The Best Luxury Trailer Accessories to Hook Up Your RV for the Season!

Today’s luxury motorhomes, recreational vehicles, and trailers are astounding places that are nicer than many folks’ apartments.

Today, especially in the United States, some people so love their RVs that they live in them full-time! It’s a great experience. You travel the open roadways, going from one place to the next on a whim. You never have to worry about accommodations, because you bring “home” with you wherever you go. Living a luxury lifestyle on the road is more challenging, however. Yes, the trappings of luxury at home work in your motorhome or trailer, like state-of-the-art entertainment systems or fine bed linens. However, there are other things to consider, like where to do laundry or how best to store and cook your food. Thankfully, the road warriors who’ve come before us have faced all of these problems and figured out luxurious solutions. Below you will find a handful of the must-have luxury trailer accessories you need before you hit the road.

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The Best Luxury Trailer Accessories for Your RV or Motorhome

When it comes to the best luxury trailer accessories, there are two main considerations: convenience and space. Your trailer or RV should have what you need to make do on an overnight or extended stay. The luxury trailer accessories that would work best for you are those who address a specific need but don’t take up too much space. Check out our list below.

Best Luxury Trailer Accessories 1: Cam Chef Propane Compact Fire Ring

luxury trailer accessories, accessories for a luxury trailer, trailer accessories

In the early days of humanity, people huddled around fires for warmth and sustenance as a matter of survival. While we may no longer need to do this to live, that evolutionary DNA is still down deep in us. So, even when you are traveling in a vehicle filled with every possible modern convenience, it’s still deeply comforting to spend some time around the fire. The Camp Chef propane compact fire ring is a great way to do this while camping out or staying in an RV park. Fueled by propane, it takes seconds to set up and can burn for a long time. There’s very little smoke, and the fire gets hot enough to do some light cooking over it. Make your dinner in the kitchen, but this is perfect for those s’mores’ desserts.

Best Luxury Trailer Accessories 2: Noco Genius Boost Jump Starter

luxury trailer accessories, accessories for a luxury trailer, trailer accessories

Everyone has that time when they ran out of the house and left some appliance on. While this is never ideal, in an RV doing this at the wrong time could leave you stranded. If the worst happens and you fall victim to a dead battery, it could delay your trip and absolutely ruin your mood. That’s why you need a lithium battery jump-starter like the Noco Genius Boost. Made with a design that prioritizes safety, it is simple enough for anyone to use. Keeping one of these fully-charged in your RV will make a molehill out of a mountain-sized dead battery problem.

Best Luxury Trailer Accessories 3: Trailer Valet RVR

luxury trailer accessories, accessories for a luxury trailer, trailer accessories

While motorhomes and trailers are very, very similar, trailers have a specific problem that motorhomes do not. When you want to move or even adjust your motorhome, you just hop in and turn on the engine. With a trailer, moving it or adjusting it’s location can be a very involved process. Of course, moving the trailer becomes a breeze when you have the Trailer Valet RVR. This remote-controlled robot doesn’t look like much more than a set of treads and a trailer hitch. But that’s all you need to hook this device up to your trailer and move it with the intuitive remote control. It’s so fun and easy to use, you might find yourself moving the trailer around even when you don’t have to.

Best Luxury Trailer Accessories 4: Norcold Two-Door Refrigerator

luxury trailer accessories, accessories for a luxury trailer, trailer accessories

One of the greatest things about getting on the road in a trailer or an RV is that you can be on vacation and still enjoy a home-cooked meal each night. However, you can’t keep much food in the refrigerators that come standard in trailers and RVs. Still, you don’t have to suffer any culinary disappointment, you just need to get an after-market refrigerator. This Norcold model stands a little less than five feet tall but provides a stunning seven-cubic-feet of space for storing all the perishables you need for your favorite recipes. The rest of the slender frame should fit easily into most trailer or RV kitchens.

Best Luxury Trailer Accessories 5: Black and Decker Compact Dishwasher

luxury trailer accessories, accessories for a luxury trailer, trailer accessories

While it’s nice to cook your own meals on the road, the downside is that you have less space available in which to work. Your own kitchen is spacious and there is likely room for everything. In your trailer or RV, that space comes at a premium. So, it might seem foolish to use up that space with a dishwasher. However, a model like this Black and Decker compact dishwasher doesn’t take up much real estate and is worth every inch. Even if you wash your dishes by hand, you will still need a drying rack. So, use that space for this instead, and let the machine do the work. It has child safety controls and a number of programmable modes for various housewares. The only thing more precious than space when you are on the road is your time. This dishwasher gives some of that time back to you.

