Lost Luggage Tips: The Best Ways to Prevent Losing Your Belongings

Most of us have experience losing luggage at least once in our lives. 

It’s a stressful experience which causes a lot of hassle for everyone. When you’re standing at the carousel for a long time, it feels like the world is against you as you never find your belongings. However, we don’t want anyone to experience this stress on vacation. So, let’s take a look at our lost luggage tips to prevent it happening to you.

 lost luggage tips, airline lost luggage, lost luggage

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Reduce the Chances of Your Luggage Getting Lost 

Prevention is better than cure. So, we’ve found the best lost luggage tips to keep you safe before during and after your airport visit. With millions of globetrotters entering airports every day, there is bound to be the occasional slip up of lost luggage. However, we don’t want that to be you. The responsibility is on you too, so look after your belongings and plan your journey accordingly to prevent any disappointment and stress. On top of that, be sure to follow these lost luggage tips to reduce inconvenience. 

1. Pack all of Your Valuables in Your Carry-on Case

lost luggage tips, airline lost luggage, lost luggage

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If you’re not travelling via private jet, the chances of your luggage getting lost increases because there are more passengers on board. However, we recommend packing all of your valuables in your carry-on case to keep them with you at all times. Your valuables might be personal to you, but generally include expensive items, such as electronics, luxury fashion and cash. Almost ensure that you keep your essentials in your carry-on case too. This means your ID, travel itinerary, and anything else you absolutely need when on vacation. Imagine that if you were to lose your luggage, you could survive with the essentials in your carry-on case.

2. Invest in Travel Insurance

lost luggage tips, airline lost luggage, lost luggage

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You never think that bad things are going to happen to you. However, in the event your luggage is lost, it’s a relief if you remember you took out travel insurance. These companies aren’t just designed to take your money, but to help you in such unfortunate events. After you’ve declared that your luggage is missing to the officials in the airport, contact your insurer. Depending on the details of your policy, you could receive compensation, a free night’s stay, or more.

Before signing up for any travel insurer, pick a company you recognize. If you’re going to give your money away and put your faith in a company helping you out in times of need, you at least want it to be a company you’ve heard of. Each insurer has different benefits. Therefore, we recommend choosing one which is specific to your needs. Take a picture of any valuables you take with you along with a piece of paper with the date and your name on it. We also recommend photographing the inside of your suitcase to show a variety of your belongings. This will help to protect you in the event your insurer needs proof.

3. Purchase a Luggage Tag

If someone finds your luggage, they can’t get in contact with you if there’s no tag with information on it. Thus one of our top lost luggage tips is to speed up the process by adding your name, contact number and address for anyone to get in touch with you. Here are a few of our favourite luggage tips to choose from.

Travel Smart Leather Luggage Tags

lost luggage tips, airline lost luggage, lost luggage

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These two large, elegant leather luggage tags are the perfect size to fit a business card. The identification label and see-through window with a protective flap ensures privacy unless someone comes close to observe. The durable strap and sturdy buckle keeps the tag secure. Made from high-quality, genuine leather, it’s soft and durable enough to last a long time.

Aluminum Durable Luggage Tags

lost luggage tips, airline lost luggage, lost luggage

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Made from reinforced aluminum, these luggage tags come with a steel cable wire to remain durable. The luggage tags are compatible with a standard business card to show your name and details. The steel cable with PVC sheath attaches to any kind of baggage without damaging the material. Simply connect the screws and barrels to your luggage to keep everything secure. As the tags stand out, it’ll help you identify your luggage on the carousel to prevent it getting lost.

4. Try to Fly Direct

lost luggage tips, airline lost luggage, lost luggage

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Flying direct is one of our best lost luggage tips. So many cases become missing because they don’t make it onto the next flight. However, if you fly direct, attendants don’t need to transfer your belongings. As such, there’s less chances of it going missing. Even if it does become misplaced, it’s easier to narrow down the options from two countries/cities, than multiple locations around the world.

Research the best time of year to obtain the best quote for direct flights. We also recommend shopping around on other websites than just the airline you’re flying with. You might get a better deal somewhere else.

5. Purchase a Luggage Finder for Peace of Mind

If you’ve ever received the dreaded news that your luggage is missing, you’re probably worried yourself crazy wondering where in the world it is. However, technology is your best friend when it comes to lost luggage tips. Rather than guessing and worrying, purchasing a device can locate your luggage. Here are two options to purchase which are highly resourceful and come at a reasonable price.  

Bluetooth Tracker

lost luggage tips, airline lost luggage, lost luggage

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For less than $25, this Bluetooth tracker can answer all of your queries and serves as the perfect implementation of this lost luggage tip. This is a Bluetooth tracker tag which connects to your Smartphone via an app. It reminds you about the whereabouts of your baggage. Both the tracker and your phone will alert you with a ring tone when the luggage is out of a safe distance. (You can personalize this information on the app). The smart suitcase tracker can connect to 30-50 meters in an open area, such as an airport. When your luggage is out of the track distance, the app will record the latest location details and guide you there. Once you’re approaching your luggage, it’ll automatically reconnect.

Phone Luggage Tracker

lost luggage tips, airline lost luggage, lost luggage

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Once you realize you can’t find your luggage, this tracker will find the object by connecting the app to the tracker. The alarm will go off to help you locate your luggage. Once the tracker disconnects from your phone, it records the last known location of your item. The app’s location feature can help you find the lost item using precise calculations which are displayed on the map. The key tracker can be used as a voice recording trigger by controlling the voice recorder on your phone. This will transmit to the tracker in your luggage.

6. Personalize Your Luggage

lost luggage tips, airline lost luggage, lost luggage

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So many globetrotters have the same case, and not everyone checks the tag on their suitcase when taking it from the carousel. Unfortunately, that means someone could pick up the wrong luggage by mistake. However, personalizing your luggage makes it easier for you to notice in the airport. It also detracts anyone else from picking it up by mistake.

Get creative and add a bright strap to your suitcase to help it stand out. Don’t add any luxury embellishments on top as they could easily get destroyed during transport. But, a large sticker, accessories and bright patterns will help to distinguish your luggage.

What Are Your Best Lost Luggage Tips?

If your bag is lost, stolen or damaged, ensure you report it to the officials immediately. Once you leave the airport and delay the process, the more difficult it’ll become to open a case. However, hopefully the above lost luggage tips will help to prevent you becoming the next airport victim.

If you have any lost luggage tips to share on keeping your belongings safe whilst jetting the world, please share them in the comments. Tag your globetrotters too and share this article with them to keep them in the know.

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