. Before we get to our reviews, let's discuss what makes the best chamois products better than the rest. After all, you'll find a wide variety of styles and brands on the market. 

So the cloths listed below had to perform exceptionally well to stand out from the crowd. What we looked for is an ability to adequately absorb lots of water from even the largest vehicles. No streaks, no residue and no hassle packing it back up until you need it again. You can replace loads of paper towels and avoid the unsightly remnants of inferior towels. 

A chamois in its traditional form would be made of the leather of a Chamois goat. Of course, these days many of them are made of a high quality synthetic material. But they build on and improve the original's ability to absorb like nothing else. You'll be able to reliably take care of the task at hand and wring out the water until the next use.

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The Best Chamois Cloths for Effortless Drying Tasks

If you want the ultimate finish on your favorite car, you'll need all the right tools for the job. Here are a selection of products we believe are up to the task. Properly caring for your chamois cloth and storing it when not in use will ensure a long life. And the most innovative synthetic materials make some products that gives you worry free performance. Many are machine washable and all of them absorb far more than their size might suggest.

That's the charm of the best chamois products on the market. They exceed expectations when it comes to what they actually do. But if you start looking a bit deeper, you'll find what really makes them special. First of all, there's the environmental impact. By using these products, you'll save on the number of paper towels and other disposable items. And since they are far more absorbent than the average towel, you won't need as many. That means fewer loads of laundry.

But it also means more convenience. They take up less room in the cupboard or garage. And they get the job done much quicker than many other options. So you have more time to focus on what matters. After a great car wash, that might just mean cruising down the road with a glimmering new shine.

1. The Man Sham​

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Despite its name, the Man Sham is perfect for anybody looking for a premium performance. Whether you're using them in the garage or the kitchen, they are sure to get the task done. It is much easier to prepare for use than the leather version. And the synthetic material is also engineered to keep away mildew, mold and other pollutants.

We also like that it comes in a handy container to make sure it stays clean in storage. But when called to action, it's ready to absorb the biggest wash or spill. From compact cars to large private yachts, this is among the best chamois cloths to have around. You might find one of these will handle the job of several of your standard products.

2. Motor Trend Absorb ‘N Dry Chamois​

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Looking for a reusable cloth large enough to be useful in any situation? Also want it to be small enough for easy storage and carry? Then this one might be the best chamois for you. Chances are, you know the Motor Trend name. It has been an influential name among auto enthusiasts for generations. And if you're trying to keep your car looking as clean as possible, you can still count on the brand.

This is an easy care cloth that you can wash with mild soap for a like new condition. Plus, it is incredibly absorbent. Of course that's what you'd expect from a list like this. But we think you'll be pleasantly surprised even with the highest of expectations. It also comes with a reusable container to make sure it's ready to moisten and reuse at a moment's notice.

3. Champion Chamois​

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Say goodbye to residue and streaks if you're drying with this product. The Champion Chamois is perfect for any auto wash situation. Tackle the largest job with security and simplicity. And you can use this cloth for a number of common tasks.

You can drape it across your face or around your neck if you get too warm. Just let it absorb some cool water and wring out the excess before applying it to your skin. Whatever you use it for, just rinse and dry. Put it in the included container for easy access next time you need one of the best chamois cloths.

4. CleanTools Synthetic Drying Towel Chamois

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Even with its XL branding, this isn't too bulky to take with you. It's got smaller dimensions than some of the others in our list of best chamois cloths. But it performs like a proven contender in all circumstances. It comes in a handy tube and resists all types of contaminants.

Don't worry about mold and mildew if you store it as intended. You can even use it to clean oil and grease with minimal risk. Easily launder this synthetic material in the washing machine. It dries easily without any lint residue or buildup. And you can tote it almost anywhere for easy access when you need it most.

5. Duke Premium Car Products Chamois Cloth

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Here's a proven performer at a practical price. A great storage bag cinches tight to keep your cloth safe in between uses. When you wash your car, this is certainly one of the best chamois cloths to have on hand. Dry your car to an easy spot free shine every time and reuse this chamois many times to come.

The material is both durable and super absorbent. Count on it to catch all of the moisture and wring away dry for damage free storage. The fine tuned microfiber won't leave any residue or lint behind. It's machine washable and resilient time after time. Look at tons of positive reviews for evidence that this product is a real contender.

6. Wizards Water Bandit

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One of the most absorbent choices on our list, it's no wonder we ranked it one of the best chamois products. It's great to keep around for wiping off a motorcycle, drying your car after a wash and much more. And it's very soft, so it won't scratch or leave anything unwanted behind.

No need to keep going over the same place, either. It picks up water right away, the first time. Use it on a range of items and watch it leap to action. Water Bandit might sound like a gimmick of a name. But we think it's quite appropriate. With this chamois in hand, you won't find any water able to escape its grip. 

7. Mighty Cleaner Chamois Cloth For Car

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Looking for a quick and easy solution to a range of issues? We think this is one of the best chamois products to keep around. Whether in your car, kitchen or both, you'll find plenty of uses for this cloth. Lint is a thing of the past and you can count on it to absorb like a premium product should.

It's made of a synthetic PVA that provides a reliably and consistently soft feel. You'll never scratch the finish of your vehicle or anything else you're cleaning up. Easy to care for and easy to use, it's a great option for almost anything you need a quality cloth for.

8. S.M. Arnold Prince of Wales Chamois​

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Here's an old fashioned option for those who really want the traditional best chamois experience. It measures 7.5 inches by 10 inches and it's about an inch thick. And the construction is made of full skin chamois material. It is tanned with imported fish oil and retains a lustrous feel.

Choosing the best chamois for the job could mean your clean up ends on a high note.

So do your research and make sure you don't settle for an inferior product. The cloths on our list have proven their worth. And there are many others with a long line of fans eager to sing their praises.

We hope our guide has helped narrow your search. If so, share this article with the motorists in your life. And leave us a comment below if you have any final thoughts or questions.

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