Best Luxury Trailer Accessories 6: All American Sun Oven

luxury trailer accessories, accessories for a luxury trailer, trailer accessories

Just because you have access to all the amenities in a modern kitchen in your RV, that doesn’t mean you have to cook every meal there. Especially if you take your camper out into the wilderness, it can be fun to cook a meal outside. However, it can be difficult to make a lot of dishes, especially if you only have one campfire going. If you’re in a sunny area though, you can use the All American Sun Oven to use the power of sunlight to cook your dinner. It’s lightweight, using four mirror-like aluminum reflectors to direct enough sunlight in there to cook your food. This particular bundle we’re highlighting also comes with a set of stackable enamel pots with both opaque and transparent lids. It takes time, but it’s a great alternative to using the oven in the RV, especially on very hot days.

Best Luxury Trailer Accessories 7: Digital Wireless Back-up Camera and Monitor

luxury trailer accessories, accessories for a luxury trailer, trailer accessories

One of the main hazards of hitting the road with an RV or trailer is that making sure you can see oncoming vehicles or other hazards in your periphery can be difficult. In bygone days fixing this problem usually required an assortment of mirrors and a person guiding you from outside the vehicle. Today, you can use one or more digital cameras to have a real-time view of what’s happening behind you. For example, this back-up camera and monitor system works wirelessly and is easy to set-up. The monitor even works with multiple cameras showing you a split-screen view.

Best Luxury Trailer Accessories 8: Heininger Advantage Bike Rack

luxury trailer accessories, accessories for a luxury trailer, trailer accessories

Even though your motorhome or trailer is, technically, a vehicle, it’s not always the best way to get around. While you can rent a car or even tow your own with you, it might just be simpler to travel around using pedal power. Storing bikes inside would take up valuable space, so get a top-of-the-line bike rack to store your two-wheeled rides safely. A model lie this one from Heininger is removable, and folds away for easy storage when you aren’t on-the-road. It supports two bikes and includes a hitch lock for extra protection from bike thieves.

Best Luxury Trailer Accessories 9: Giantex Portable Washing Machine

luxury trailer accessories, accessories for a luxury trailer, trailer accessories

Going to the laundromat is never a good time, especially when you are on vacation. However, if you are staying in your trailer or motorhome instead of a hotel, it might be a necessity. However, with a portable washing machine like this one from Giantex, you can do your laundry yourself. It takes mere minutes to set-up and has a deceptively large load capacity. It’s eco-friendly, so you won’t use that much water per load. This model allows you to adjust how much water you use and features a number of different cycles. When not in use, you can store it out of sight as it’s relatively easy to move around. When your laundry is done, you can hang it out for some good, old-fashioned air drying. Or, you could pair this with our final item on this list of luxury trailer accessories.

Best Luxury Trailer Accessories 10: Panda Compact Laundry Dryer

luxury trailer accessories, accessories for a luxury trailer, trailer accessories

If you have a washing machine, it only makes sense to get a dryer, too. Luckily, they make portable models, with this one from Panda weighing even less than the washing machine. You can store it out of the way and bring it out only when you use it, or you can mount the dryer on the wall. Unlike dryers in the home, this is not a 220v machine but rather operates on a 110v line. This means that it will take longer for clothes to dry, and you shouldn’t put too much in at once. Still, if you need to wash a few outfits in a hurry, this is a great way to do it.

The best luxury trailer accessories can take your RV and Motorhome experience to the next level, so much so you might not want to ever go back to a house.

luxury trailer accessories, accessories for a luxury trailer, trailer accessories

Living out of your trailer or motorhome is a fun experience, and one that some people love enough to live permanently. Whether you go on the road full-time or remain a weekend warrior, luxury trailer accessories can help make your time that much better. By adding comfort and convenience, these items help you make the most of your time on the road. Just because you are driving around the country, camping and seeing the sights, doesn’t mean you should have to give up the amenities of the good life. They may call it “roughing it,” but you don’t have to have it rough if you don’t want to. That’s what RVs and motorhomes are all about, a life of freedom on the open road with all of the comforts of home.

What do you think? Are there any luxury trailer accessories that we missed? Share them with your thoughts, reactions, and experiences in the comments below. Don’t forget to share the article on social media so your friends can get in on the conversation.

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